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Luiz, 29
My exchange partner isChinese
My learning goalsSpeaking
My favorite topicsReading, learning languages & cooking. Follow me on IG @juniorrjf. Hit me up if you want to learn Portuguese 😊🇧🇷
Giti, 34
LearnsArabic, French, Tagalog
My conversation partner isOutgoing, patient and friendly
My learning goalsTo learn as much as I can and have fun at the same time
My favorite topicsCulture, politics and travel
Kim, 21
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My language exchange partner isThoughtful, kind and loyal
My learning goalsdnxbc
My favorite topicsabout plans in the future
Noelle, 26
LearnsFrench, Portuguese
My exchange partner isUn partenaire intéressant
My learning goalsAmélioration
My favorite topicsQuoi qu'il arrive
Julio, 35
LearnsItalian, Portuguese
My conversation partner isNothing specific, just an easy going person
My learning goalsBe more fluent
My favorite topicsCinema, series, food, travels, books...
Roel, 23
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsFrench, Italian, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isI’d like to meet someone who loves learning new languages and getting to know new cultures
My learning goalsCommunicate with native speakers fluently
My favorite topicsFilms, books, culture in general
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Sienna, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsSpanish, French, Portuguese
My exchange partner isFun to talk to. Have a sense of humor. Respectful.
My learning goalsFuture purposes.
My favorite topicsAnything
Miren, 28
LearnsFrench, Portuguese
My conversation partner isSomeone who like travelling, reading, sports... to have a good chat
My learning goalsImprove English and mostly french and Portuguese
My favorite topicsI love to travel, get to know new cultures and people. Love reading and music!
Eulean, 28
LearnsFrench, Japanese, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isSerious learner or someone interesting
My learning goalsReach conversational level
My favorite topicsBusiness, sciences, arts, and sports
Dhevan Safa, 23
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese
My exchange partner isNo sé
My learning goalsPara hablar con los hablantes de idiomas extraños con fluidez
My favorite topicsjuegos, computadora, ciencia, furry, anime, manga
Win, 31
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsSpanish, Italian, Portuguese
My conversation partner isAs long as they're nice, anyone is welcome!
My learning goalsMe to be able to speak fluently the 4 romance languages
My favorite topicsIndividual hobbies, music, and foodies!
Stephanie, 30
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsPortuguese, Sign language, Chinese
My language exchange partner isAs long as they can teach, understand me, awsome to get along with and have a lot of patience😅
My learning goalsTo speak fluently and understand the language i'm learning
My favorite topicsIt depends 😊 mostly, cooking, tech stuff, sports, photography and travel
Jai, 30
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Portuguese
My exchange partner isSomeone who's fun to talk to, patient enough to teach me how to express myself in a new language
My learning goalsBe comfortable in speaking in Spanish
My favorite topicsI like to learn how to speak Spanish and German. I like to discuss about arts, architecture, music and travel
Meg, 32
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese
My conversation partner isSomeone who can guide and correct me in learning different approaches and ways to easily grasp the language.
My learning goalsTo become a certified Spanish and Portuguese speaker. To able to talk and communicate with natives. To able to experience and learn other cultures and traditions.
My favorite topicsMusic, Culture, Places, Traditions, Movies and Foods.
Meng, 28
LearnsItalian, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isSmart , good
My learning goalsPortugesee
My favorite topicsLife style
Rachatanut, 26
My exchange partner isPoint out all my mistakes patiently (going to do the same) doesn’t get demotivated easily, open minded, intelligent and good sense of humor.
My learning goalsTo reach fluent conversation level and increase vocabulary. also would love to move to Europe or even study a Master degree or might be for finding a partner) I don’t have lots of difficult understanding, just need to express myself better.
My favorite topicsI enjoy discussing a range of topics like history, travel, science, TV series and movies, sociology, music, LGBT etc. I like talking in general, as long as conversation is going smooth and the topic is interesting for both of parties))
Laysa, 29
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My conversation partner isAnyone funny and sensible jejeje someone who truly wants to learn.
My learning goalsEntender español cuando lo hablan(?)
My favorite topicsTraveling, personal finance and business, the universe, indie folk music, helping people
Joel, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My language exchange partner isFluent in French
My learning goalsTo learn French language
My favorite topicsTopics that interests me are designs, music, 3D, stones, the universe
Noel, 44
LearnsSpanish, Japanese
My exchange partner isSomeone who’s not too uptight, with a sense of humour; can articulate their thoughts clearly; and someone who’s patient and can approach teaching a language in a non-traditional manner when needed to.
My learning goalsTo be able to properly comprehend everyday conversations, and possibly up to the level of business conversations as well
My favorite topicsTravel, food, sports, current events, hobbies, music, history, movies and tv shows, family and my dog
Andrea, 27
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My conversation partner isUnderstanding
My learning goalsBe able to speak the language with confidence
My favorite topicsLife