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20 Japanese speakers in Regensburg looking to learn Japanese together

Ayumi, 21
My exchange partner is日本語に興味がある人!スポーツに興味がある人!
My learning goalsドイツ語の日常会話ができる様になること!国際交流を深める
My favorite topicsスポーツの話!カフェが大好き!食べ物大好き!又、ドイツの事、日常会話がしたいです。
Yurina, 20
LearnsGerman, English
My conversation partner isEnglish or German speaker Mann kann Englisch oder Deutsch sprechen
My learning goalscan speak English and German fluently:)
My favorite topicsI like Anime pop cultures and videogames(especially role playing games)
Sumine, 20
LearnsGerman, English, French
My language exchange partner isWho wants to talk about Anime or culture.
My learning goalsTo speak English and German fluently. And to start learning French.
My favorite topicsI love Anime and Manga,and some games. Also I‘m interested in culture.
Honoka, 20
LearnsGerman, English
My exchange partner is🇩🇪Ich möchte mit Jemand, der sich für Japan interessiert. Und auch Jemand, der mich Deutsch unterrichten kann. 🇺🇸🇬🇧I want to talk with people,who is interested in Japan, and who can teach me English gently.
My learning goals🇩🇪Ich möchte Deutsch Fließend sprechen! 🇺🇸🇬🇧I want to speak English fluently!
My favorite topics🇩🇪Ich möchte über die Kultur in Deutschland kennen! (z.b. Essen, Mode,Leben usw.) 🇺🇸🇬🇧I want to know about American or British Culture! (ex: food, fashion, habit etc)
Arisa, 26
LearnsGerman, English
My conversation partner is日本に興味がある人、ドイツ語を教えてくれる人
My learning goalsスムーズに会話できるようになること!
My favorite topics食べ物、スポーツ、動物など
Kazane, 21
LearnsGerman, English
My language exchange partner is私が間違っても 優しく教えてくれる人、できるだけ分かりやすい言葉で話してくれる人
My learning goalsネイティブと日常会話以上のレベルで話せるようになること
My favorite topicsドイツについて、美味しいレストランや地元の有名なお店について知りたい!
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Amine, 29
LearnsSpanish, Japanese, Swedish
My exchange partner isNice, very communicative, willing to teach and to learn
My learning goalsBecoming polyglot, with 7+ languages
My favorite topicsLife, business, ideas, engineering, food, travel, football, anime and Manga, minimalism, politic....
Tem, 25
LearnsFrench, Japanese, Korean
My conversation partner isAnyone who's interested in learning languages and having a nice conversation
My learning goalsI don't want to only learn a language but to "live" a language
My favorite topicsI can get exited over many things! But in general I love playing video games (mainly steam or nintendo), watching movies, eating good food and I love art!
Robert, 24
My language exchange partner isNett, aufgeschlossen und nachsichtig mit mir da ich ein Anfänger in Japanisch bin. // Kind, openminded and patient persons because im a beginner in Japanese.
My learning goalsEinfache Grammatik, Vokabeln und Aussprache. // simple grammar, Vocabulary and Pronounciation.
My favorite topicsKochen, Essen, Computerspiele // Cooking, Food and Gaming (League of Legends)
hohlik, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Polish
My exchange partner isspontaneous, artsy
My learning goalslearn hebrew and japanese basics
My favorite topicsart, physics, ai, philosophy
Laura, 27
LearnsEnglish, French, Japanese
My conversation partner isAnybody who wants to chat a little ☺️
My learning goalsI’m going to visit Japan next year and would like to be able to hold some basic conversations. :)
My favorite topicsLanguages, Hobbys, Culture, Sport, Food, Gaming, Traveling
Vickie, 41
My language exchange partner isNativ speaker of japanese
My learning goalsFluent japanese speaking
My favorite topicsJapanese learning
Luca, 22
My exchange partner isInteressiert an anderen Kulturen
My learning goalsFließendes Sprech- und Lese-Niveau
My favorite topicsFilme, Serien, Reisen, Videospiele
Mabrouk, 27
SpeaksArabic, French
LearnsJapanese, sgn-de, Turkish
My conversation partner isIch freut mich auf alle :)
My learning goalsPerfekt sprechen. Perfekt gebärden.
My favorite topicsUnterhaltung Arbeit Politik
Sirin, 30
SpeaksGerman, Turkish
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner islooking for nice people who will not only help me learn the language but also the culture
My learning goalsbe able to have full conversation in my target language
My favorite topicsDaily Life, Culture, Travel, Music, Languages
Bao, 22
My exchange partner isOpen Minded for new things and I also looking for Friends all over the world!
My learning goalsGrundlagen für Japanisch zu erreichen, Basic Communication Skills, able to talk about daily life
My favorite topicsAnime, Games, Technologie, Movies, Daily Life
cem, 21
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Japanese
My conversation partner iscanadian/British/spaniard but technically everyone
My learning goalsfließend englisch/ spanisch sprechen
My favorite topicsmangas/animes, Game of thrones, philosophie, Books, games, physic, science
Laure, 24
LearnsGerman, Italian, Japanese
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is curious, eager to learn, and does not hesitate to correct me if needed
My learning goalsI would like to be able to speak more confortably in German as I live in Germany now and have never really studied German before. E voglio anche improvare il mio italiano. Non l'ho utilizzato per un lungo tempo allora è un po'... Schiffo
My favorite topicsArt, science, video games, learning about new cultures,... Way to many things! But I spend a lot of time drawing, reading and hiking
João, 22
SpeaksGerman, Portuguese
LearnsSpanish, Japanese
My exchange partner isWell the person should be nice and not afraid to learn something new. :D
My learning goalsTo learn the language, culture and make new friends. ^-^
My favorite topicsI want to learn the language, culture of other countries and just talk about stuff (food, music, sparetime, etc.) and just make new friends. :D Ich würde gerne die Sprachen, Kulturen von anderen Ländern kennenlernen und neue Freunde finden. :D Also Memes.
Kai, 21
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partner isIch suche jemanden, er oder sie Japanisch/Koreanisch mir beibringen kann. (Wenn du in Berlin wohnst, 一緒に日本料理を食べに行きましょう?! 같이 한국요리 먹읍시까?!)
My learning goalsJapanisch und Koreanisch verbessern. Alltags Redewendungen und Grammatik zu lernen, Wortschatz zu erweitern.
My favorite topicsドラマ, 드라마, DotA 2