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20 Japanese speakers in Bengaluru looking to learn Japanese together

Kanto, 30
My exchange partner isAnyone is okay for me Anyway I want to improve my English skill through this experience I don't stick to opposite
My learning goalsBecoming a good English speaker like native. I want to develop partners Japanese skill as well
My favorite topicsBasically I can enjoy by any topics, but especially I like below ones sports especially football, food good restaurant
Yuichiro, 30
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My conversation partner isA person who really has passion to study Japanese and also helps me to improve my Italian and English.
My learning goalsEspecially I want to be understanding daily conversation in Italian and English. If only I would watch movies in English voice without subtitles!!
My favorite topicsI do love movies!! Especially musical movies but all kind of movies I like! My favourite movie is “Roman holiday”and favourite director is Billy Wilder.
Daisuke, 28
My language exchange partner isinteresting positive active
My learning goalsI wanna speak English fluently.
My favorite topicssport fashion work out
Nozomi, 33
My exchange partner isI'm Japanese🇯🇵 Welcome girls🚺 Who can speak English & I want to talk about traveling. I go on a trip once in 2 or 3 month✈︎ I started Yoga in India😋
My learning goalsI live in India now. I want to speak English fluency.
My favorite topicsMusic & Travel & Picture & Make up & Fashion & Culture
Shiva, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Japanese
My conversation partner isFriendly and helpful to learn language
My learning goalsWant to become good in speaking
My favorite topicsCarrier, culture and all
jitendra, 26
My language exchange partner isThose who like action movies, who travel a lot, those who like India and Indian culture.
My learning goalsTo learn about different type of culture and language
My favorite topicsGerman and English language and culture
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Jitendra, 27
LearnsGerman, English, Chinese
My exchange partner isThose who have interest in India and it's culture, who love to travel, who watch action movies, news, science etc.
My learning goalsTo discover about verity of people.
My favorite topicsLanguage and culture, history, etc.
Shreyas, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
My conversation partner isSomebody who can help me with learn Japanese before I travel to Japan for backpacking and also loves to talk at random.
My learning goalsAnything that helps me get around and communicate, understand and learn from locals and also make me comfortable to talk about myself and my experiences
My favorite topicsTravel, Food, Alcohol, Beaches, Mountains
산위, 15
SpeaksHindi, Tamil
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My language exchange partner isAnyone who's open/ and it's okay if you're shy!! I'd love to share each others' hobbies, talk about daily life and each other's cultures. Hope we get along well ^_^
My learning goalsBecome fluent in Korean - formal and informal language.
My favorite topicsDance 💜 and of course K-pop, Korean dramas and culture. Sports like badminton, tennis, TT, skating, cycling, karate and even weightlifting. And also art; well it's either about shading/sketching or calligraphy lol
Vishnh, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsItalian, Japanese
My exchange partner isAnyone who is open minded and open to discuss without being biased or being rude or judgemental.
My learning goalsJapanese; I wanna start learning from very basic. Italian; is in progress.
My favorite topicsI am open to new ideas topics and discussion. It depends on my mood and things happening all around me.
Jyothi, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Kannada
My conversation partner isLot of energy and cheerful
My learning goalsTo go to japan and work
My favorite topicsAnime, manga, drama , culture
Prince, 26
LearnsGerman, Japanese
My language exchange partner isHe or she should friendly and have teaching skills in German and Japanese. I love to make new friends always.
My learning goalsTo make new friends and work in Germany. To learn the Japanese language I would like to visit one time to Japan in my life.
My favorite topicsSponser for Traveling
Nantu, 27
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
My exchange partner isOne who likes to chat & feels happy when helping other.
My learning goalsI want to be goos in understandinh the language.
My favorite topicsMovies, sports , music , anime , etc.
Deepankar, 23
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
My conversation partner isAny one with a interesting story or just to talk is fine. ありがとう
My learning goalsI want to pratice and be able to talk freely in Japanese.
My favorite topicsBooks, Anime and Culture
Pancham, 24
My language exchange partner isi want to talk and practice! i like people who are talkative(🤣) and ready to help and learn together.
My learning goalsable to speak in a decent level of fluency and articulate my thoughts in japanese
My favorite topicsmovies, tv shows, drawing, art, animation, music, travelling, youtube.
Maverick, 30
LearnsGerman, Japanese, Portuguese
My exchange partner isA decent and patient partner.
My learning goalsTo get basic idea of language
My favorite topicsDaily activities, spirts, literature
Avinash, 26
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
My conversation partner isHe/She should be very helpful in learning Japanese.
My learning goalsJob in Japan
My favorite topicsMusic, Games, Technology, Fun, Movies
예진, 50
LearnsEnglish, Japanese
My language exchange partner is일본인, 영어 회화 가능한 사람
My learning goals언어 능력 상승, 친구 사귀기
My favorite topics영어회화
優太, 22
My exchange partner is温柔 素质高 美丽大方
My learning goals出国 旅游
My favorite topics日本风土人情 学习日本文化
Tushar, 26
My conversation partner isI don't have high expectations. As long as we're able to have a good conversation, that's more than enough. :)
My learning goalsSeriously need to learn business-level Japanese by the end of the year. To quantify, must have the capability to clear JLPT N3.
My favorite topicsTraveling, Sports, Startups, Business Ideas, Social Impact, Languages, Music, Books, and Psychology... 真実はいつもひとつ
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