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20 French speakers in Champaign looking to learn French together

Megan, 24
SpeaksEnglish, French
My exchange partner isSomeone with a good sense of humor who's not afraid to correct me or be given correction.
My learning goalsI would like to continue to practice my French, as well as improving my Spanish.
My favorite topicsI enjoy talking about all kinds of things. I'm interested in film and television, as well as books and culture.
Lena, 17
LearnsSpanish, French
My conversation partner isI’d like to talk to someone my age who can become a lifelong friend. This person could be from anywhere but I’d like someone with whom I could use both Spanish and English.
My learning goalsI used to be fluent in Spanish, but since I didn’t use the language often I lost much of my vocabulary. I’d like to build it up again and regain my fluency in Spanish.
My favorite topicsI like talking about philosophy, life, and anything funny.
JingXin, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
LearnsFrench, Swedish
My language exchange partner isOne who is patient and willing to teach me conversational topics
My learning goalsI want to be able to speak better French than I do before!
My favorite topicsI want to be able to speak French fluently!
Alice, 25
LearnsSpanish, French, Italian
My exchange partner isThe person who loves talks about random subjects daily and love jokes too
My learning goalsI want be fluent because i think its fun learn a new language
My favorite topicsI like talking about movies, traveling and knowing new people
Luke, 21
LearnsSpanish, French, Italian
My conversation partner isPatient and enthusiastic
My learning goalsGain conversational fluency in French, and just start learning Spanish and Italian
My favorite topicsCulture, food, science, sports
Josefina, 20
LearnsEnglish, French, Italian
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is funny and has out of the box conversation topics.
My learning goalsI want to have fun conversations and learn new languages.
My favorite topicsI enjoy talking about art, microscopy, movies, and interesting TV shows.
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Colin, 26
LearnsSpanish, French, Chinese
My exchange partner isAround my age, easy-going, funny
My learning goalsLearn about different places in Latin America, idioms, slang
My favorite topicsLinguistics, languages, social issues, issues in Latin America, religion
Lena, 15
LearnsFrench, Portuguese
My conversation partner isQuiero conocer una persona que habla español y puede enséñame frases comunes en Latinoamérica.
My learning goalsVoy a usar Tandem para practicar mi español y llegar a ser fluida.
My favorite topicsMe gusta hablar de políticas, penas, y los años pasados.
Eline, 22
My language exchange partner isFrench native who speaks English and wish to learn to learn Chinese so that I can help with
My learning goalsImprove French
My favorite topicsFrench learning Language exchange
Nachiketa, 28
SpeaksEnglish, Gujarati
LearnsSpanish, French
My exchange partner isLoves learning and helping me learn. Can take and give suggestions for improvement
My learning goalsBeing able to read literature
My favorite topicsMusic, art, poetry, mathematics, food, history, books
Julia, 19
My conversation partner isSomeone who will be patient with me, as I am not very good at French yet
My learning goalsI would like to learn to think faster in French, as well as add more words to my vocabulary
My favorite topicsAnything and everything! Would love to hear about your culture, and just mutually improve!
Tianqi, 22
LearnsSpanish, French, Japanese
My language exchange partner isEnthusiastic and have great sense of humor
My learning goalsManage to have daily conversations
My favorite topicsTravel Rock music/guitar movie
Janie, 28
LearnsEnglish, French
My exchange partner isFriendly, enthusiastic, and generous
My learning goalsImprove English
My favorite topicsFood, music, travel
Yolanda, 18
LearnsFrench, Italian, Portuguese
My conversation partner isFunny people
My learning goalsTo learn how to write in portuguese... and of course any other
My favorite topicsMusic Movies Language Family Books Walker
Valerie, 24
LearnsGerman, French
My language exchange partner isAnyone who is willing to help me learn like a native speaker
My learning goalsI would like to better my fluency in the languages I am learning by speaking to a native speaker and help someone learn my own language.
My favorite topicsArt, history, music, film, politics, fashion, food, architecture
Nathan, 26
My exchange partner isFun and easy going. Brutally honest in helping me improve my language skills. Engaging and open minded.
My learning goalsI hope to improve my fluency in French and separate it from German in my head. I want to become as comfortable in the language as I can be and engage with more people around the world.
My favorite topicsA broad range from classical music and international culture to physics and science. I am an open book, and I generally let the conversation lead the way.
Chinmai, 20
LearnsSpanish, French, Hindi
My conversation partner isSomeone really that I could get to know about other countries
My learning goalsLearn more about the culture of other places
My favorite topicsMovies Sports Science News
Vit, 26
LearnsEnglish, French
My language exchange partner isPurposeful Cheerful Curious
My learning goalsLanguage Speaking Writing
My favorite topicsCulture Work Dreams
Eevee, 16
LearnsFrench, Japanese
My exchange partner isSomeone who is nice and likes some humor! I like talking to people who are open minded and open to practice!
My learning goalsId love to learn more about the Japanese culture and French culture! I plan to live somewhere that has plenty of French speaking, so I’d like to be fluent, plus I plan to go to Japan many times! Please help me! S’il vous plaît! ください!
My favorite topicsI love anime, music and marching band! I love playing video games as well like DanganRonpa, Persona 5 and World of Warcraft!
Krish, 24
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsFrench, Luganda
My conversation partner isPretty much anyone who can speak another language and English
My learning goalsPolish up my French and learn some spanish
My favorite topicsPolitics, current global events, football, cricket, tennis, physics, chemistry, astronomy, beer, Netflix shows, India, cars, life and pretty much everything.