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269 English speakers in Gaziantep looking to learn English together

Hüseyin, 27
SpeaksArabic, English
My exchange partner iscool,patient,smart
My learning goalsTry to improve my turkish language.
My favorite topicslife style, design
Bora, 22
LearnsFrench, Japanese, Dutch
My conversation partner isWell I am new to Tandem. I am looking for someone to exchange culture using the native languages.
My learning goalsI already lived in Belgium for a year where I leared Dutch and French. But I am afraid to forget them. So I want to stay fresh in the languages that I am learning.
My favorite topicsCulture, history, movies, science
Ahmad, 28
LearnsArabic, Turkish
My language exchange partner isPatient, likes to teach languages, talkative, optimistic and funny.
My learning goalsIncrease my English vocabulary, Develop my Turkish.
My favorite topics Technology, PC Games, Movies, philosophy of life.
Sufian, 21
SpeaksArabic, English
LearnsFrench, Turkish
My exchange partner isI like to be nice and loves to have fun
My learning goalsI live in Turkey and therefore it is necessary to learn this language. Be in order to supplement education and in order to rely on myself for shopping and other things and so on in the nature of my work I need this language
My favorite topicsLove, education, culture and politics
Bülent, 34
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsSign language
My conversation partner ischat buddy and nice chat
My learning goalsimprove my english and have a background in german to live abroad
My favorite topicsFootball, cinema, music, daily life
Mehmet, 32
SpeaksEnglish, Turkish
My language exchange partner isloving, respectful and tolerant
My learning goalsTo be a world human
My favorite topicson any subject that is worthy of humanity
Yunus, 27
SpeaksEnglish, Turkish
My exchange partner isWho speaks Italian fluently
My learning goalsTo be able to get in contact with Italian business partners
My favorite topicsBusiness, life, interesting phenomena
Ahmet, 23
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese
My conversation partner isHe or she must be friendly and kind person, also should speak english fluently
My learning goalsI Will be an engineer so I need to improve english and should learn new langueges for getting job opportinuties .
My favorite topicsI can talk about everything, but I really enjoy talking with sports,politics, books ,and movies
Azat, 21
My language exchange partner isWho can talk every topic with me
My learning goalsFor find a good job
My favorite topicsSongs, series
Yasin, 18
My exchange partner isFunny and knowlegeable
My learning goalsİmprove myself and learn professionally english
My favorite topicsGame movie music
Omar, 24
SpeaksArabic, English
LearnsGerman, Japanese, Russian
My conversation partner isA person who doesn't mind me making mistakes while trying to speak
My learning goalsTo become a translator, to explore the world's cities and cultures, and to make friends from all over the globe
My favorite topicsFun things like World cultures, music, accents , video games, animals, history, politics, Anime, martial arts, food, airsoft , cosplay.
Ismail, 30
My language exchange partner isintelligent, curious and should love archeology.
My learning goalsto take myself to the next level.
My favorite topicsarchaeology, Love talking about prehistoric life.
Hameed, 30
SpeaksArabic, English
LearnsSpanish, Italian
My exchange partner isSmart sarcastic
My learning goalsAdd another language which will help my career
My favorite topicsMovies, books, business
Gamze, 30
LearnsArabic, Spanish
My conversation partner isNot really sure
My learning goalsWant to improve my language skills
My favorite topicsAnything
Enes, 18
LearnsGerman, Turkish
My language exchange partner isI want to learn different culture, and meet a lot of People, just text me
My learning goalsY
My favorite topicsI want to learn different culture, and meet a lot of People, just text me
Furkan, 20
SpeaksEnglish, Turkish
My exchange partner isjust gotta be someone who likes to chat
My learning goalsadvance in my profession and ensure a strong career
My favorite topicsintroduce ourselves and talk about our hobbies
Abidin, 24
LearnsGerman, Hebrew, Turkish
My conversation partner isThe description of perfection for me on my conversation partner is "talkative" I love talkative partners. It doesn't matter my conversation partner's believe or culture I just want to have a good conversation! That's all I want. I hope Tandem will help me
My learning goalsI'm curious about Hebrew than German I think. I want to learn Jewish culture. But I want to improve my German also. For career purposes.
My favorite topicsI usually enjoy discussing politics and history. But it mostly depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel like talking about social life, sometimes university, sometimes family things. They find me talkative and boring. I love talking about myself also!
Ayşe, 20
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsItalian, Portuguese, Russian
My language exchange partner isI like perfect speak my tandem partner
My learning goalsEnglish
My favorite topicsThis heaven or hell
Hadi, 27
SpeaksArabic, English
My exchange partner isTalkative and friendly person
My learning goalsDaily life conversations
My favorite topicsStudy psychology and social activities
Koray, 31
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
My conversation partner isI can take it from time to time
My learning goalsI am learning spoken english
My favorite topicsI like travel, city and country informations,spor,eating and driking