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20 Korean speakers in Petaling Jaya looking to learn Korean together

Eunkyung, 37
Petaling Jaya
LearnsEnglish, French, Chinese
My exchange partner is편하고 재미있는 대화
My learning goals여행 문화 체험
My favorite topics문화 교육 일상
Donghwan, 24
Petaling Jaya
LearnsEnglish, Malay, Chinese
My conversation partner isFriendly,kind
My learning goalsUniversity
My favorite topicsFriend,english
ia, 25
Petaling Jaya
LearnsEnglish, French, Chinese
My language exchange partner isKind and patient person who study with me:)
My learning goalsI want to communicate fluently in English, and want to know expressions that I don't understand.
My favorite topicsTravel, learning other language, food, cafe, economic, books, music, festival,
Junah, 25
Petaling Jaya
LearnsEnglish, Chinese
My exchange partner isI want to learn English and Chinese for my goals haha And I really let u guys about Korea :)
My learning goalsI want to enter in Fly Emirates as a cabin crew:)
My favorite topicsI like movie and football(Liverpool) Also, I’m a big fan of Winner
YenChen, 20
Petaling Jaya
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
My conversation partner is음... 제가도 몰라, 좋으면, 나랑 똑 같아의 이자 있으면, 좋겠다. 제가 제일 좋아 것이 케이팝 아니잖아요, 그럼 저 파트너가 케이팝도 좋으면, 진짜 조은 것 같아요. ㅋㅋ
My learning goals한국에 가는데, 연습생 하고 싶은데, 아니면, 한국에서 살아요도 좋겠다, 문화도 알아 싶어, 음식 많이 먹으면, 나도 좋아요! ㅋㅋ
My favorite topics어... 솔직히.. 많이 있어요, 그데 제일 이야기 하는 것을 케이팝고 과학 기슬 이렇게 것을 제일 좋아해요.
Austin, 24
Petaling Jaya
My language exchange partner is편하게 공부하고 놀사람! 매일 연락 안 해도 되는 친구, 부담 노.. 서로 시간날 때 놀 사람😎
My learning goals같이 공부합시다!
My favorite topicsI'm from Colorado!! USA No stress hangout/study by talking is the best way! Feel free to use whatever language with me 단답 ~ 읽씹 '그냥 관심 없어보여..' 영어 질문 환영합니다!
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Nur, 17
Petaling Jaya
SpeaksEnglish, Malay
LearnsChinese, Cantonese
My exchange partner isFriendly,kind, patient,
My learning goalsTo learn Korean and Chinese
My favorite topicswatching korean dramas, eating and so on
Danly, 26
Petaling Jaya
My conversation partner isOpen minded, chatty, sporty, humorous, patient (with my Denglisch), interested to learn English while teaching Deutsch, etc.
My learning goalsTo be able to converse in German without mixing the grammar and words up with English.
My favorite topicsFitness, martial arts, sports, philosophy, culture, history, travelling, management, leadership, learning & development, etc.
Hajar Afifah, 18
Petaling Jaya
My language exchange partner isA guy , nice , not rud
My learning goalsUntil i can speak confidently
My favorite topicsFood , study and entertainment
Toti Michelle, 31
Petaling Jaya
SpeaksZhuang, Chinese
My exchange partner is细心教导,开朗
My learning goals多学习一个语言放便旅行时沟通
My favorite topics美容,购物
Wanee, 19
Petaling Jaya
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partner isFriendly, have positive mindset, kind hearted
My learning goalswanna improves my language skills, wanna speak or write like a native person
My favorite topicsanything about their country
Ruby, 20
Petaling Jaya
LearnsEnglish, Korean
My language exchange partner is親切的女孩,可以教我正確的文法和日常生活的英文句子,是真實國外會用的,不是書本上生硬客套的句子。
My learning goals提升我用英文交談的流暢度,增加新潮的單字量,像是網絡用語或是年輕人之間會使用的單字、句子,不要是書本上生硬無趣的。
My favorite topics交流不同國家的文化差異,或談談關於留學的話題,因為我目前在馬來西亞就讀語言學校。
Aenie, 36
Petaling Jaya
SpeaksEnglish, Malay
LearnsGerman, Japanese, Korean
My exchange partner isAdaptable, Creative, Understanding
My learning goalsAble to understand and speak fluently
My favorite topicsWriting Quotes & Poems
Fonnnn, 16
Petaling Jaya
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isFriendly,good attitude
My learning goalsCan cumulative with other people
My favorite topicsEatting,music
Siti Zarifah, 23
Petaling Jaya
SpeaksEnglish, Malay
My language exchange partner isFriendly, funny
My learning goalsSpeak like a native!
My favorite topicsKdrama, Trips, Movies, Gaming
Ruth, 31
Petaling Jaya
SpeaksEnglish, Malay
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My exchange partner isPatient and helpful.
My learning goalsTo be able to converse confidently.
My favorite topicsCulture, music, art, lifestyle etc
ming heng, 28
Petaling Jaya
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Thai
My conversation partner isfriendly, outgoing and willing to share
My learning goalslearning new languages and cultures. wish to make more foreign friends so we can travel together =)
My favorite topicstravelling, photography, lifestyle and food!
Nicole, 38
Petaling Jaya
SpeaksEnglish, Zhuang
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is genuinely respectful, kind, witty, who makes time to connect, exchange thoughts and views.
My learning goalsKorean language
My favorite topicsRandom. Philosophy, life, travel, photos, postcards, hiking, ocean and islands, hobbies, ideas, perspectives, music, movies, stories
Adnil, 28
Petaling Jaya
LearnsKorean, Chinese
My exchange partner isCan be patient when I reply late which I often do
My learning goalsTo be able to hold conversation in Chinese and Korean
My favorite topicsMusic, tv shows, deep thoughts, random info
Aisha, 27
Petaling Jaya
LearnsEnglish, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isEasygoing, open mind and honesty
My learning goalsExpert or native speaker
My favorite topicsFood, places
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