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Palo Alto

24 Spanish speakers in Palo Alto looking to learn Spanish together

Alan, 23
Palo Alto
My exchange partner isMujer y comprensiva y que me tenga un poco de pasciensia
My learning goalsEstablecer una conversación clara y comprender completamente el idioma
My favorite topicsAprender a dialogar en mi trabajo y en la vida estadounidense
Julio, 34
Palo Alto
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsItalian, Russian, Zhuang
My conversation partner isAnyone wanting to practice Spanish
My learning goalsSpanish practice
My favorite topicsTechnology, artificial intelligence, travel, food
Edgar, 33
Palo Alto
LearnsJapanese, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isPeople who knows a lot of stuff and likes to speak, but also is a good listener 🙄
My learning goalsI'll be in Tokio this year and I want to learn Japanese basics and practice!
My favorite topicsTechnology, music, piano, guitar, singing, Mexico, Japan.
Katerin, 26
Palo Alto
My exchange partner isPaciente
My learning goalsDominar el idioma, entablar una conversación, ahora vivo en una comunidad internacional y quedo sin palabras porque el idioma en común (Inglés) no lo domino
My favorite topicsCultura en general
Joaquin, 51
Palo Alto
LearnsGerman, French, Chinese
My conversation partner isFun
My learning goalsLearn more languages
My favorite topicsPersonal development, books and personality
Adam, 20
Palo Alto
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
My language exchange partner isSomebody who is willing to talk to me in Japanese and help me use more advanced grammar patterns and native colloquiums
My learning goalsTo get more advanced with my grammar.
My favorite topicsI love talking about music and politics.
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Miriam, 28
Palo Alto
My exchange partner isHappy and lovely person.
My learning goalsI wanna lear English more.
My favorite topicsSports 🏊🚴🏻‍♀️⛷🎿
Lud, 43
Palo Alto
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My conversation partner isFun and patience hahaa
My learning goalsEnglish and Italian
My favorite topicsMusica, arte, religión Feminism Political Psychology Philosophy Mística
Victoria, 32
Palo Alto
LearnsItalian, Japanese
My language exchange partner isCommitted, dependable, with a sense of humor and a wide array of interests.
My learning goalsI want to move from intermediate to advanced in Japanese.
My favorite topicsArts, literature, politics, cinema, music
Alex, 23
Palo Alto
My exchange partner isQue me asesoré y me de tips
My learning goalsMejorar mi gramática y mi fluidez
My favorite topicsLearning, Lifestyle, movies
sergio, 24
Palo Alto
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsGerman, French, Japanese
My conversation partner isLet's practice! And have a great time
My learning goalsSpeak fluently
My favorite topicsMusic, sports, art, travels,books,just have fun
Jackie, 23
Palo Alto
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
My language exchange partner isSomeone very very patient since I am barely learning, also someone that corrects me a lot!
My learning goalsImprove my conversational skills and grammar.
My favorite topicsSalsa dancing, music, kdramas, food, science, school life, etc. Pretty much open to almost any topic of conversation!
Matthew Iver, 21
Palo Alto
LearnsSpanish, French, Norwegian
My exchange partner isOutgoing, interested in books and literature, politics, religion, or simply living life to the fullest. Also, anyone nice and willing to practice and bear with my mistakes.
My learning goalsI want to practice daily to become fully conversational in Spanish and French.
My favorite topicsBooks, literature, language study, tv shows, science. I am currently studying Spanish and French.
Sofia, 24
Palo Alto
LearnsSpanish, Sign language
My conversation partner isAlguien simpátic@, quien le gustan temas similares
My learning goalsQuiero ser fluida en español. Estoy en México ahora, pero necesito practicar más, especialmente cuando volveré a los Estados Unidos
My favorite topicsDerechos humanos Política Educación Pedagogía Comida y recetas El movimiento de cero basura Veganismo Feminismo La comunidad LGBTQ Literatura Cambio climático Salud
Ruben, 21
Palo Alto
My language exchange partner isun hispanohablante nativo
My learning goalsLosing my accent, learning new words,understand oral communication
My favorite topicsLas noticias, cultura, viajar
Anne, 25
Palo Alto
LearnsSpanish, Chinese
My exchange partner isFriendly Helps me correct my grammar and spelling and teaches me colloquial language
My learning goalsImprove my language skills and meet interesting people
My favorite topicsTravel/Places to Visit Outdoor activities (hiking, going to the beach, snowboarding, etc) Environment Health/medicine
Chris, 21
Palo Alto
LearnsFrench, Portuguese, Chinese
My conversation partner isReciprocal, funny, flexible, spontaneous
My learning goalsMaintain languages that I have been immersed in previously
My favorite topicsTravel, tech, athletics, exercise
Josefin, 24
Palo Alto
My language exchange partner isEasygoing and interested in similar topics. Patient if I don't reply for a few days
My learning goalsPractice different languages! Swedish & Spanish
My favorite topicsCooking, biking, hiking, outdoors, rock climbing, welding, culture, history, biology, trees, puzzling
Valerie, 57
Palo Alto
SpeaksEnglish, French
My exchange partner iscitoyen du monde, sans restrictions
My learning goalsdéveloppement personnel, gout de la linguistique, mécanisme de la langue,
My favorite topicsen étudiant une langue, j'aime découvrir les aspects culturels, historiques, culinaires, vie de tous les jours, société, actualité, tendances, famille, amis, voyages,
Nch, 22
Palo Alto
LearnsEnglish, Polish
My conversation partner isMe gusta conocer gente de todos lados
My learning goalsAprender de las ciudades costumbres e idiomas del mundo
My favorite topicsMúsica , economía, costumbres, fiestas,amigos