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20 German speakers in Clifton looking to learn German together

Daffni, 15
My exchange partner isNice and kind people who can correct my mistakes! お世話になります😭🙏! Snapchat/LINE: daylight1107
My learning goalsIm a Brit from the Philippines and in about 5-6years I will live in Japan! Please help me become fluent so I don't make a fool of myself by then~😭😂 Thank you very much!
My favorite topicsJapanese culture, anime/manga, drawing! My favourite singer is Ed Sheeran! My favourite anime is Little Witch Academia and One Piece! I love computers and tech and lots of maths/science stuff haha!
Matthew, 22
LearnsGerman, Russian, Sign language
My conversation partner isSomeone who I get along with and someone who enjoy talking to. Also I would want my tandem partner to be caring like I am.
My learning goalsTo be good enough to hold conversations.
My favorite topicsParanormal stuff, horror Movies, Video games, Outdoors,Fashion, Sports
Liz, 20
LearnsGerman, French, Italian
My language exchange partner isDivertido
My learning goalsItaliano
My favorite topicsMúsica, películas y libros
Onur, 20
SpeaksEnglish, Turkish
LearnsGerman, French, Russian
My exchange partner isSomeone who likes to explore and meet with new people!
My learning goalsI want to be as fluent as I can in any of the languages I put down.
My favorite topicsI enjoy discussing sports, history, art, places to visit, politics, theater, TV series, and, books.
Anna, 35
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My conversation partner isAnyone talkative and patient
My learning goalsI want to improve my English
My favorite topicsI like sport - gym. I like music, traveling and cars.
Halil İbrahim, 21
LearnsEnglish, sgn-es
My language exchange partner isHe/She would be funny, talkative and clever. And have some enjoy
My learning goalsPratice. And meet people where in New York
My favorite topicsArchitecture New York Culture Art Design Politics Sport Travel Tv Movies
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Gerardo, 22
My exchange partner isAdventure people who wants to start new histories around the world.
My learning goalsLearn how to feel in new languages. Have fun and make new friends.
My favorite topicsPhotography, philosophy and travel.
Aline, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsFrench, Italian, Korean
My conversation partner isooo I hope I can find someone funny who enjoys teaching me funny slang. n bad words. 🤣
My learning goalsI hope to learn at least one language !! let’s get this bread !
My favorite topicsfood! puppies! kpop! anything... :,)
Jessica, 18
My language exchange partner isSome who's patient with me and won't laugh at how much I don't know when it comes to Spanish
My learning goalsLearn to speak Spanish and be confident In my speaking abilities
My favorite topicsAnything so that I can talk about anything in Spanish
Intell, 34
LearnsAfrikaans, Spanish, French
My exchange partner isOpen minded free spirited intellectual
My learning goalsTo communicate in Spanish and French more fluently.
My favorite topicsMusic , entertainment, social and pop culture , also politics and religion.
Kai, 27
LearnsIrish, Norwegian, Russian
My conversation partner isActive, communicative, and points out any errors. Also funny and laid back.
My learning goalsI would like to be able to communicate without hesitation and speak like a native.
My favorite topicsMusic, movies, books and shows
Kristen, 19
LearnsSpanish, French
My language exchange partner isSomeone who can hold a conversation and someone who is patient with me while I struggle to learn this new language
My learning goalsI want to be able to learn a new language well enough to have a conversation in a country that speaks that language
My favorite topicsFood, movies, music, hobbies, and I enjoy learning new all kinds of new things
Eliana, 23
My exchange partner isSomeone who can help me communicate in Japanese
My learning goalsExtend my knowledge on Japanese
My favorite topicsI am an aspiring Filmmaker and Actress. I love Anime and Korean dramas.
Justin, 49
LearnsSpanish, Sign language
My conversation partner isSomeone who is interested in communicating regularly (at least once a week) and who would like to gently push each other to continue working towards our language goals.
My learning goalsI want to push myself to speak more
My favorite topicsFitness, politics, food, social justice, travel
Sara, 21
My language exchange partner isAmigable y que me tenga mucha paciencia pues soy un poco tímida al expresarme.
My learning goals. 🤔
My favorite topicsI want to learn daily and casual phrases.
Samantha, 15
My exchange partner isNice genuine and good value for friends
My learning goalsTo be able to move to Busan and speak to other people
My favorite topicsFood Music Dancing
Danny, 28
LearnsJapanese, Swedish
My conversation partner isHonestly, the more practice the better
My learning goalsBeing able to hold a 5 minute conversation for now
My favorite topicsGames, Technology, and Metal
Sidney, 23
My language exchange partner isSomeone who's nice, funny, weird, witty, and has a wide (and maybe a little crude) sense of humor.
My learning goalsI'm trying to learn spanish - my husband is from Mexico and I've never had a conversation with my in laws because I'm embarrassed to speak their language. 😬
My favorite topicsMusic, art, controversial issues, life experiences, just life in general.
Yul, 39
My exchange partner isFriendly
My learning goalsPractice english
My favorite topicsMusic sports movies
Corina, 37
LearnsEnglish, French
My conversation partner isUna asistente dental o una persona que hable inglés de preferencia mijer
My learning goalsMe súper urge aprender inglés
My favorite topicsDe cualquier tema