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Port Louis

20 German speakers in Port Louis looking to learn German together

Dishti, 24
Port Louis
SpeaksEnglish, French
My exchange partner isJung\Mann und Mädchen/Frau
My learning goalsBe able to speak German fluently and German slang.
My favorite topicsLife in General.
Lovishna, 23
Port Louis
LearnsGerman, Chinese
My conversation partner isA person approximately my age so that the discussion goes on better
My learning goalsFluent german talking and writing (like a practice)
My favorite topicsI would like to talk about the things that passionate us, what we love and also poetry.
Ayesha, 34
Port Louis
SpeaksEnglish, French
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isRespectful & adventurous
My learning goalsFluent in speaking & writing them
My favorite topicsCulture
Sandrine, 31
Port Louis
My exchange partner isHelpful Understanding Communicative Patient
My learning goalsPass A1 exam Be able to do a conversation in German Be able to understand German communication
My favorite topicsSelf presentation Hobbies Shopping Work Sports Giving orders
Dylan, 24
Port Louis
My conversation partner isTalkative, friendly person with a good personality
My learning goalsSpeaking fluently
My favorite topicsEverything
Kenny, 23
Port Louis
LearnsGerman, English, Spanish
My language exchange partner isY a pas de critère que j’exige en particulier mais je veux juste que la personne aies une envie de m’apprendre la langue anglais c’est qui est le but de l’application et en retourne je pourrais moi aussi lui apprendre la mienne .
My learning goalsMes objectifs sont bien évidemment de savoir la langue et de le parler couramment si possible ..
My favorite topicsJ aimerais bien discuter des sujets à propos de la vie en général et aussi les cultures ,enfin j ai envie qu’on se partage un peu de tous .

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Wisnu, 27
Port Louis
LearnsGerman, English, Spanish
My exchange partner isFriendly,easy going, talk active,
My learning goalsI want speaking like native, and make any relationships for any people in the world
My favorite topicsEnvironment, Relationships,Culture
Ashik, 27
Port Louis
SpeaksEnglish, French
LearnsArabic, German, Hebrew
My conversation partner isTrès cordial et amical
My learning goalsApprendre très rapidement la langue
My favorite topicsDe tout , l’actualité, la musique. Insta : ashikaitc
Nunkoo, 28
Port Louis
My language exchange partner issomeone who is nice and respectful
My learning goalsmaking new friend and learning the cultures of others
My favorite topicsmedicine, football technology general news
Koveela, 19
Port Louis
SpeaksEnglish, French
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Hindi
My exchange partner isFriendly, honest, funny, smart, bookworm, melophile
My learning goalsBeing able to speak new languages confidently
My favorite topicsMusic, books, food
Sailesh, 31
Port Louis
LearnsGerman, French, Dutch
My conversation partner isChill, patient, easy going and funny 🤭
My learning goalsMaster some new languages and perfection myself in them
My favorite topicsSports, movies, travelling and photography
Jenny, 18
Port Louis
SpeaksEnglish, French
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner isanyone, be my guest
My learning goalslet's learn new things everyday :)
My favorite topicsmusic //dance //books //nail art //textile //poetry & prose //
, 27
Port Louis
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
LearnsFrench, Japanese
My exchange partner is开朗活泼
My learning goals认识更多朋友 ins:georg4465😄
My favorite topics跳舞popping 唱歌 游泳 羽毛球 台球 深潜
raaidah, 23
Port Louis
SpeaksEnglish, French
My conversation partner isHelpful and open to discussions
My learning goalsTo be able to speak confidently with glossary of terms on almost all areas😍
My favorite topicsEducation , psychological issues, books, political issues...
Rayan, 19
Port Louis
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese, Chinese
My language exchange partner isSomebody who is pleasant and cultivated. Who enjoy life and love to talk about everything and anything at the same time.
My learning goalsGerman italian spanish portugese and any more useful language
My favorite topicsNature Technology human relationship nearly anything
Nadeem, 24
Port Louis
LearnsSpanish, French
My exchange partner isA kind-hearted and amusing person
My learning goalsTo know different people around the globe
My favorite topicsMusics and Movies
Venila, 23
Port Louis
My conversation partner isPersonas que tienen el español como lengua materna😄
My learning goalsEl español
My favorite topicsLa vida, la música, Todo
Annlie, 18
Port Louis
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My language exchange partner isSomeone nice, gentle, patient and willing to teach me, good personality, not rude, nice
My learning goalsBeing able to speak fluently, understand what people is saying, able to write well and read well
My favorite topicsTravel, music, food, fashion, culture, touristic sites, education, people, kpop, BTS, history
Elisa, 21
Port Louis
LearnsEnglish, Spanish
My exchange partner isHumm.. Une personne qui m'aide pour apprendre sa langue et inversement
My learning goalsBien apprendre l'allemand, Améliorer mon anglais.
My favorite topicsJ'aime La musique (La K-POP, Le Raï, Le bollywood,..) la danse, lire, chanter. Le Japon 🇯🇵.
Ash, 39
Port Louis
My conversation partner isAny person
My learning goalsTo improve my french language
My favorite topicsNursing, Astrology, Management

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