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20 Japanese speakers in Fayetteville looking to learn Japanese together

Mayu, 20
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, French
My exchange partner isお互いに楽しみながらまちがいの指摘もしあって、一緒に上達していけるひと!楽しくて優しくておもしろいひと!語学に興味のあるひとならだれでも!
My learning goals英語!単語もそうだし、ネイティブの生きた表現や学校で習わないカジュアルな言い回し!
My favorite topics自分や相手のことを知れるお話!趣味や身の回りの出来事、興味のあることや勉強法など!
Mandela, 23
My conversation partner isSomeone who is interested in exchanging languages
My learning goalsI want to move to Japan so I would like to achieve fluency
My favorite topicsI like books, cars, games, anime, anything really is fine. I have a lot of interests.
Jovanny, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsItalian, Japanese, Korean
My language exchange partner isMy perfect partner would be someone who I could easily get along with. I’m very busy in college so my replies might take a little longer than usual. Overall, I just want someone who is willing to help me learn a new language :-)
My learning goalsMy goals are to become a better language learner and be able to travel the world with ease. In general, I believe that language connects people in a beautiful way and I want to continue to experience that feeling.
My favorite topicsI enjoy learning about people’s lives and what they enjoy to do. I also am very passionate about soccer, specially Manchester United 🙂.
William, 22
LearnsSpanish, French, Japanese
My exchange partner isSomeone who is friendly, and is willing to be patient with me.
My learning goalsTo be able to hold a simple conversation with someone
My favorite topicsAnime/manga, video games, books, tv shows, movies Also, anything the other person is interested in
Dave, 34
LearnsIrish, Japanese, Korean
My conversation partner isAnyone who wants to talk. I love talking to new people.
My learning goalsI want to learn Japanese and Korean. My current focus is Japanese.
My favorite topicsI love music. Everything from Idol to metal to punk. I am a chef so I love cooking and talking about food. I’m a funny guy and love to laugh and joke around. Just looking for a few friends to practice my Japanese with.
Randy, 27
My language exchange partner isConsistent, funny, relatable, patient, motivational
My learning goalsI want to be able to speak, understand, read, and write fluently long term, short term to speak and understand.
My favorite topicsAnime, Manga, spirituality, God, Music, movies, politics football, boxing
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Blakely, 19
My exchange partner isEasy going, understanding, lover of language
My learning goalsFluent in japanese is the end goal
My favorite topicsMusic, travel, food, anything...
Justin, 16
LearnsFrench, Japanese, Russian
My conversation partner isSmart and funny.
My learning goalsTo become fluent enough in Russian, French, Japanese to be able to pive in one of those countries.
My favorite topicsArt, Culture, And Entertainment.
Jenna, 25
LearnsSpanish, Japanese, Sign language
My language exchange partner isSomeone eager to learn with me who is very patient
My learning goalsI want to become fluent in foreign languages to make traveling a more enjoyable experience
My favorite topicsMovies, video games, pop culture, science, music, animation
Daniel, 24
LearnsEnglish, Japanese
My exchange partner is聪明,见识广。有自己独到的见解
My learning goals可以流利的说出新的语言
My favorite topics喜欢聊旅游和文化,学习新语言
Rachel, 21
LearnsJapanese, Sign language
My conversation partner isSomeone who likes texting and a good laugh and 英語を話したい人とアメリカが好きな人と
My learning goalsI’m looking to meet some fun people while I practice my language skills. I prefer people who speak Japanese, because I speak that well. My Russian is really really bad but I want it to get better.
My favorite topicsI like talking about Languages, interesting places, science fiction, and anything fun. 12歳になった時から、日本語を勉強してた。後五年、沖縄に一年間住んでた。2017年アメリカに帰った。でも私の周りは日本人がいないから、二年間あまり勉強しなかった :(
Sydney, 22
LearnsFrench, Japanese
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is engaging and active on the app.
My learning goalsI would love to improve my fluency in Spanish and French.
My favorite topicsTheatre, environmentalism, veganism, LGBT issues, music, anime, NBC comedies
Nik, 21
My exchange partner is文学と言語に興味がある人。
My learning goals日本語でペラペラになりたいです!
My favorite topics何でも話します。然し、日本文学について話すのが大好きです!
Max, 18
LearnsJapanese, Chinese
My conversation partner isWilling to talk, help me if I don't understand, and ask for help if they don't understand
My learning goalsI want to be conversational in Mandarin by next summer and I want to start learning basic japanese
My favorite topicsTravelling
Tamires, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Portuguese
LearnsSpanish, Japanese
My language exchange partner isNice Funny Smart
My learning goalsSpanish writing skills Japanese
My favorite topicsCulture News Music
Bre, 22
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My exchange partner isSomeone who is friendly and likes to talk about music, cultures, fashion and art or anything funny/entertaining really.
My learning goalsI really want to learn/improve in Korean and possibly other languages in the future.
My favorite topicsI enjoy talking about current events and also entertainment such as music, fashion and art.
Joshua, 22
My conversation partner isAnyone
My learning goalsimproving my Japanese to get comfortable with sentence formation
My favorite topicsAnime, Video games, Tv, Studying Japanese, Gaki no Tsukai
Samantha, 21
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My language exchange partner isI would like someone I can talk to and learn a different language at the same time. I think that would be really cool. I want to make new friends😊
My learning goalsI want to learn at least a few phrases and words. I hope to one day be fluent. 😊😊
My favorite topicsI love to read and listen to music!
Sheila, 17
LearnsFrench, Japanese
My exchange partner isAnyone! I want to make new friends
My learning goalsBe able to learn and improve my french. Also make new friends
My favorite topicsI love longboarding and going to concerts!
Mauricio, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsFrench, Japanese, Chinese
My conversation partner isA willing and able language enthusiast who is up for a lot of correcting and practicing.
My learning goalsSpoken fluency and improved listening skills
My favorite topicsPhilosophy, religion, politics, current events, culture and language.