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Yuka, 35
Dar es Salaam
LearnsEnglish, Swahili
My exchange partner isSomeone interested in Africa/ doing business by her/himself/ who likes traveling
My learning goalsImproving communication skill
My favorite topicsNormal daily life
Sam, 22
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksEnglish, Swahili
My conversation partner is言語を勉強したい真面目な人
My learning goals日本語を流暢に話せるようになります!
My favorite topics日本語を向上したい。言語を勉強しましょう
David, 50
Dar es Salaam
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner isSomeone by nature kind, romantic, very affectionate, understanding and very passionate and in intimacy Who enjoy giving and receiving affection, and very open-minded and adventurous as well.
My learning goalsTo be able to experience myself and also learn from each other..
My favorite topicsSharing good ideas together for the betterment of the future.
Lineth, 24
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksAfrikaans, English
LearnsSpanish, Japanese
My exchange partner isFunny,charming,
My learning goalsFunny topics,educating topics
My favorite topicsFashion and designing.helping other
mary, 29
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksEnglish, Swahili
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner issomeone who can always be him/herself and doesn't suppress his/her mind, emotion in any situation or with anyone
My learning goalsto be fluent in speaking and writing in professional level to provide support to other who will need to learn the language
My favorite topicsmovies, travelling, nature,food and music
Tiger, 26
Dar es Salaam
LearnsJapanese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
My language exchange partner isconversableconversableand funny
My learning goalsWhatever
My favorite topicsThe favorite anime is One piece, like Solon. I like to play basketball and Wade is my favorite star. I want to go to various countries to see and meet different people. Now working in Uganda Watch a lot of movies
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Ponsiano, 29
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksEnglish, Swahili
My exchange partner isI can learn from anyone who is friendly person
My learning goalsI want to learn japanese because i love japanese culture
My favorite topicsI am so much interested technology
Qi, 25
Dar es Salaam
My conversation partner is日语母语者,可以说简单的汉语或者英语
My learning goals坚持学习二外,争取可以和日本人无障碍沟通
My favorite topics想和日本母语者聊天,学习日语并了解风俗文化
Hajji, 31
Dar es Salaam
LearnsArabic, English, Japanese
My language exchange partner isI don't know yet
My learning goalsTo improve from intermediate to advance
My favorite topicsA good friendships, and living experience
Alex, 25
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksChinese, Cantonese
LearnsEnglish, Japanese
My exchange partner isIf u are good at English and willing to send voice messages to me so that can help me practice English listening, I will be very appreciated and I am glad to share u anything about China,Africa and America.
My learning goalsPractice English listening, know more about different culture and make good friends!
My favorite topicsCulture, history, film ,sports, traveling.
Michael, 18
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksEnglish, Swahili
LearnsFrench, Croatian, Japanese
My conversation partner isThe one who is honest and understandable , who like suaring ideas , innovative and lovable
My learning goalsTo reach very far one and get opportunities from different places and people or organization especially from abroad
My favorite topicsSocial matters and skills exchange
Robin, 25
Dar es Salaam
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Russian
My language exchange partner isRespectful and charming friends Insta: blue_vento
My learning goalsFor career and general life
My favorite topicsMusic, Dancing, Traveling & foreign lifestyles
Patrick, 19
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksEnglish, Swahili
LearnsSpanish, French, Japanese
My exchange partner isSomeone fun to talk to
My learning goalsTo be able to converse in that language
My favorite topicsAnything is fine with me
Jay, 21
Dar es Salaam
LearnsArabic, English
My conversation partner isThe one who can help me to improve my English speaking
My learning goalsto know how to speak English
My favorite topicsIm enjoining to discuss about English speaking
Jim, 25
Dar es Salaam
My language exchange partner isAnyone who wants to talk. Just message me
My learning goalsImprove my English
My favorite topicsTv Series, Photography and Movies especially Marvel Movies I really love them
Miqdad, 27
Dar es Salaam
My exchange partner isNative speaker
My learning goalsLearn Spanish in a year
My favorite topicsTechnology
Ahly, 25
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksEnglish, Swahili
My conversation partner isA eager learner a person who would always keep on pushing me to learn that language
My learning goalsTo speak the language fluently and be able to use it in many aspects of my life
My favorite topicsSports, international politics, travel music and art, science especially biology
Abdiyare, 30
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksSomali, Swahili
My language exchange partner isPolitics
My learning goalsCulture
My favorite topicsFootball
Thilanka, 27
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksItalian, Sinhalese
My exchange partner isAnyone who wants to learn so badly
My learning goalsLearning a language is a passion
My favorite topicsCulture and people
Salma, 23
Dar es Salaam
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
My conversation partner isI'm fine with anyone as long as they're patient and has a funny bone.
My learning goalsTo be able to converse with a native speaker confidently.
My favorite topicsAnything really, from books to TV shows to philosophy.
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