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20 Russian speakers in Kathmandu looking to learn Russian together

Diana Amiryan, 19
LearnsGerman, English
My exchange partner isI’m searching for the person with mastery level of English to practice the language and, of course, I don’t mind to teach someone Russian or, who knows, maybe Ukrainian language 😄
My learning goalsI would also be glad to talk with someone with good knowledge of Germane because I’m studying it now. But, still, don’t have a great expectation from me 😂
My favorite topicsI’m a dancer who desires to travel the world. I’m also a student and my specialty is international law. What about YOU? 🙂
Viktor, 35
My conversation partner isмедицина, наука, здоровье
My learning goalsразговор уверенный
My favorite topicsмедицина, здоровье, наука
Влад, 26
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
LearnsEnglish, Polish
My language exchange partner is 20-24 года, интересный, весёлый человек
My learning goalsАнглийский - увеличение словарного запаса, возможность свободно общаться на бытовом уровне. Польский - изучение в совершенстве.
My favorite topicsЛитература, стратегии, бизнес, путешествия
Sambit, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsSpanish, Russian, Turkish
My exchange partner isSomeone who ease the process of learning
My learning goalsTo add to my linguistic proficiency
My favorite topicsFood,culture,history
Rajan, 31
My conversation partner iskind hearted and helpful buddy
My learning goalsfluent speaking any language
My favorite topicshistory and sports
Sammy, 23
LearnsFrench, Russian
My language exchange partner isOne who plays games
My learning goalsIntermediate. Good enough to get around
My favorite topicsAnything that helps me learn. I am an open minded person
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Shayala, 24
LearnsFinnish, French, Russian
My exchange partner isI have no idea... Someone who I can practice social conversations with? (P.S. I am socially awkward... )
My learning goalsSpeak proper French and learn about French culture.
My favorite topicsMovies, books (especially Harry Potter), law and legal talks, and anything in general, really
Sarthak, 27
LearnsNepali, Russian
My conversation partner isAverage person who loves to share knowledge.
My learning goalsBeing able to understand basic conversation.
My favorite topicsLove, Life, movies, series, Spirituality.
Jaid, 22
SpeaksHindi, Nepali
LearnsJapanese, Russian
My language exchange partner isIs friendly and shares about interests, and is very humorous.
My learning goalsto travel, to know the culture and make friends.
My favorite topicsAbout Culture, Movies, Books, Life and lessons.
Luck, 31
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese, Russian
My exchange partner isOpen minded
My learning goalsTo make friends
My favorite topicsAnything
Santosh, 30
SpeaksEnglish, Nepali
LearnsFrench, Russian, Cantonese
My conversation partner isLike to talk with me
My learning goalsTo know about their language and culture, make friends from different part of the glove
My favorite topicsNature, sports, business, history and anything that make sense
Biraz, 25
LearnsRussian, Chinese
My language exchange partner isHelp learning language
My learning goalsTo learn and speak fluently
My favorite topicsI am open to discussing any topic.
Sophianna, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsPersian, Pashto
My exchange partner isGirl , teen agers , open minded people, if you're an animal abuser , racist , sexist or anything like that, sorry we cannot be friends
My learning goalsPerfect my Spanish and Bangla and also learn new languages
My favorite topicsI love animals , food , culture and travel related discussion . I am friendly as long as you're not a creep. Don't mess with my patience lol
Hima, 26
My conversation partner isUn científico, un mochilero, un vegetariano
My learning goalsHablar fluidamente el inglés y alemán
My favorite topicsCiencias, biología, células, biotecnología, plantas, salud.
Ma, 24
My language exchange partner isThe person who is talketive
My learning goalsLearn english
My favorite topicsScinc i was a kid i always wanted to learn about astronomy and in here i want talk about it too
Tirth, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Nepali
LearnsSpanish, Italian
My exchange partner isI hope, they should be friendly, open talker, shouldn’t hesitate to ask, sometimes makes jokes, little bit funny too, its also fine if they aren’t 😂. And, it will be great if i find close friend from this app.
My learning goalsFirst of all, i wanna be fluent in it. I wanna be sociable. I wanna know people from different countries and their culture. And i also want to learn many languages. I have heard that making friends from different culture make you better knowledgeable,
My favorite topicsI am a beginner in learning Spanish language. So, i think, first of all i would love to do normal conversation. I do love music and movies. So, it will be better to talk about songs, cinemas because i think it helps to learn better. also about football,
Surendra, 39
LearnsFrench, Chinese
My conversation partner isHelpful friendly
My learning goalsBusiness
My favorite topicsBusiness, culture,
Anisha, 26
My language exchange partner isBeutiful girl
My learning goalsLearning fluent
My favorite topicsEvery Day use
pu, 33
My exchange partner is坦率诚实 平等尊重 长得好看
My learning goals了解另一种文化以及不同的思维模式
My favorite topics宠物 宗教哲学 美食
Niti, 18
LearnsEnglish, French, Japanese
My conversation partner isAnyone who wants to talk with me.I would be happy to just have a pleasant chat.
My learning goalsCultural exchange,language exchange,making friends.Oh and I would be happy to help out with the languages I am learning and know as well as learn from others about it.Currently my goal is to improve my English speaking skills and vocabulary😀
My favorite topicsWorld culture,world history,every day,technology,otome games,traveling,anime ,mangas,cooking, Meeting new people,movies,working out, Zumba,philosophy,eating,music,philanthropy,politics,world news and others too
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