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Mario, 39
Kuala Lumpur
My exchange partner isCualquiera que responda rapido y se interese en hacerlo facil
My learning goalsLo mas avanzado posible
My favorite topicsDeporte, turismo
Armstrong, 33
SpeaksEnglish, Yoruba
LearnsSpanish, French, Malay
My conversation partner isI don't care about that.
My learning goalsHave basic knowledge of new languages.
My favorite topicsScience, education, food, life and holiday.
John, 26
Petaling Jaya
My language exchange partner isPeople funny 😄 interesting 🤔 and open mind 🧠 who want to learn to write and speak english 🇺🇸 and spanish 🇪🇸
My learning goalsI need learn to read and listen in english because I travel all around the world ⚓️🚢🌎
My favorite topicsFood 🍱 goals 🎓 music 🎶 movies 🎥 professions ⚓️ technology 📱and travel 🌎
Wiam, 20
Shah Alam
SpeaksArabic, French
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Italian
My exchange partner isJ’en n’ai pas
My learning goalsAvoir un langage plus fluide dans les autres langues
My favorite topicsDes affaires , de l’école , de la vie de tout des jours , des voyages
prahveen, 27
Kuala Lumpur
SpeaksSpanish, French
My conversation partner isSomeone who is active and engaging
My learning goalsTo be able to speak fluently
My favorite topicsTravel, food and life
Sarah, 24
My language exchange partner isAs long as he's or she's friendly
My learning goalsLearning spanish
My favorite topicsAnything will do
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Arvin, 26
Petaling Jaya
LearnsGerman, Tamil
My exchange partner isPatient, a good listener and a good friend
My learning goalsTo become fluent at the level (or just below) a native speaker
My favorite topicsMovies, books, science, history, arts, or anything else
Aiman, 25
Shah Alam
SpeaksEnglish, Malay
LearnsSpanish, Korean, Russian
My conversation partner isIm not really sure, just someone that can help me and give me advice that would be great
My learning goalsJust making new friends
My favorite topicsFood
Antonio, 25
Kuala Lumpur
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
My language exchange partner isCan share a lot about their culture & can connect me to people in their country for when I visit. Also has an outgoing personality.
My learning goalsLearn to speak fluent Korean, Mandarin & German.
My favorite topicsTraveling, business & anything interesting or entertaining.
Aaron, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Malay
LearnsSpanish, Indonesian
My exchange partner isextroverted, outgoing, fun, happy to learn casually
My learning goalsTo master Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia enough for daily conversation and to understand entertainment e.g. Netflix shows, music.
My favorite topicstravel, Netflix, music, politics, geography, geology, aviation
Mandeep, 24
Petaling Jaya
SpeaksEnglish, Panjabi
LearnsSpanish, French
My conversation partner isSomeone outgoing and easy to talk to.
My learning goalsI’d love to learn conversational French and Spanish. I can speak 4 languages right now, and my goal is to eventually speak at least 6!
My favorite topicsArt, travel, poetry, movies, tv shows, books
Nur, 24
Shah Alam
My language exchange partner isTalkative and open minded people
My learning goalsI want to be fluent in spanish
My favorite topicsI love reading books and learning new languages. I want to make new friends and meet new people from all over the world
Pol, 31
Kuala Lumpur
SpeaksCatalan, Spanish
My exchange partner isSomeone that corrects my mistakes and offers ways to improve!
My learning goalsBecoming conversational in chinese
My favorite topicsFood, travel, volunteering, sustainability, technology
Hafidah, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Malay
LearnsSpanish, Japanese, Chinese
My conversation partner isAnyone that can be fun to talk
My learning goalsAble to master all the language that i want to learn
My favorite topicsDrama, music, education, lifestyle
Unknown, 25
Petaling Jaya
LearnsSpanish, Sign language, Thai
My language exchange partner isNot sure
My learning goalsI can speak fluently
My favorite topicsDaily life, romance, personal stuff, hobby
Mallory, 29
Shah Alam
My exchange partner is阳光,干练,耐心,有礼貌
My learning goals生活交流,旅游,工作
My favorite topics旅游,工作,学习,烹饪
Adelynne, 23
Kuala Lumpur
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsFrench, Korean
My conversation partner isOutgoing, nice, understanding and passionate
My learning goalsTo be fluent in speaking
My favorite topicsMusic, fashion, stories and all kinds of things. Life.
Cassandra, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
LearnsSpanish, French, Italian
My language exchange partner isEasygoing and funny
My learning goalsTo speak fluently and type well in them
My favorite topicsMusic
Lisanne, 25
Petaling Jaya
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
LearnsSpanish, Korean
My exchange partner isSomeone i can talk to about everything
My learning goalsI want to be able to hold a conversation
My favorite topicsTravel, life, food, nature, movies, books, music
Kenji, 22
Shah Alam
LearnsSpanish, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isSomeone who is enthusiastic
My learning goalsTo reach intermediate level
My favorite topicsFood
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