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20 Japanese speakers in Hai Phong looking to learn Japanese together

Fang, 16
Hai Phong
SpeaksEnglish, Vietnamese
My exchange partner is哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈
My learning goals哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈
My favorite topics哈哈哈哈哈哈
Hải, 29
Hai Phong
SpeaksEnglish, Japanese, Vietnamese
LearnsEnglish, Japanese, Vietnamese
My conversation partner isTôi muốn giao lưu với tất cả các bạn ----------- I don't care whoever you are.
My learning goalsTôi muốn nâng cao kĩ năng nghe, nói tiếng Nhật------------------------------------------------ I want to improve my Japanese speaking and listening skills?
My favorite topicsLearn Japanese
August, 49
Hai Phong
LearnsSign language
My language exchange partner isSociable, fun, patient, pet lover
My learning goalsIelts 6.0-6.5 band
My favorite topicsHow could i start learning ielts?
兵港, 31
Hai Phong
SpeaksVietnamese, Chinese
My exchange partner is人生何处不相逢
My learning goals完美完美
My favorite topics苹果手机
Jerry, 26
Hai Phong
SpeaksVietnamese, Cantonese
LearnsEnglish, Japanese, Korean
My conversation partner is不知道,第一次用tandem
My learning goals喜欢,想交很多各国朋友
My favorite topics所有的话题
Hằng, 43
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Japanese, Chinese
My language exchange partner isGood person
My learning goalsImprove my English skill
My favorite topicsEnglish language
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Hoàng Oanh, 29
Hai Phong
My exchange partner isa person who make me feel like Oh!!maybe my level japanese improve day by day
My learning goalsim not good at japanese,so i will grateful somebody help me in this field.My problem is four skill in Jap.besause im still N5
My favorite topicshow to speak japanese well
Thương, 24
Hai Phong
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My conversation partner isDeep thinking, open, funny
My learning goalsSpeak fluent Japanese
My favorite topicsMovie, book, music, language, culture
Hoàng, 25
Hai Phong
My language exchange partner isI hope that I can meet person help me have fun when learning Japanese
My learning goalsI want to live in Japan
My favorite topicsI like to talk about everything happens in the life. I’m a coder, so let talking more about IT and technology
Phuong, 16
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, French, Japanese
My exchange partner isAs long as we get on well with each other, it’s fine. We can help learn languages together, and share our hobbies as well.
My learning goalsSpeak English as fluent as the native, and make friends from the world, learn more about the cultures of countries.
My favorite topicsBooks, music, movies, education, volunteering, nature, games,...and did someone say cats?
Anh Tuấn, 24
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, exx, Japanese
My conversation partner isHumor, clever
My learning goalsEnglish
My favorite topicsCars, Life, Photography
Betty, 36
Hai Phong
LearnsJapanese, Vietnamese, Zhuang
My language exchange partner is女性,性格开朗,很有耐心
My learning goals可以进行日常交流
My favorite topics日常生活的用语,用来进行日常交流
Phuong Linh, 16
Hai Phong
LearnsGerman, French, Japanese
My exchange partner isEverybody
My learning goalsEnglish French German
My favorite topicsFilm Music Science
Trang, 23
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Japanese, Korean
My conversation partner isHumorous, funny, intelligent, have the same hobbies, like chatting about hobbies
My learning goalsReach on the level of native speaker in English and want to learn more writting and grammar of Japanese/Korean
My favorite topicsCulture, trend, food, cats, entertainment
봉수, 29
Hai Phong
LearnsEnglish, Japanese, Vietnamese
My language exchange partner is지속적으로 친하게 연락할 수 있는 사람
My learning goals해외에 나갔을때 긴장하지 않고 말을 할 수 있도록.
My favorite topics여행 등의 취미 생활 얘기.
Sang, 24
Hai Phong
LearnsJapanese, Vietnamese
My exchange partner isDon't be afraid to talk to me, I'll try to bring you laughter, let's become good friends 😉😉💪🏻💪🏻✌🏻✌🏻
My learning goalsLearn english
My favorite topicsHi everyone😉😉✌🏻✌🏻, my name is " Sang", I'm from Vietnam. Currently I'm a senior student. I really want to improve my English skills, and at the same time I want to have more new friends, don't be afraid to talk to me because I'm very friendly 😝😝✌🏻
Esther, 26
Hai Phong
My conversation partner isFunny, active and have similar interests with me
My learning goalsI want to learn japanese through communication.
My favorite topicsI like travelling, swimming, movies, foods , culture and spiritual topic
Việt, 25
Hai Phong
SpeaksEnglish, Vietnamese
LearnsFrench, Japanese, Chinese
My language exchange partner isEveryone study english like me
My learning goalsIelts 6.0 flulent in english
My favorite topicsEnglish and chinese for hotel
Dung, 23
Hai Phong
LearnsGerman, English, Japanese
My exchange partner isNice nice and nice
My learning goalsFluently
My favorite topicsEverything about you my friends
Việt Hương, 21
Hai Phong
LearnsFrench, Japanese
My conversation partner isFriendly, humour, prudent. Anyone who loves Vietnamese
My learning goalsWell using Japanese, English and French so that i can speak to natives without doubt or worry about my vocabulary, grammar and conjugation
My favorite topicsArt, handmade thing
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