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20 Italian speakers in Bangor looking to learn Italian together

Gerwyn Glyn, 50
SpeaksWelsh, English
My exchange partner isSomeone who is patient and kind.
My learning goalsI would like to achieve competency in natural, everyday speaking and be able to reach a proficiency that allows me to read current affairs to a reasonable degree.
My favorite topicsFilm, history, literature, music, photography, traveling, and art.
Yesenia, 21
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsDanish, Icelandic, Italian
My conversation partner isSomeone that is engaged and is willing to help me learn as much as I want to help them, also someone that is willing to be comfortable around me and be my friend as well as my language partner.
My learning goalsTo be able to speak Korean/learn the basics, I want to learn the korean alphabet and the sounds the letters make, My biggest goal is to be able to introduce myself in various ways in the korean language.
My favorite topicsMusic, traveling, movies, books, pets, studies, our environment, comedy, and culture
Rosana, 44
SpeaksEnglish, French
My language exchange partner isSpeak fluent English
My learning goalsTo learn more different languages
My favorite topicsPolitics
Arran, 25
LearnsSpanish, Croatian, Italian
My exchange partner isSomeone friendly with humour
My learning goalsTo learn Spanish
My favorite topicsPolitics,plans , travelling , books,poetry, love, animals
Han-Joon, 33
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Italian
My conversation partner is착한 외국인 분들과 친구가 되고 싶어요
My learning goals외국어 마스터하기입니다 그리고 많은 친구들 만들기
My favorite topics모든 주제를 이야기 하는 것을 좋아해여
David, 28
LearnsGerman, Italian
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is interested in the same topics I am and also has the patience to practice with me.
My learning goalsTo improve my speaking ability in German, from INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED.
My favorite topicsI enjoy discussing CULTURE, particularly SPORT and FOOD.
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Heather, 23
LearnsFrench, Italian
My exchange partner isFriendly, chatty, interesting
My learning goalsI would like to become more fluent in French and Italian, and learn more colloquial language
My favorite topicsI love music, films and traveling!
Bill, 17
LearnsSpanish, Italian
My conversation partner isA friendly person who is patient with me when I mess up and show how much of a beginner I am. If you can give me advice about living in Europe please tell me!
My learning goalsI would like to be able to have conversations in the languages that I learn and conduct business in the ones that I take seriously. I want to live in Europe some day so I need to prepare myself to be an EU citizen.
My favorite topicsLanguages, Basketball, Chess
Michi, 27
LearnsEnglish, Italian, Chinese
My language exchange partner isqualcuno chi vuole studiare giapponese con me
My learning goalsparlare bene😄
My favorite topicsmusica giapponese
Gwyn, 31
My exchange partner isLaid back, patience, funny
My learning goalsGet the basics first
My favorite topicsPhilosophy, environment, capitalism, outdoors
Kaleigh, 28
LearnsFrench, Italian
My conversation partner isSomeone who loves to laugh and talk about geeky things.
My learning goalsI'd like to work on my target language, as well as perhaps meet friends, and learn things
My favorite topicsBooks (harry potter, fantasy, Jane Austen), superheroes, animals, traveling, adventure
Tirion, 23
SpeaksWelsh, English
My language exchange partner isSomebody who is curious and has lots of questions! Someone who enjoys learning new things!
My learning goalsI have been learning Mandarin for three years. I want to become more confident speaking Mandarin and use new vocabulary! I will be going to China in August and want to practice a lot before then!
My favorite topicsPeople's daily lives: what they study, where they work, what they want to do, their plans for the future, their thoughts on life in their countries.
Isaac, 23
My exchange partner isSomeone who is keen to practice their French and have a good chat.
My learning goalsImprove my French
My favorite topicsTennis, jazz music, history, philosophy, friendship.
Oliver, 27
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partner isSomeone who can help me and needs help with English. I've been told I've got a "nice British accent"
My learning goalsBasic conversational
My favorite topicsAnything -
Terry, 19
My language exchange partner isSomebody through and kind
My learning goalsTo learn to speak freely
My favorite topicsPolitics and Tom.
Jude, 27
My exchange partner isAnyone who is interested in learning English and would like to help me learn German along the way.
My learning goalsI am studying to be a ESL teacher in Germany. I would love to help someone learn English. Because I will be moving to Germany eventually, any help I can get along the way will be greatly appreciated!
My favorite topicsArt and design are major passions. I draw, sculpt, paint, and professionally do graphic design for clients. I love my cats and any animal, and often enjoy long hours of playing video games.
callum, 24
My conversation partner isI enjoy good conversation of any kind, I want to practise my (basic) Slovak aswell. I can help with English at any level
My learning goalsI want to become fluent in Slovak
My favorite topicsTraveling, culture, food, nature, history, basketball and much more!
Shawn, 27
My language exchange partner isA patient native speaker that can correct me when Im wrong and help me understand my weakness and can help me improve upon them
My learning goalsI would like to be conversationally fluent in two years and I would like to be able to have basic conversation in 3 months
My favorite topicsI enjoy talking about animales, music, books, movies etc
Jessicca, 15
My exchange partner isFunny,Nice,Cool,Kind,Sporty
My learning goalsTo learn multiple languages
My favorite topicsGymnastics, Dancing, Animals
Елия, 22
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Swedish
My conversation partner isNice and calm
My learning goalsImprove my skills in languages
My favorite topicsI love travelling and