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Kirill, 20
My exchange partner isThe with whom it will be interesting communicate
My learning goalsLearn English
My favorite topicsSerials
Varvara, 24
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Lithuanian
Ideal language community partnerAnyone who is fond of learning languages
My learning goalsFirst of all, I am a translator and use language as a tool. Secondly, the logic and beauty of each foreign language helps to see the world from someone else's perspective
My favorite topicsLanguage, cultures, reading, music, video games, studying, cooking, business, translation, writing
Sergey, 35
Ideal conversation exchange partnerNative English speaker
My learning goalsPronunciation Grammar practice Understanding of different accents
My favorite topicsPop culture, art, psychology
Maithili, 20
SpeaksHindi, Marathi
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
Perfect language exchange partnerOne whom I can have free conversation with and someone who can really teach me the language
My learning goalsI should be able to interact with the locals and should understand the language
My favorite topicsPets, travelling, food and culture
Masha, 20
LearnsGerman, Italian
My conversation partnerTalkative, kind and friendly
My learning goalsI want to improve my skills in German and Italian
My favorite topicsMusic, films, cultures, food, studying, languages, interpreting, art-management
erik, 19
My exchange partner ispatient, but kicks my butt so i will learn knows how to explain(because i dont know how to understand) and knows how to understand(because i dont know how to explain) open-minded and interested in many things
My learning goalsi want to learn french because i tried to do it back when i was like 12-15 but nothing really happened and now i know like 2 phrases, 20 words and have an immense sense of incompleteness my main goal is to understand speech and speak freely
My favorite topicsscience, films, music, tv shows, youtube, fashion, biology, zoology, bats, cartoons, sports, hockey, curling, art, photography, traveling, fun stories
Evelina, 26
My exchange partner isDoesn’t matter how old it will be. But really matters sense of humor :)
My learning goalsTo get B1 till July To communicate with everyone without any stress
My favorite topicsTraveling, traditions, nature, cycling, languages
Dmitry, 26
LearnsArabic, German
Ideal language community partnerPassionate about interests
My learning goalsTo know more about language and culture
My favorite topicsTravel, Cinema, Photo, Business, Economy, Math, Programming, Gym, Culture
Katerina, 19
LearnsFrench, Georgian
Ideal conversation exchange partnerNot sure, but please don’t be that mediocre and intrusive
My learning goalsI’m teaching kids English so practice is urgently needed! Also dreaming of relocating to France
My favorite topicsmovies, anime, literature, travelling and art, memes, music genres: electronic, emo, rock, classical. wanna grasp more in the fields of architecture, pictorial art etc. I’m Not really good at Sciences and technology but interested in them as well
Yuri, 27
Perfect language exchange partnerOpen-minded. Talkative but still considerate. Doesn’t matter if they are not a native speaker
My learning goalsI actually majored in French but that was so long ago I’ve already forgotten a good deal. Would like to go back to the days of my linguistic glory
My favorite topicsPretty much anything Technology, science, filmmaking, books, music to name a few
Emilia, 29
SpeaksArmenian, Russian
LearnsCatalan, Dutch, Swedish
My conversation partnerKind-hearted, polite, intelligent people
My learning goalsI want to learn European Portuguese, Catalan, Polish, Swedish and improve my Spanish, German, French, Italian.
My favorite topicsCulture Fitness Crossfit Foreign languages Travelling
Aleksandra, 19
LearnsSign language
My exchange partner isit can be anyone,who is polite,kind,positive,calm,but funny haha! but i would like to speak with everyone ,because it’s good experience!
My learning goalsi want to practice grammar and just have fun
My favorite topicsmusic,travel,science,biology,philosophy,k-pop,bts,medicine,photography,aesthetic
Veronika, 18
Ideal language community partnerSmart Intelligent
My learning goalsImprove my English knowledge
My favorite topicsSport Music Traveling
Erik, 20
LearnsGerman, Spanish
Ideal conversation exchange partnerAnyone!
My learning goalsC1 English
My favorite topics traveling, football, languages, professional chess player (coach too)
Anya, 18
LearnsGerman, Spanish, French
Perfect language exchange partnerReal
My learning goalsto speak with my future boyftiend
My favorite topicsHorse riding and learning languages
Valeria, 19
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
LearnsKorean, Polish
My conversation partneri’ll be happy if someone needs my help with my native language or wants to train english with me (i also need practice),so i expect the same from Tandem partner. It’s ok to have a talk about personal stuff,but i want our communication to be beneficial
My learning goalsFor now, i want to learn as much as possible for a daily life. I want to feel comfortable with asking people for help and answering questions from strangers/making a casual conversations with friends and being able to order food by myself hahah
My favorite topicsi would like to discover some cultural differences and phrases that are common for native speakers in Korea and Poland. (slang,idioms etc) also,i’m really interested in art so that would be a pleasure for me to have a conversation about it!
Alesya, 37
LearnsFrench, Italian
My exchange partner isAnyone
My learning goalsBe fluent in French and Italian
My favorite topicsMusic, literature, design
Polina, 18
Ideal language community partnerA fun person, open hearted
My learning goalsMore practice in English or German
My favorite topicsSeries, films, traveling, some kind of literature, funny stories, art
Olga, 37
Ideal conversation exchange partnerIn his or her thirties
My learning goalsImprove Language skills
My favorite topicsTraveling, films, books, music, food
Sergey, 49
LearnsEstonian, Persian, French
Perfect language exchange partnerInteresting, intelligent, kind.
My learning goalsAdvanced Proficiency Level
My favorite topicsLiterature, News, Politics, Philosophy, Science, Nonfiction, Movies, TV shows, TV series, Films, Music, English language, Internet, People, Technology, Art, Death, Relationships, Life, Women, Humor, Humorous stories, Comedy, Work, Entertainment.