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Cape Town

30 German speakers in Cape Town looking to learn German together

Jenz, 40
Cape Town
SpeaksGerman, exx
My exchange partner isEin lockerer Gesprächspartner
My learning goalsEinen guten smalltalk führen
My favorite topicsSport, essen, Lifestyle
Barbara, 25
Cape Town
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, Georgian
My conversation partner isFunny and openminded
My learning goalsTo be able to talk to many different people, learn a lot, make connections
My favorite topicsTraveling, animals, music and dances, society
Adriano, 32
Cape Town
My language exchange partner isOpen minded. Loves travelling.
My learning goalsImprove my skills in order to speak and write in spanish
My favorite topicsStartups and entrepreneuship
Celine, 25
Cape Town
My exchange partner isGanz egal! Ich freue mich immer mit jemandem zu reden egal wer diese Person ist.
My learning goals- Französisch verbessern - bisheriges anwenden
My favorite topics- Weltprobleme - tägliche Erlebnisse - Ernährung & Fitness - Reisen
Heinz, 58
Cape Town
My conversation partner isKeine Ahnung eventuell ein Windsurfer oder Windsurferin
My learning goalsGut und flüssig sprechen in englisch und spanisch
My favorite topicsWirtschaft und Sport sowie alltägliches
Adrian, 24
Cape Town
My language exchange partner isAnyone fun, kind, open minded :)
My learning goalsFluent chinese, please help! :D
My favorite topicsFilm & Photography, Martial Arts, Travelling
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Guido, 38
Cape Town
My exchange partner isNative speaker of English
My learning goalsSpeak better in everyday life & expertise professional topics.
My favorite topicsdesign, architecture, art, travel, daily topics
Nico, 25
Cape Town
My conversation partner isFreundlich, lächelnd
My learning goalsBesser zu verstehen und zu sprechen
My favorite topicsFußball, Fitness
Melissa, 32
Cape Town
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsAfrikaans, Xhosa
My language exchange partner isAn open minded person with lots of patience 😉
My learning goalsLearning the basics of the language and being able to survive small talk situations.
My favorite topicsEverything! There are no limits to what I find interesting: Food, politics, sports, social stuff, travel ect.
tina, 22
Cape Town
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsFrench, Portuguese
My exchange partner isRelaxed, funny, no arrogance
My learning goalsKeep french fresh
My favorite topicsSports Psychology self improvement science
Cornelia, 24
Cape Town
My conversation partner isSomeone who is interested in meeting new people and could teach me basics of Swahili
My learning goalsto be able to communicate with people in Tansania
My favorite topicsSmalltalk, what you need to communicate in Tansania
Susanna, 28
Cape Town
LearnsArabic, French, Japanese
My language exchange partner isSomeone interested in meeting unusual people, ambitious and a language geek. Someone who believes knowledge is accumulated wealth.
My learning goalsImproving my use of the language, knowing when to say what. Improve my understanding/hearing. Practice grammar I've learned. - I want to go as far as possible with every language I'm learning!
My favorite topicsTalk to me about: Good books and literature - What did you recently read? Travel - Where have you been? Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Pop Culture, Sub Cultures, Lifestyle in other countries. Hopes and dreams.
Oliver, 37
Cape Town
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsJapanese, Polish
My exchange partner isPeople my age who are native speakers
My learning goalsFluid or semi-fluid conversational skills
My favorite topicsMusic, Culture, Movies and TV series, Books
Sebastian, 27
Cape Town
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsSpanish, French
My conversation partner isOpen minded, curious, fun, calm
My learning goalsFluent within 1 year
My favorite topicsMusic, food, traveling, cultures, history, psychology, politics
Anna, 24
Cape Town
LearnsFrench, Italian
My language exchange partner isSomeone easy-going, open-minded with lots of different interests.
My learning goalsI would like to improve my Italian and refresh my very basic French skills, get in contact with new people from other places.
My favorite topicsArts, different cultures and travel experiences, good books and good movies, life stories
Sydney, 27
Cape Town
My exchange partner isSomeone who is open minded and willing to teach as well as learn.
My learning goalsI would love to be able to speak 4 languages fluently, a bit of a stretch but baby steps. One language at a time.
My favorite topicsI’m interested in learning about Culture and travels.
Georg, 41
Cape Town
LearnsSpanish, Croatian
My conversation partner isEnde 20 bis Ende 30, Interesse an wirtschaftlichen Themen
My learning goalsWortschatz und Konversation
My favorite topicsSmall Talk, Wirtschaft, aktuelle Nachrichten
Susu, 29
Cape Town
SpeaksArabic, German, English, French
LearnsSpanish, Italian
My language exchange partner isOffen Lustig Wortgewandt
My learning goalsSprachkenntnisse zu verbessern und neue Sprachen zu lernen
My favorite topicsAlltägliches Nachrichten Wirtschaft Politik Kultur
Dan, 25
Cape Town
LearnsGerman, Spanish
My exchange partner isSomeone who is active and inquisitive about the world.
My learning goalsIch suche nach Leute, die mit mir reden möchten. Ich möchte jeden Tag auf Deutsch reden.
My favorite topicsI like to discuss traveling, sport, hiking, philosophy, productivity.
Peter, 45
Cape Town
My conversation partner isDas weiß ich nicht.
My learning goalsDeutsch sprechen verbessern
My favorite topicsComputer Spiele, Lesen und Reisen
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