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Francisco javier, 42
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Russian
My exchange partner isUna persona que tenga paciencia para escuchar y enseñar a lo demás
My learning goalsMe gustaría hablar que un nativo con las misma facilidad y desempeño
My favorite topicsCuarquier tema en general preferiblemente si es de negocio
Anh, 24
Hai Phong
LearnsSpanish, Cantonese
My conversation partner isgood looking - active - funny
My learning goalsTo communicate with others as a native speaker & make friends
My favorite topicsBooks, travelling,astronomy,tarot,writing,creation
Hoài, 22
Hai Phong
LearnsGerman, Spanish, French
My language exchange partner isjust smile:))
My learning goalsfluent in English
My favorite topicsTravelling and any topic
nhung, 19
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Chinese
My exchange partner isI dont know
My learning goalsTo work and comunication
My favorite topicsEverything in the life
Anh Do, 26
Hai Phong
SpeaksGerman, Vietnamese
LearnsEnglish, Spanish
My conversation partner isJust like me or better :D
My learning goalsSpanish, French, English, New friends
My favorite topicsTravel, Musical Instrument, IT, Food
Bruce, 34
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Spanish
My language exchange partner isNot limited.
My learning goalsMake friends.
My favorite topicsCulture, food, coffee, life story.
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Anh, 21
Hai Phong
LearnsSpanish, Chinese
My exchange partner isI want to make friend w anybody who love languages and try to study some new languages like me
My learning goals~~~
My favorite topicsLanguage, Traveling
, 21
Hai Phong
My conversation partner isWeird, funny and love imagination
My learning goalsImprove my languages and have more friends
My favorite topicsFilms
Katherine, 20
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Japanese
My language exchange partner isFriendly, happy, social, talkative
My learning goalsI want to talk like local person
My favorite topicsCartoon, music, fashion, book, shopping, travel, film, anime
jaymy, 31
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Vietnamese
My exchange partner is친절했으면 좋겠다
My learning goals취업 및 여행
My favorite topics여러가지 다양한 경험
Nhinh, 22
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Chinese
My conversation partner isGood at English
My learning goalsEnglish
My favorite topicsMusic, movie
Nhật Trường, 21
Hai Phong
LearnsSpanish, French, Chinese
My language exchange partner isWell, everyone!
My learning goalsTo be able to communicate in my targeted language
My favorite topicsMusic, Arts, Science, Yourself, Myself, and I would love to have my mind blown about things you know.
Walt, 37
Hai Phong
My exchange partner isFunny, not sensitive, patient
My learning goalsA new language
My favorite topicsSports Life Education
Trung, 31
Hai Phong
LearnsSpanish, Zhuang
My conversation partner isFriendly and funny people who are interested in travelling and discovering new cultures and the wonderful world :)
My learning goalsBe fluent in English and learn other new languages which may be Mandarin or Spanish
My favorite topicsI passionately love traveling and discovering the world and making friends with lovely people. I would like to practice speaking new languages especially English and Mandarin. Feel free to contact me and get started a conversation. Don’t shy away :)
Chi, 27
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Spanish
My language exchange partner isFriendly, and someone wants to speak Vietnamese.
My learning goalsI can speak fluently.
My favorite topicsI don't know exactly, but I like to speak about science, social media, ...
Nguyễn, 29
Hai Phong
My exchange partner isFunny people
My learning goalsExpert
My favorite topicsFilm, natural, enviroment, socia, nation,..
, 20
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Chinese
My conversation partner isi think they are so polite
My learning goalsi want to speak Chinese fluently
My favorite topics我喜欢购物和化妆品。我也喜欢运动
Ruby, 33
Hai Phong
SpeaksEnglish, Vietnamese
My language exchange partner isYou are friendly and smart
My learning goalsPractice speaking Chinese and English
My favorite topicsCulture and travel
John, 29
Hai Phong
SpeaksKorean, Chinese
LearnsEnglish, Vietnamese
My exchange partner is성실하게 잘 가르치는 분
My learning goals스피킹 잘하기 위해서
My favorite topics업무
kim anh, 30
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Korean
My conversation partner isKind, easy going, really want to learn language
My learning goalsFluently english and korean
My favorite topicsMusic, movie, travel
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