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20 French speakers in Brno looking to learn French together

Sylvain, 23
LearnsEnglish, Spanish
My exchange partner isMon ou ma partenaire Tandem est quelqu'un de sympathique, je n'en demande pas plus !
My learning goalsJe veux pouvoir parler couramment l'espagnol pour mon prochain roadtrip en amérique du sud.
My favorite topicsJ'aime discuter de tous les sujets, des choses banales de la vie jusqu'à celles qui vous passionnent.
Nicolas, 36
My conversation partner isSomeone who likes to enjoy life as I do, and can also become a friend
My learning goalsImprove my czech by having real conversation
My favorite topicsI need to improve my language skills, so topics aren't that important!
Lucie, 25
LearnsWelsh, Danish, German
My language exchange partner isune personne ouverte d'esprit, qui aime les langues étrangères et qui a plein de centres d'intérêt
My learning goalsGet better at languages, share my interests with friendly people and find friends!
My favorite topicsCinema, music, photography, travelling, video making, martial arts, rugby..
Jessica, 22
LearnsEsperanto, Italian
My exchange partner isUn.e ami.e avec qui pratiquer l'Esperanto
My learning goalsAméliorer les langues que je connais déjà
My favorite topicsVoyages, découverte de nouveaux pays, informatique, animes/mangas, musique (plutôt rock et métal)...
Jakub, 14
LearnsArabic, French, Russian
My conversation partner isAmiable...
My learning goalsParler plus couramment et pratiquer le français
My favorite topicsMédecine, école, nature, lgbt, et autres
Carolina, 25
My language exchange partner is.....
My learning goalsDevenir courant
My favorite topicsLitterature et histoire
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Marlena, 32
SpeaksGerman, English, French
LearnsCzech, English, French
My exchange partner isMädchen in meinem Alter mit Interesse an Sport und Literatur, das auch im Ausland lebt.
My learning goalsMeinen Ausdruck verbessern
My favorite topicsReisen, Familie, Aktivitäten, Bücher, Essen, Radfahren, Wandern, Leben im Ausland
Nikos, 47
LearnsCzech, German, Spanish
My conversation partner isA person who thinks in an inter-national way
My learning goalsMake new friends and improve some of my language skills
My favorite topicsReflexology, communication, languages
Vincenzo, 45
My language exchange partner isSimpatico, disponibile.
My learning goalsFare pratica con il ceco parlato.
My favorite topicsViaggi, musica, cibo, politica.
Vendula, 23
SpeaksCzech, English, French
My exchange partner isgood sens of humor
My learning goalspractice english, help somebody with french
My favorite topicsculture, movies, music, art
Ema, 16
LearnsEnglish, sgn-gb
My conversation partner isI don’t care but i would like to meet somebody in my age. And I would like to meet some English
My learning goalsSpeak more British, because I love British english❤️
My favorite topicsMusic, travelling, sport, rhytmic gymnastic
Michala, 19
LearnsGerman, English, French
My language exchange partner isPatient
My learning goalsI would like to speak english well and learn some words french and deutch
My favorite topicsMusic, books, movies...
Tomáš, 23
LearnsEnglish, French, Dutch
My exchange partner isSomeone talkative, with same taste. 😊
My learning goalsMostly I would like to use language in everyday life... I dont have clear achievement.
My favorite topicsI love music, travelling, movies and TV series. I also like cooking and some sports (like athletics and skiing). I also dont mind trying new things so...
Lucie, 18
SpeaksCzech, English
LearnsSpanish, French
My conversation partner isSomebody who is positive, loves life and likes meeting new people!
My learning goalsI don't have any specific goals. I just want to improve my speaking in any way. On the other hand i can help you withanything in Czech language)
My favorite topicsI'm a real life lover! I love my life, friends and simply being alive. I love meeting new people and get inspired myself by the others.✨ "We're all pretty bizare but just some of us are better in hiding it, that's all" - The Breakfast Club
Pavla, 29
SpeaksCzech, English
LearnsFinnish, French
My language exchange partner isSomeone open, interested in the world around them, tolerant, who likes culture
My learning goalsImprove my fluency and learn something new
My favorite topicsLiterature, music, film but also politics and world news, history, practically anything
Annemarie, 26
LearnsSpanish, French, Japanese
My exchange partner isTalkative, free spirit,
My learning goalsTo be more confident in language I like
My favorite topicsTraveling, food, Japan
Tomáš, 25
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partner isA friendly, open-minded person
My learning goalsMeet new people, improve my language skills
My favorite topicsLife, music, travel, books, politics, architecture, culture, history
Karina, 20
SpeaksKazakh, Russian
LearnsCzech, French
My language exchange partner isCalm and well-mannered person
My learning goalsI'd like to practice English, French , Czech languages
My favorite topicsBooks, films, pets, travelling, art
Dita, 25
LearnsGerman, French
My exchange partner isPositive and open minded person who would like to share not just the language but also its culture and experiences.
My learning goalsI do not suppose to gain perfect grammar skills but I would like to improve myself on the conversation level and learn new vocabulary and so.
My favorite topicsEspecially travelling! That’s my passion. Exploring new places, taking pictures, creating memories.
Anet, 20
LearnsEnglish, Spanish, French
My conversation partner isFriendly and funny
My learning goalsSpeak fluently English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, maybe Italian too
My favorite topicsSport, traveling, culture, food
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