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Sergey, 52
My exchange partner isНоситель языка , женщина .
My learning goalsРазговаривать и думать на английском
My favorite topicsПовседневные темы касающиеся обычного ежедневного общения, стандартных фраз .
Regina, 29
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
My conversation partner isSmart, patient and interesting
My learning goalsConversationsal
My favorite topicsNature, travel, animals, sports
Dmitry, 32
My language exchange partner isI would like to talk to somebody who has an open mind and a desire to help other people with language acquisition.
My learning goalsI want to be able to have basic conversations in Spanish on regular topics (weather, food, emotions, events).
My favorite topicsI am comfortable talking about languages, technologies, traveling, and human relationships.
Parvis, 25
SpeaksRussian, Tajik
My exchange partner isSomeone who is open minded and willing to see things from other perspectives, arent zombies which attached to one thing :) We should practice it everyday or couple of times in a week
My learning goalsI want to be able to speak it
My favorite topicsaliens, ancient things, travel, technology, psychology, esoterics, mysticism, Greek and Roman history, hellenism. pc games. I smile a lot 😄 Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Dua Lipa, J Timberlake
Irina, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
My conversation partner isOpen-minded, patient, fun to talk to
My learning goalsI want to learn how to actually use grammar that I learn in class. I want to start saying at least simple phrases in Japanese 💐
My favorite topicsCulture, art, tattoos, cinema and more!
Alik, 51
My language exchange partner issmart people of different ages
My learning goalsI’d like to make my spoken English better
My favorite topicsAbout different countries, about different people, about our planet
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Ekaterina, 30
My exchange partner isFunny and intelligent
My learning goalsFor travelings
My favorite topicsFood and music
Anastasiya, 30
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
My conversation partner isNative speaker
My learning goalsImprove my conversational skills
My favorite topicsDaily conversational
William, 19
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
My language exchange partner isNot arrogant, can understand each other
My learning goalsENGLISH LANGUAGE
My favorite topicsGet to know your country
chief, 25
LearnsPortuguese, Russian
My exchange partner isCorrects mistakes. Teaches the other person. An engaging partner
My learning goalsI want to become fluent and proficient in both Russian and Portuguese
My favorite topicsReal world. Science. Life. food. Cooking
Julia, 30
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Russian
My conversation partner isSomeone who is open minded, curious and adventurous. Someone who wants to share time and stories with people different than them.
My learning goalsI want to learn about other cultures and how people live in other countries. And if I can improve my spanish in the process, that would be even better!
My favorite topicsI love to talk to people about their experiences, their travels, their cultures and the way they live. I also like talking about arts, especially cinema and music.
Cherisse, 18
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is willing to help me learn in a simplified way while also being interesting
My learning goalsI would like to maintain what Russian I already know and hopefully expand upon it.
My favorite topicsComic books, books, music, and traveling
Brina, 24
LearnsJapanese, Russian, Ukrainian
My exchange partner isVery positive and encourages, jokes around a lot, allows me to make mistakes
My learning goalsFluent in all languages but first to get to basic conversation with Russian and Japanese. Reach advanced in Ukrainian
My favorite topicsEnvironment, politics, lifestyle, food, hobbies
Natascha, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Portuguese
LearnsFrench, Italian, Russian
My conversation partner isFriendly, interesting and happy people ?
My learning goalsBe fluent in English
My favorite topicsTravel, fitness, dance, ballet, music, nutrition, love, fashion, etc.
Cuddlesaurus, 41
LearnsSpanish, French, Russian
My language exchange partner isThe perfect partner is one who simply shows up to make the world smaller through networking and learning.
My learning goalsI would like to learn some basics for now.
My favorite topicsSome of my passions include traveling, writing, hiking, biking and playing piano. I enjoy discussing a variety of subjects like cooking, technology, business, politics and more!
Hassan, 27
SpeaksGerman, English
My exchange partner isJust learn from my partner.
My learning goalsI am want to be able to speak it but not necessarily be fluent at it even though that's the aim
My favorite topicsI love football. I am a nerd in history and I am almost a Math major. I can basically talk about anything.
Joe, 30
LearnsSpanish, Japanese, Russian
My conversation partner isA perfect partner wants to learn. That's all there is to it. :D
My learning goalsボイスメッセージが好きです。🕺🏻
My favorite topicsSports, travel, food, fashion, anything really.
Russell, 43
LearnsSpanish, Russian
My language exchange partner issomeone who is fun, patient, and has similar interests
My learning goalsI want to improve my pronunciation and my comprehension
My favorite topicscooking, movies, music, current events
Ethan, 19
LearnsCroatian, Russian
My exchange partner isActive texter and kind
My learning goalsTo better understand croatian and Russian culture while also learning the languages
My favorite topicsCurrent events, sports, movies
Mark, 31
LearnsGerman, Polish, Russian
My conversation partner isAn open-minded individual looking to exchange language and culture.
My learning goalsPractice language skills, meet new people from other cultures.
My favorite topicsTraveling, music, outdoors, history, anthropology, philosophy, lit, movies, photography, sports, food, technology, science, engineering.