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20 Japanese speakers in Ixelles looking to learn Japanese together

Masahito, 30
LearnsEnglish, French
My exchange partner issame or similar generations
My learning goalsI want to speak English fluently.
My favorite topicsHobby/sports/travels/fashion/music/movies/foods
Maho, 27
My conversation partner isAnybody who wanna talk Japanese & Flemish 🇯🇵🇷🇴
My learning goalsIntegration / Antwerpse accent🤣
My favorite topicsTravelling, culture, food, hiking, eating, be in nature, friends, eten, sake🍶!
Namit, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi, Japanese
My language exchange partner isShall show interest in talking with mutual understanding
My learning goalsTo learn something new
My favorite topicsJapan , Indians in Japan , foreign relations , Aiesec , languages , cultures
Soraya, 16
LearnsEnglish, Japanese, Dutch
My exchange partner isQuelqu’un de sympathique
My learning goalsParler couramment les langues que j’ai choisies
My favorite topicsSéries netflix films nourriture littérature
Perrine, 21
My conversation partner isHappy to discuss with anyone! Especially if you are interested in other cultures, if you would like to talk and learn with me in a fun and friendly mood! 😃
My learning goalsMy goal is to be able to have casual and fun conversations with people my age (18-30 years old)in Japanese because I’m going to university in Tokyo from September 2018. I have been learning Japanese for already quite some time but I’m still a beginner 😅
My favorite topicsTravel, student life, Japan, cultural differences, drawing, video games, manga, dancing. My dreams is to have a dog 😍 I spend a lot of time on the internet or with my friends 😄 I’m not good at sports but I would like too 😃
よしき, 38
LearnsEnglish, French
My language exchange partner iseasy to talk
My learning goalsI want to speak like native
My favorite topicshobby, sports, family, music
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Kim, 32
My exchange partner isLets chill out
My learning goalsFluent level of Dutch and French or one of them at least
My favorite topicsCulture, art, design or anything interesting
Laifei, 27
My conversation partner isSomeone who share similar interests
My learning goalsFluently talk with native
My favorite topicsTravel, food, tech
Anita, 15
LearnsEnglish, Japanese, Dutch
My language exchange partner isQuelqu'un de gentil, compréhensif.
My learning goalsPratiquer la langue couramment
My favorite topicsDe tout , de l'école, la vie dans les pays de chacun.
michael, 36
LearnsSpanish, Japanese
My exchange partner isQuelqu'un avec qui je pourrais progresser rapidement
My learning goalsApprendre la langue de la vie quotidienne et pas uniquement celle des manuels scolaires
My favorite topicsLangues, culture et coutume, comics, manga, voyages
さかた, 25
LearnsEnglish, French
My conversation partner isお互いの言語を教えられる人がいいです
My learning goals日常会話が成り立つフランス語を身に付けたいです
My favorite topics楽しい話がしたいです!フランス語を上達させたい、、、、!
Ami, 25
LearnsEstonian, French, Italian
My language exchange partner isEasy to talk to, open-minded people with a sense of humor. Disclaimer: I'm not here for Tinder 2.0 or latent racism, so ciao to that 👋
My learning goalsUse my languages more spontaneously and actively
My favorite topicsMovies, traveling, music, videogames, dogs, everything that's on netflix, fashion, cooking
Wael, 14
My exchange partner isSomeone who watches anime. Kind and friendly people.
My learning goalsWant to speak with Japanese people and make friends.
My favorite topicsAnime, Games,.....
Ame, 15
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partner isSweet and kind people good vibes only :)
My learning goalsI would like to have a good level in Korean so I can go to that country then :) I can teach French too! And make friends!
My favorite topics I'm shy but we can talk about kpop or anything else
David, 26
LearnsEnglish, Japanese
My language exchange partner isJe ne sais pas.
My learning goalsAméliorer mon japonais et mon néerlandais. Aider des gens avec leur français. Apprendre de nouvelles langues ! 😄
My favorite topicsÉtudiant​⌛📚 Voyageur 🌎✈ Musicien 🎼🎸 Infographiste/gamer 💻🌋 Vidéaste et photographe amateur 🎥📷 Amateur de Séries / Cinéma 🎬📺
Aya, 22
LearnsEnglish, French
My exchange partner isどんな人でもいいですが、年が近い方が話しやすいのかなと思います。 お互いを高め会える人、友達になってくれる人がいいです。 Anyone is fine, but I think it's easier for people of the same age to talk. People who can enhance each other and be friends are good.
My learning goals私は特に会話が苦手なのでフランス語、英語で会話をスムーズにできるようになる事。 I'm particularly bad at conversations, and I want to be able to communicate smoothly in French and English.
My favorite topics日常の事や、文化、趣味などを話してお友達になれると嬉しいです Talking about daily life, culture, hobbies, etc., and I'm glad to be friends. Parle de la vie quotidienne, de la culture, des hobbies, etc., et je suis heureux d'être amis
Imane, 17
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
LearnsFrench, Japanese, Korean
My conversation partner isSomebody who isn't creepy and around my age
My learning goalsI would love to ace my French test and to translate for my Korean friend
My favorite topicsMusic, school and everything else❤️
Aditya, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsGerman, Japanese, Dutch
My language exchange partner isResponsive
My learning goalsDaily conversations
My favorite topicsAnything and everything
Clément, 21
SpeaksFrench, rcf
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Japanese
My exchange partner isOpen minded and talkative because I’m not that good at starting convos. I just wanna make some friends with whoever is chill
My learning goalsSpeaking perfectly English and improve my poor Spanish skills, and also make new friends if possible.
My favorite topicsI’m French and from an Island and i like music, film, series, animes, cats, memes, cat/dog memes, psychology, philosophy, science, zodiac/astrology and I don’t know if I already said it but I like cats :)
Eleanor-Rose, 30
My conversation partner isChilled out and easy going
My learning goalsAny improvement at all, especially pronunciation.
My favorite topicsMusic, art, the size of the universe, politics,