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Lee, 99
LearnsEnglish, French
My exchange partner is친절하고 서로에게 도움이 되는 좋은 친구가 됬으면 좋겠어요
My learning goals공부했던것들을 잊지않기 위해 새로운 친구를 사귀기위해서
My favorite topics소소한 일상적인 대화 깊게 이야기할 수 있는
Serena, 30
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partner isI have travelled lots of countries and would like to meet new people to help each other, share some interesting stories and maybe discover Montréal :)
My learning goalsBonjour je suis new in Montréal et j’aimerais améliorer mon français! Je peux vous aider votre coréen ou on peut pratiquer l’anglais :) *i want to learn German/Improve my English and French pronunciation in all language! Please help me? 🙃
My favorite topicsI live in Montréal, pas Longueuil lol :)
Darren, 34
LearnsEnglish, French
My language exchange partner isTalkative person
My learning goalsI don't know yet
My favorite topicsVideo games , motorbikes, sports , cars , movies
Younghoon, 32
My exchange partner isI wish i could meet someone who like to practice their language
My learning goalsI want to speak French much better
My favorite topicsI like to discuss about any topic
Huiung, 36
SpeaksEnglish, Korean
LearnsGerman, French, Japanese
My conversation partner isI wanna learn french and german and I can exchange with my korean language.
My learning goalsLanguage learning and expend my community
My favorite topicsArt and culture
Nate, 29
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner isEnjoys talking and writing
My learning goalsTalking to other people. Going to Japan this summer.
My favorite topicsLife, Movies, Art. I work as a satellite engineer.
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Violaine, 27
My exchange partner isSomeone that can help me practice what I have learned. Maybe do voice calls to practice if we get along well. Not actually teaching, but not just chatting either. Really studying and practicing with the help of the other.
My learning goalsI want to be able to get around without English when I go to Korea in one year.
My favorite topicsE-sports & video games (mainly Overwatch) DnD, K-Dramas
Zachari'anne, 20
My conversation partner isPour l’instant, je n’ai pas de partenaire Tandem:(
My learning goalsJ’aimerais être capable de bien parler et de pouvoir être capable d’écrire le coréen.
My favorite topicsLa vie en Corée, les habitudes de vie
Luciano, 22
LearnsEnglish, French, Korean
My language exchange partner isfunny,conversable
My learning goalsnormal talking
My favorite topicspilot,music,pc games
Daphné, 24
LearnsEnglish, Korean
My exchange partner isEveryone !!
My learning goalsI want to be better with my english when I speak it !!
My favorite topicsTraveling, music, movies ! And my hair aha
Jay, 20
SpeaksEnglish, French
LearnsSpanish, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isSomeone able to hold a conversation without making it awkward
My learning goalsUnderstanding slangs/ more about the cultures im unfamiliar with
My favorite topicsCultures, travelling & music
Manuel, 40
LearnsGerman, English, Korean
My language exchange partner isOpenminded, relaxed, interested in many things
My learning goalsI'm working as a city guide, so I want to be able to give explanations in differents languages
My favorite topicsHistory, travel, music, philosophy, literature, cinema, culture, architecture...
Dajnae, 21
SpeaksEnglish, French
My exchange partner isSomeone who wants to share about their culture and wants to learn about mine. Someone who I can be friends with.
My learning goalsI want to be able to understand and have conversations.
My favorite topicsTravel, music, movies, tv shows, books
marigor, 20
LearnsJapanese, Korean, sgn-jp
My conversation partner isMon partenaire tandem?
My learning goalsJ’aimerais apprendre plusieurs langues pour pouvoir voyager aisément.
My favorite topicsTout, mais surtout des cultures , de l’histoire ou autres.
Marie Esther, 24
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Korean
My language exchange partner isDe toutes sortes
My learning goalsQu'il me soit très utile
My favorite topicsDe toutes sortes
Jessy, 21
My exchange partner isUne personne patiente et compréhensive
My learning goalsRencontrer des personnes du monde entier et apprendre leur langue
My favorite topicsLa vie quotidienne
Jean-Francois, 36
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partner isNon
My learning goalsEn savoir assez pour voyager
My favorite topicsGeek things, video games, self improvement, esports, marketing, communication, psychology
Randy, 20
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Russian
My language exchange partner isAnyone!
My learning goalsLearn how people live in different places around the world.
My favorite topicsMusic, anime, video games, shows & hanging out with my friends.
Guillaume, 27
LearnsGerman, Korean
My exchange partner isOpen-minded and Nice people who can help me learn Deutsch (I would love to). I can help you back if you want To learn english or french. If you love football, we Will get along just fine!
My learning goalsLearning, making new friends, just talk. I'd love To learn about you're culture as Well!
My favorite topicsFootball⚽️(EPL and Bundesliga mostly), video games and music, Netflix, beer (we all have bad habits, dont judge me), mecanical engineering 🛠 (this is what I do for a living and I love it)
Tanya, 25
LearnsSpanish, Korean
My conversation partner isQuelqu’un avec qui je peux échanger sans trop de pression, nous avons chacun nos vies qui peuvent être vraiment occupés donc, s’écrire lorsque l’on peut, partager nos intérêts et pratiquer d’autres langues!
My learning goalsJe souhaite amélioré mon parlé, être plus consistante dans mes études de langues
My favorite topicsBonjour~~ J’adore la musique, les différentes cultures et langues, les séries TV, la lecture... Je suis très ouverte à parler de tout et de n’importe quoi :)