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35 Spanish speakers in Livorno looking to learn Spanish together

Yohana, 30
LearnsFrench, Italian
My exchange partner isSocial, buen hablador, gracioso
My learning goalsAprender varios idiomas
My favorite topicsViajes, deporte, cultura general
Math, 18
LearnsEnglish, Italian, Japanese
My conversation partner isSomeone funny, who I can trust, good in many areas and helpful.
My learning goalsI want to improve all my skills the most I can😁. If someone can help me with Italian I can help with English and Spanish.🤙
My favorite topicsI like to talk about everything even if I don't know too much about.
Pablo, 22
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My language exchange partner isAlguien con paciencia y ganas de conversar!
My learning goalsMejorar todo lo posible los idiomas para usarlos luego a diario
My favorite topicsComida, deportes, moda, negocios, historia, cultura, política
Fabio, 28
SpeaksSpanish, Italian
LearnsGerman, Russian
My exchange partner isUn chico casi de la misma edad con gana de hablar y conocer
My learning goalsLlegar a la fluidez
My favorite topicsCinéma, viajes, idiomas, negocios, moto, deporte
jhonatan, 37
My conversation partner isPersone giovani che parlino lo inglese, che siano pazienti e simpatiche.
My learning goalsVorrei imparare l'inglese
My favorite topicsAnimali, vino e motociclette
Jessica, 39
My language exchange partner isIl mio tandem ideale?? .. per ora no
My learning goalsImparare la lingua inglese alla perfezione
My favorite topicsDella quotidianità in generale
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Silvia, 33
SpeaksSpanish, Italian
My exchange partner isSicuramente una persona socievole e gentile nei modi
My learning goalsVorrei parlare fluentemente l'inglese
My favorite topicsFilm,libri, ma anche quando le persone mi parlano della loro vita e dei loro progetti di vita
Bruno, 30
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partner isUna persona con tanta pazienza
My learning goalsImparare la lingua e migliorare la mia conoscenza
My favorite topicsVita quotidiana Sport
Cesar Arturo, 30
SpeaksSpanish, Italian
LearnsEnglish, French
My language exchange partner isLopez90
My learning goalsImparare nuove lingue scritto ed orale
My favorite topicsSports, cinema, musica, cultura ecc.
Roberta, 27
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish, Italian
LearnsEnglish, Spanish
My exchange partner isUna persona estroversa
My learning goalsI want to improve my english and my spanish :)
My favorite topicsMi piace parlare di libri
Francesco, 31
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish, Italian
LearnsGreek, English, Spanish
My conversation partner isRagazzi maschi della mia stessa età
My learning goalsImparare il greco e migliorare il mio inglese
My favorite topicsLibri Teatro Serie tv Fare nuove amicizie
Glenda, 19
My language exchange partner isIndifferente
My learning goalsparlare fluentemente e capire lo slang
My favorite topicsTutto
Sveva, 19
LearnsGerman, Portuguese
My exchange partner isWants to have long conversations
My learning goalsSpeak fluent
My favorite topicsMusic, Movies, Hobbies, Animals
Kateryna, 25
SpeaksItalian, Ukrainian
LearnsEnglish, Russian
My conversation partner isA very curios person, a person who likes sharing his/her knowledge with others and wants to improve their language skills
My learning goalsBecome more fluent and learn new vocabulary
My favorite topicsGeopolitical problems, cultural aspects, economics, history
Alessio, 35
LearnsFinnish, Portuguese, Swedish
My language exchange partner isWith similar interests, especially music and art. I'm a musician ✌
My learning goalsQuite ambitious
My favorite topicsMusic, art, lucid dreams, books, movies, guitar, piano, rock, jazz, classical music, astronomy, aurora borealis, northern lights, gustav klimt, salvador dalì, reading, cinema, concerts, gigs, travels, tourism, acquatic sports, surf, skiing.
Arianna, 46
My exchange partner isUna persona a cui piace la montagna .austriaco..italiano...tedesco..norvegese
My learning goalsImparare luoghi e conoscere persone
My favorite topicsSport, viaggi, lettura, mostre, montagna e sci
nicolas, 35
LearnsGerman, Italian, Cantonese
My conversation partner isOpen minded, French or English or Italian speaking
My learning goalsReach a comfortable conversation level in Italian
My favorite topicsCulture, traveling, family
Silver, 27
SpeaksEnglish, Italian
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner isAnyone is welcome 😊 If you need help with listening and speaking English or Italian just send me a message
My learning goalsI'm learning Japanese at the moment but I also would like to learn Chinese and Korean. So if you want to chat or teach me some basics I would love it 🙌🌺
My favorite topicsPhilosophy, design, anime, dark humor, psychology, science, tech, The Sims 4.. well actually I enjoy learning about new things all the time :)
Otto, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Italian
My exchange partner isun giovane ragazzo gay
My learning goalsparlare fluentemente il francese
My favorite topicsdi tutto
Simone, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish, Italian
LearnsFrench, Chinese
My conversation partner isRagazze giovani Madrelingua Giovani
My learning goalsFluent speaking Inglese Spagnolo
My favorite topicsSport Musica Cultura Politica