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Zaira, 24
LearnsGerman, English
My exchange partner isЯ бы предпочла девушку в первую очередь, общительную и дружелюбную. Терпеливую)
My learning goalsОчень хочу бегло говорить, и узнать о тонкостях языка и носителей побольше, это очень интересно)
My favorite topicsНа любые. По большей части конечно о языке или о городе или стране, где живёт носитель, об особенностях языка. А позже, когда подружимся, можно говорить обо всем на свете
Катя, 33
LearnsGerman, English, Italian
My conversation partner isНет предпочтений
My learning goalsВладеть языками
My favorite topicsРазные темы
Анна, 40
LearnsGerman, Italian
My language exchange partner isКультурный и умный человек
My learning goalsСвободное общение
My favorite topicsРазные:о жизни
Alessia, 40
My exchange partner isДолжен быть болтун
My learning goalsХоть что-то узнать
My favorite topicsКино , животные , книги
Aleksander, 30
LearnsGerman, Italian
My conversation partner isWith everybody
My learning goalsI’d like to improve my speaking skills
My favorite topicsSinema, sports, traveling, learning new languages etc
Diana, 26
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My language exchange partner isВесёлые, занимающиеся саморазвитием.
My learning goalsУлучшить уровень владения языком, выучить новые слова
My favorite topicsПутешествия, саморазвитие, спорт
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Sasha, 25
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
LearnsGerman, English, Spanish
My exchange partner isPersona aperta , con tanta pazienza ( perché ho carattere come un asino ahah ) e brava ad insegnarmi
My learning goalsVorrei comunicare con gente libero con queste lingue che ho scelto... Ho obbiettivi di visitare queste paese , Spagna , Germania , USA
My favorite topicsSport , culinaria ( sono cuoco ) cultura , poesia , cinema..
Aiym, 24
SpeaksKazakh, Russian
My conversation partner isEr/sie ist offen, hat keine Angst, Fragen zu stellen und Fragen zu beantworten
My learning goalsMit neuen Sprachen klarkommen
My favorite topicsKino, Politik, Mode
Anjelika, 29
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
My language exchange partner isKind, considerate, open, but not bothersome. Interested in learning from one another. With a desire to keep in touch on a long run :)
My learning goalsImprove my speaking skills, expand my vocabulary
My favorite topicsTraditions, everything to do with food, personal growth topics
Liliya, 36
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
LearnsGerman, Italian, Chinese
My exchange partner isNice, smart and smiling :)
My learning goalsTo speak Italian, German, Chinese
My favorite topicsEverything .......
Maria, 24
SpeaksItalian, Romanian
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partner isChiunque 🤩🌏
My learning goalsMigliorare le lingue conversando
My favorite topicsViaggi ✈️, cibo🍤🍾🍷, musica 🎶, tempo libero, hobby 🧘🏻‍♀️
Ekaterina, 18
SpeaksGerman, Italian
LearnsSpanish, French
My language exchange partner isSomeone serious who would speak with me in other languages, especially in Spanish and in French. Also people who are really interesting and want to teach me something about their culture ❤️
My learning goalsImprove my languages, especially english, spanish and french, but i could also talk in german, italian and russian, and maybe one day I would learn even chinese mandarin, who knows? 😂😅
My favorite topicsI love to talk about cultures and languages, because they are really interesting 🌸
George, 24
My exchange partner isOne who will share my interests and values. Who’s openminded and open for new experiences.
My learning goalsI want to learn Japanese language. I have been interested in the culture and the language. My plan is to move to Japan for Masters studies at some point and I want to be ready 🤗
My favorite topicsMusic 🎷, Vintage 🕰, Tv-shows 📺, Movies 🎥, Books 📚, Travel 🏞, Motorcycle 🏍, Boxing 🥊 and etc.
Silvia, 26
LearnsGerman, English
My conversation partner isTutti
My learning goalsEssere più fluente nel parlare lingue
My favorite topicsLearning languages, dicovering new people and cultures
Amia, 18
SpeaksGerman, Italian
LearnsSpanish, Russian, Chinese
My language exchange partner isAufgeschlossen, humorvoll, nett
My learning goalsDie Sprachekenntnisse zu verbessern, den Wortschatz zu bereichern, neue Leute kennenlernen und mit Muttersprachlern reden
My favorite topicsMusik, Tanz, Kampsport, Sport, Kunst, allgemeine/alltägliche Situationen, Zitate, Sprüche zum Nachdenken, Witze, Tiere, neue Kulturen
Andrea, 18
LearnsGerman, English, Russian
My exchange partner isEveryone! 🔥
My learning goalsGet better! 😼
My favorite topicsEverything, could be interesting! 🧠
Elias, 25
SpeaksGerman, Italian
My conversation partner isCurious people
My learning goalsLearn something new I guess
My favorite topicsMusic, languages, IT & more
Mark, 31
SpeaksGerman, Italian
My language exchange partner isInteresting people (=talkative people)
My learning goalsGetting better at communicating my thoughts in Russian
My favorite topicsLiterature, art, and whatever is left
Astrid, 29
My exchange partner isOpen minded and friendly people
My learning goalsMake friends all over the world (; improving my Russian language skills
My favorite topicsTraveling, cultures and traditions, literature, music, films, cuisine
Alessandro, 27
SpeaksGerman, English, Italian
LearnsRussian, Chinese
My conversation partner isOpen-minded dreamers, life lovers, talkative travelers & crazy-funny people
My learning goals- Became a 5 languages speaker in 2 years - Meet new people and, who knows, maybe new friends!
My favorite topicsTravel, Travel, Travel