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20 Portuguese speakers in Cebu City looking to learn Portuguese together

Datu, 24
Cebu City
LearnsFrench, Portuguese
My exchange partner isFunny, witty and kind
My learning goalsTo learn another languages like French and Portuguese
My favorite topicsArts, foods, cultures, beliefs, dreams and etc
John, 27
Cebu City
My conversation partner isSome one who is friendly and talkative have no restriction on people race gender or culture this kind of people are my buddy
My learning goalsWant to learn Portugese and can speak in English so it's will be more easy for me to improve my level of English more higher
My favorite topicsAbout country and culture for example when I met with someone who is from different country and culture than I really fell more interested to talk and know abut others culture
Gab, 27
Cebu City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese, Chinese
My language exchange partner isFriendly
My learning goalsI'd love to be able to converse properly in the language I want to learn.
My favorite topicsFood Places to See Culture
Juliet, 27
Cebu City
LearnsKorean, Portuguese, Russian
My exchange partner isPatient, funny and smart.
My learning goalsTo be able to communicate across borders.
My favorite topicsCulture, food and the world.
Nikka Nissa, 26
Cebu City
Speaksceb, Tagalog
LearnsSpanish, Italian, Portuguese
My conversation partner isSpontaneous
My learning goalsTo be proficient in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and German.
My favorite topicsChristian Faith, Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Food, Calligraphy, Clothes, History, Earth Science, Geology, Environmental Engineering, Environment, Philanthropy, Law, Culture,
Paul Allen, 24
Cebu City
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isExpressive, honest and WIERD
My learning goalsTo be learn more about the world and it's people
My favorite topicsCulture
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Clayd, 24
Cebu City
Speaksceb, Tagalog
LearnsPortuguese, Russian
My exchange partner isSmart, engaging, friendly
My learning goalsWill be able to converse in the Russian, and Portugueselanguage
My favorite topicsScience, culture, engineering
Kieth Roland, 23
Cebu City
LearnsSpanish, Korean, Portuguese
My conversation partner isfriendly, humorous, cheerful, understanding
My learning goalslearn new language and make new friends
My favorite topicsI can talk about anything under the sun
Liad, 25
Cebu City
My language exchange partner isSomeone to talk with and learn new things
My learning goalsTo know how to speak good enough for traveling and knowing new people
My favorite topics Traveling, food, music and in general i'm open to speak about whatever you like
Rizajean, 22
Cebu City
Speaksceb, English
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My exchange partner isFriendly and Approachable.
My learning goalsTo be able to learn another language thru befriending some natives.
My favorite topicsDaily routine. Everyday life.
Catherine, 41
Cebu City
LearnsSpanish, French, Japanese
My conversation partner isI want that my perfect Tandem partner will teach me about the basic things about their respective languages because I will also going to teach them about my native language.
My learning goalsI wanted to learn about the basic structures of the grammar. I also wanted to learn many vocabularies so that I can express myself very well.
My favorite topicsI like discussing relevant topics like world news, current issues, health, travel, business, and other significant matters.
Zed Avalon, 18
Cebu City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My language exchange partner isFun, interesting, cool, knows how to teach
My learning goalsTo be a good conversationalist
My favorite topicsAnything, food, people, country
Isabel, 18
Cebu City
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My exchange partner isKind, humble, Thoughtful, respectful, responsible, friendly, hardworking
My learning goalsTo communicate well
My favorite topicsHobbies, stuffs, study, about their lives
Haide, 43
Cebu City
Speaksceb, Tagalog
My conversation partner isSomeone who i can have interesting conversations
My learning goalsBe able to speak and write English language with minimal grammatical errors, improve vocabulary
My favorite topicsVacation, relationship, work, sports, social media
Janover, 26
Cebu City
LearnsGerman, sgn-jp, Chinese
My language exchange partner isIm into japanese and I want to know more about japan.
My learning goalsThat I can apply it and be the tools in the near future.
My favorite topicsI like to know more about the daily living of other nations.
Vanessa, 28
Cebu City
My exchange partner isSomeone who wants to learn English and someone who is a native German Speaker.
My learning goalsTo be fluent in German.
My favorite topicsTravel. Medicine. Movies
Krix, 32
Cebu City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
My conversation partner isSomeone who also interested to learn German
My learning goalsTo be fluent in speaking Deutsch
My favorite topicsPflege
Jacques, 35
Cebu City
SpeaksEnglish, Tagalog
LearnsJapanese, Dutch
My language exchange partner ishumble and kind
My learning goalsi like to learn japanese language
My favorite topicsnature culture technology
Hends, 23
Cebu City
My exchange partner isnice to talk with
My learning goalsjust to learn chinese
My favorite topicseating, watchin' beautiful sceneries, reading ❤️
Carla, 30
Cebu City
Speaksceb, English
My conversation partner isnot expecting much.
My learning goalsto be able to have a conversation in italian
My favorite topicsanything under the sun.