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20 German speakers in Uppsala looking to learn German together

Julian, 33
My exchange partner isPatient people
My learning goalsI want to learn Swedish and in the end be able to teach in Swedish
My favorite topicsScience, Music, Religion
Erik, 26
My conversation partner isKind, polite people with ironical understandings 😊
My learning goalsGet better in writing and speaking. Extend my friend network in other countries.
My favorite topicsBusiness, economics, personality, mother nature and all whats up in your mind 🖐
Lisi, 26
My language exchange partner isjag vill lärar mig svenska och kan hjälpa dig med tyska
My learning goalslära svenska
My favorite topicslitteratur, kultur, läsa böker, resa, språk
Paul, 29
My exchange partner isEveryone who is eager to improve his language skills and willing to help me with mine.
My learning goalsImproving my language skills and getting to know the culture of my new home.
My favorite topicsCooking and food, hiking, movies, culture, languages, traveling, games. I'm open for almost every topic.
Astrid, 29
LearnsFrench, Swedish
My conversation partner isJemand, der genauso gut zuhören und korrigieren kann wie selbst lernen möchte. Geduld und Genauigkeit bei der Sprachvermittlung wären super! Ansonsten einfach jemand, der offen drauflos spricht.
My learning goalsIch möchte meinen Wortschatz erweitern, meine Phonetik verbessern, etwas über eine andere Kultur erfahren und einfach Spaß haben durch den Austausch und durch neue Themen.
My favorite topicsUmwelt, Kulturen, Sport, Musik, Politik, Reisen, Fahrradfahren
Bettina, 29
My language exchange partner isOpen minded, easy going, not afraid to correct my writing or pronunciation and maybe good to go for coffee / fika :)
My learning goalsFor now communicate with locals, in the supermarket, bus, restaurant and so on, but in the end I want to speak it fluently to live here
My favorite topicsI'm interested in new, especially everyday vocabulary to make a conversation. I like nature, films, art, politics and everyday topics. I'm a total beginner, just learned some Swedish words and phrases.
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Daniel, 33
SpeaksGerman, English
My exchange partner isJemand mit Verständnis für mangelnde Zeit; jemand der motivieren kann
My learning goalsDie Sprache so gut beherrschen, dass ich damit studieren/arbeiten kann.
My favorite topicsPädagogik, Kindergarten, Grundschule, Volleyball, Sport, Fliegerei, etc.
Vadym, 38
My conversation partner isanyone who considers him-/herself open to new knowledge
My learning goalsC1/C2
My favorite topicsTravels, sports, healthy life style, cinema, culture, history, spirituality, psychology, LGBT*IQ, animals
Eden, 28
My language exchange partner isSomeone super nice!
My learning goalsI want to make friends and have cool conversations!
My favorite topicsPets, Digital Art, Friends & Family
Helene, 27
My exchange partner isSomeone curious, who likes to share their daily life. It'd be great if we have common hobbies :)
My learning goalsMake friends! Keeping my skills in english, Swedish and German alive.
My favorite topicsDrawing, movies, video games, nature, animals, singing and so much more..!!
Ria, 24
SpeaksGerman, English, Latin, Russian
LearnsSpanish, French, Swedish
My conversation partner isI would like to everyone, don't be shy and write me :)
My learning goals???
My favorite topicsTalking to nice people ⭐️⭐️
Olof, 35
LearnsHindi, Italian
My language exchange partner isSomeone with an urge to get to know other places and cultures.
My learning goalsMaintain and improve my skills in my target language(s).
My favorite topicsLiterature, movies and music. Politics, sociology and languages. Food, wine, beer and anything else one can taste.
Linnea, 14
LearnsGerman, French
My exchange partner isA kind and understanding person that engage me to continue learing, instead of putting me down! I also want someone that makes me laugh.
My learning goalsLearn how to keep a conversation going in that language
My favorite topicsHorses, media and trendy things
Hani, 39
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Persian
My conversation partner isFunny, smart and social
My learning goalsTo be able to communicate with native speaker.
My favorite topicsI would like to discuss culture, travel and lifestyle.
Jonatan, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish
My language exchange partner isSomeone who has patience and german skills, in that order..
My learning goalsFluency in German! (Ish)
My favorite topicsMusic, Sports, Coffee, Food, Seinfeld and how to get motivated to read books.
Timothy, 20
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish
LearnsGerman, Japanese, Korean
My exchange partner isEnthusiastic, chill and down to earth
My learning goalsBecoming experienced enough to handle daily life tasks in said language
My favorite topicsBesides languages- TV-series, videogames, exercises and medical related subjects! Currently a Student in Uppsala!
Nicolas, 38
Learnsbar, German
My conversation partner isAn outgoing and patient person who can be a stimulating conversation partner
My learning goalsRefresh some knowledge
My favorite topicsPolitics, literature, travel and langages
Maria, 50
LearnsGerman, Italian
My language exchange partner isSomeone who can help me improve my languages.
My learning goalsItalian - to get started to use it and keep it alive. German - to keep it active and improve my fluency.
My favorite topicsTravel, music, movies, reading
Scott, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
LearnsGerman, Swedish
My exchange partner isInteresting funny
My learning goalsDaily chat to use it when traveling
My favorite topicsScience art life travel
Monika, 44
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish
My conversation partner isAge around 28-45 from all over the world
My learning goalsI have just passed my Deutsch B.1 test. I wish to improve grammar and learn to express the right way.
My favorite topicsculture, travel, books, horses