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20 German speakers in Arnhem looking to learn German together

Vanessa Nicole, 25
LearnsFrench, Dutch
My exchange partner isPatient with me, also when I don't text back immediately, sharing interests, exciting personality, open-minded,...
My learning goalsSpeaking dutch fluent during my exchange semester now
My favorite topicsSustainable lifestyle, movies, travel, politics (f.e. feminism & LGBTIA, ...)
Anna-Lena, 22
LearnsSpanish, French, Dutch
My conversation partner isSomeone who has similar interest to mine, is open-minded and likes to travel
My learning goalsI want to learn dutch for simple every day conversations
My favorite topicsTravelling, Sports, Cultural Differences, Learning languages
Linus, 21
My language exchange partner isAlguien que le guste aprender nuevos idiomas
My learning goalsQuiero aprender español
My favorite topicsMe gustan los deportes y las culturas de otros países
Ena, 27
My exchange partner isAn open minded person who loves discussions as much as I do and does not hesitate to correct my mistakes
My learning goalsI wanna become more confident in speaking
My favorite topicsPolitics, global issues like climate change, feminism...
Felix, 26
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsArabic, Dutch
My conversation partner isFlexible, Likes Coffee, creative in escaping the classic classroom setting
My learning goalsI want to learn Dutch for my everyday life and later for work too
My favorite topicsSociety, politics and the big questions in life
Jacqueline, 27
My language exchange partner isEasygoing people that are fun talking to! That can be because of similar interests or due to an open mind!
My learning goalsI would like to be finally able to practice the bits and pieces I have learned on my own! Since I'm living in the Netherlands I'd love to get fluent in it.
My favorite topicsI enjoy a wide range of interests, but I'm especially passionate about video games, movies, cooking, fitness (I'm a beginner though) and digital art!
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Wiebke, 49
My exchange partner isHaving coffee and little conversations, but also learning new words together and some new things about the other culture
My learning goalsI would love to have better conversation in Latin America
My favorite topicsI would like to learn to survive in the day to day life in Spanish, so topics like talking about hobbies, culture or a big politics would be great!
Laura, 25
LearnsArabic, Spanish
My conversation partner isOpen minded, patient, interested, curious, a good listener
My learning goalsTry to have a basic conversation and understand some conversations (Arabic) Have a good talk and expand Vocabulary (Spanish) and everyday language
My favorite topicsPolitics, travel, environment, Philosophy,
Roland, 34
SpeaksGerman, English, Dutch
My language exchange partner isAlle chilligen Leute
My learning goalsDie Sprache lernen und festigen
My favorite topicsTechnik, Autos, allgemeines
Fatma, 29
SpeaksArabic, French
My exchange partner isAnyone who could help me
My learning goalsBe able to talk to my colleagues at work in proper Dutch
My favorite topicsCooking, travelling, netflix, engineering, ...
Oem, 46
My conversation partner isKein Ahnung Wie kann ich mein Partner finden?
My learning goalsIch würde gerne mal Englisch lernen
My favorite topicsÜber Altenpflege
Eric, 45
SpeaksEnglish, Dutch
My language exchange partner isEasy going and friendly
My learning goalsget to expert level
My favorite topicsfood, travels, movies, music, sports
Michiel, 38
My exchange partner isNative Italian speakers, please don't be shy, i'd like to talk to anyone, who wants some exchange, I really like to learn foreign languages and want to practice them here with you! :-) I am a native Dutch speaker and I'm fluent in English and German.
My learning goalsImparare e parlare la lingua italiana. I could help you with Dutch, English or German! Who likes to have a chat? :-) I'd like to practice some Italian :-)
My favorite topicsImparare la lingua Italiana, suonare musica: fisarmonica, pianoforte, set di percussioni, didgeridoo. Amo la natura, fare trekking, escursionismo, viaggare, andare in bicicletta, Volvo automobile classiche, la cucina Italiana, filosofia, scienza,
Angela, 19
My conversation partner isUn ami de France
My learning goalsJe voudrais le parler plus fluente
My favorite topicsLa vie, l’amour, le pays
Honesty, 53
My language exchange partner isPersone oneste chi siete qui davvero per imparare una nuova lingua. Io ho un fidanzato ora. Ho 53 anni. Parlo solo qui. Vuole parlare al whatsapp o altri social media per favore lo fai senza me
My learning goalsMi piacerebbe parlare italiano come se fossi un’italiana 😊
My favorite topicsIo amo la vita
Victor, 28
LearnsSpanish, Hebrew, Portuguese
My exchange partner isHappy and enthusiastic people
My learning goalsUnderstanding the basics of a relatively new language
My favorite topicsTraveling , politics , sports
Vanessa, 24
SpeaksGerman, English
LearnsSpanish, French
My conversation partner isPeople who can help with business language as well are welcome , but also all kind of other topics , who are open minded , who can correct me.
My learning goalsI would like to improve my French (currently around A2) up to a B1 level including Business language. Furthermore, I would like to improve my Spanish (A1/A2) up to B1 also including business language.
My favorite topicsTraveling, cultures , languages ;-) , music, photography
Martin, 21
LearnsGerman, gsw, Dutch
My language exchange partner isOpen-minded, pragmatic with an optimistic outlook on things 😁
My learning goalsGet better at reading and writing Dutch. Improve my German and finally learn Swiss German from the ground up
My favorite topicsFrom simple every day activities like cooking to more artistic endeavours like photography or even cultural topics like history.
Ani, 22
LearnsGerman, English
My exchange partner isA girl who knows a lot of fashion and can also make clothes
My learning goalsI want to improve myself in English and learn German language
My favorite topicsAbout fashion, drawing
Phuong, 24
LearnsGerman, Spanish
My conversation partner isEncouraging, patient, calm, understanding and funny
My learning goalsAchieve Spanish and German B1 level by the end of 2019
My favorite topicsTraveling, food, everyday life, Netflix, cultures