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Volodymyr, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
My exchange partner isMore interesting person, what love cinema, comics, sience and education
My learning goalsTravel and Chill
My favorite topicsCinema,film, movies, games, comics,books, traveling, New information,sience, space
Anastasia, 19
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isTalkative, sincere, , funny, easygoing
My learning goalsI just want to learn new languages
My favorite topicsI really enjoy talking about music, traveling and working out
Бенджамин, 20
My language exchange partner isЧеловек, кто готов созваниваться чтобы практиковать наши языки вслух)
My learning goalsЧтобы свободно говорить на любую тему на русском, а также чтобы говорить разговорный украинский
My favorite topicsЛюблю говорить про музыку, поскольку я играю на некоторых инструментах и часто хожу на концерты) Мне очень нравится путешествовать, видеть новые места. Также, моя вера очень важна мне и я был бы рад обсуждать религию, особенно христианство)
Kostya, 20
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
My exchange partner isУмный
My learning goalsЗнать как можно больше слов
My favorite topicsВсе
Скурчик, 19
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
LearnsGerman, Spanish, Italian
My conversation partner isОбщительный, коммуникабельный, весёлый
My learning goalsСпокойной разговаривать на разных языках
My favorite topicsНа любые
Marguerite, 99
LearnsPolish, Portuguese, Russian
My language exchange partner isit doesn't matter.
My learning goalsi want to learn be a Person.😌
My favorite topicswhat century are you interested in?
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Николай, 47
SpeaksEnglish, sgn-ru
LearnsSpanish, Russian
My exchange partner isВеселый,общительный
My learning goalsГоворить наанглийском
My favorite topicsСпорт,музыка,политика,история
Daria, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
My conversation partner isРада каждому;)
My learning goals...
My favorite topicsМузыка, фильмы, увлечения
hissing, 18
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My language exchange partner iseverybody, but I'm a little bit shy.
My learning goalsI easily understand Slavic languages.
My favorite topicsmusic, arts, star wars, games, Netflix, journalistic, culture, food.
リンリン Kate, 22
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My exchange partner isThere’s nothing perfect in our world
My learning goals皆さん、こんにちは!^ - ^ はじめまして、リンリンと言います。宜しくお願いします❣️ ウクライナ出身です。最近日本語を勉強し始めました。 Please correct my mistakes while chatting with me, it will help a lot 🙏😽❤️ my Instagram: kaissko // my line: kaissko
My favorite topicsAnything
Selina, 18
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My conversation partner isCute, interesting, serious and the same time naive person who believe in dreams and want to talk about anything. Maybe we will do collaboration in tiktok (with interesting scenario! Some act (I very love acting but never do this professional) OR SMTH ELSE
My learning goalsI want to practice my English and start practice Spanish because my level is beginning!
My favorite topicsHow to find a good friends with the same interest?; films, cartoon, music films, acting, singing, TikTok, makeup, our planet, traveling, motivation, love to yourself, self-confident, dream and a lot of other topics!
Mariia, 20
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My language exchange partner isPerson who can talk about different topics
My learning goalsEnglish- to practice German- to try to speak
My favorite topicsEverything if it’s interesting) Music, CINEMA, books, traveling......
Mike, 18
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
LearnsCzech, Japanese
My exchange partner isSomeone who enjoys learning languages as much as I do and is open about their passion
My learning goalsI want to learn czech to a decent level (now I'm somewhere near A2), because I'm going to study in Czech. Also, I just reeeeally enjoy learning japanese, so I'm looking forward to our learning ^~^
My favorite topicsBasically anything is fine with me. I LOVE learning new languages, decent at movies and books, a big anime fan, like sports a lot(playing volleyball) and right now working on my IT startups
Rostyslav, 51
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
LearnsGerman, Spanish, French
My conversation partner isPerson,who can communicate with me and share his/her opinion. I would like to know more about the people and places where they live.
My learning goalsImprove my English skills and find out more information about cultures,people and countries.
My favorite topicsAll topics.For example,politic,different countries,people and so on.
Анастасія, 28
My language exchange partner isNice and funny person
My learning goalsI want to understand French speakers and to be able answering.
My favorite topicsNews, traveling, music, memes
Viktoria, 39
LearnsSign language
My exchange partner isAmerican English speaker
My learning goalsbusiness
My favorite topicsbusiness
Nikita, 21
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My conversation partner isFriendly, open, with far and wide eyesight, without prejudices and incapable of condeming
My learning goalsImprove speaking skills, find friends abroad, spend time entertainingly
My favorite topicsMusic, movies, games, national cuisine, books, relations, social life, politics
Elena, 18
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My language exchange partner isNo expectations = no disappointment
My learning goalsI want to reach b1 till autumn (in German) I want to find someone to practice German on a regular basis every day:)
My favorite topicsAny topics🤗 I’m a versatile person😻
Екатерина, 24
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
LearnsJapanese, Polish
My exchange partner isMy perfect Tandem partner is eager to learn and teach. He should know and love the culture and history of his country
My learning goalsI want to become fluent and not be afraid of speaking to native speakers
My favorite topicsI like discussing everything. Among my interests are art and martial arts
Tonya, 28
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My conversation partner isMusic, traveling, movies, books
My learning goalsI want to fans a job with English
My favorite topicsAnyone