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184 English speakers in Mountain View looking to learn English together

Eric, 61
Mountain View
LearnsSpanish, French, Chinese
My exchange partner isKind funny sassy athletic verbal female
My learning goalsUnderstand mandarin, and be able to speak “enough” Fluent in French Spanish German Then learn Vietnamese
My favorite topicsHiking camping biking gardening real estate travel philosophy comedy random thoughts
Aaron, 26
Mountain View
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partner isCan offer insight into the day to day life of someone living in their country and provides a unique perspective on topics.
My learning goalsAchieve conversational fluency and be able to know enough to be able to live in the country.
My favorite topics1. Nature/hiking 2. Politics 3. Movies/TV shows 4. Traveling
Beryl, 24
Mountain View
My language exchange partner isSomeone willing to try!
My learning goalsKeep up with my Norwegian.
My favorite topicsTV, Weather, art, nature, pop culture
alex, 25
Mountain View
LearnsRussian, Turkish
My exchange partner isGood sense of humor
My learning goalsПоддержать знание языка
My favorite topicsМогу общаться на любые темы
Daniel, 25
Mountain View
My conversation partner isA native Chinese speaker who is also very interested in language learning
My learning goalsImprove my Chinese by talking on a regular basis
My favorite topicsLanguage learning, personal effectiveness, badminton, politics, movies
Joe, 40
Mountain View
My language exchange partner isI am looking for a regular Skype partner who is fluent in Spanish. In return, I am fluent in English. I can discuss travel, culture, business, law, and engineering. I am relatively new here so if this is up, I am still looking. Let's learn together.
My learning goalsConversations
My favorite topicsTravel, self-improvement, culture
Looking for Tandem partners in other languages?
dima, 50
Mountain View
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsBulgarian, German
My exchange partner isNoble ,nice and cool
My learning goalsImprove
My favorite topicsCulture, relationship ,lifestyle
Richard, 24
Mountain View
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsGerman, Russian, Ukrainian
My conversation partner isInstagram richardsorozco66
My learning goalsI would love to speak more languages so I can travel all over the world
My favorite topicsLife, music, books, games, technology
Megan, 33
Mountain View
My language exchange partner isSomeone who is patient, speaks English, and is willing to help
My learning goalsRelearn how to speak French. I took three years in high school and haven’t returned to it.
My favorite topicsFood, travel, weather, shopping
Jason, 30
Mountain View
My exchange partner isMandarin speakers looking to learn english
My learning goalsFluency in mandarin
My favorite topicsMovies, games, cats
Joseph, 22
Mountain View
SpeaksEnglish, Cantonese
My conversation partner isWilling to talk about very random things for the sake of getting practice
My learning goalsTo become fluent in two months
My favorite topicsAnime, technology
Teresa, 37
Mountain View
LearnsSpanish, Portuguese
My language exchange partner isPatient, inquisitive, funny, outgoing
My learning goalsConversationally capable, increased confidence, want to learn natural language as well as proper grammar
My favorite topicsTravel, cooking, the outdoors
Danny, 23
Mountain View
SpeaksEnglish, Korean
LearnsSpanish, French
My exchange partner isAnyone who is open and friendly! Willing to joke around with me while also helping me learn :)
My learning goalsTo learn the grammar and vocabulary of the language I’m learning! And to make some friends along the way !
My favorite topicsBooks, fitness, MMA, Religion/Philosopy, TV shows, Netflix
Michael, 29
Mountain View
My conversation partner isSomeone patient relaxed and appreciates sarcasm
My learning goalsBecome comfortable using another language in everyday speech
My favorite topicsLanguage, books, life, movies
Bryan, 39
Mountain View
SpeaksEnglish, Turkish
LearnsSpanish, Russian
My language exchange partner isDoesn’t matter as long as we can teach each other something
My learning goalsMy learning goal is learn some basic words and be able to use in a sentence
My favorite topicsLet’s talk about weed since I am a grower in Humboldt County , USA
JJ, 32
Mountain View
LearnsSpanish, Japanese, Vietnamese
My exchange partner isFunny, care free, nerdy
My learning goalsPractice speaking
My favorite topicsSports, exercise, movies, music, anime, food, travel
Binay, 37
Mountain View
My conversation partner isCan be anybody who can help me learn French.
My learning goalsTo reach advanced level of learning French
My favorite topicsAnything that will help learn French
Arthur, 33
Mountain View
SpeaksEnglish, Portuguese
LearnsFrench, Japanese
My language exchange partner isWould love someone that wants to chat either live or over text for a few minutes each week!
My learning goalsImproving my French and learn basic Japanese
My favorite topicsTV shows, good books, movies, technology, games
Julius, 35
Mountain View
My exchange partner isSomeone who speaks fluent Spanish and has a good attitude — also, someone who is patient.
My learning goalsI would like to become fluent in Spanish in 2 years.
My favorite topicsI enjoy movies, American Football, books and politics
jared, 45
Mountain View
My conversation partner isCorrects my Spanish
My learning goalsFaster at speaking. More vocab.
My favorite topicsTravel Science Family Movies