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24 English speakers in Dabrowa Gornicza looking to learn English together

Parvoz, 20
Dabrowa Gornicza
SpeaksEnglish, Russian
LearnsSpanish, Italian, Polish
My exchange partner isTraveller)
My learning goalsI am moving to España 🇪🇸 in SUMMER
My favorite topicsEvery interesting stuff🤙 Just chill N travel though...
Dabrowa Gornicza
SpeaksEnglish, Uzbek
My conversation partner isPatient and soft
My learning goalsDating
My favorite topicsShopping
Hyun Jae Lee, 26
Dabrowa Gornicza
SpeaksEnglish, Korean
My language exchange partner isPositive, warm, open minded
My learning goalsHave to live in Poland for 5years
My favorite topicsTattoos, travelling,photography,games etc
Yupo, 19
Dabrowa Gornicza
My exchange partner isSocialable
My learning goalsI am moving to Spain next summer(2021)
My favorite topicsEverything
Daniel, 23
Dabrowa Gornicza
LearnsSpanish, Japanese, Russian
My conversation partner isAnyone who wants to talk, learn and help me understand other languages.
My learning goalsFluency in the language I'm learning is my goal, however, it isn't accomplished in one night and I'd love to meet new people while I'm on the journey towards this fluency. Getting better as time goes is what gives the strength and motivation to continue.
My favorite topicsI enjoy talking about traveling, music, games, sport, cooking and I love to gossip about anything.
Kasia, 22
Dabrowa Gornicza
LearnsCzech, Spanish
My language exchange partner isOpen minded
My learning goals"Perfect" English, communicative Spanish and Czech
My favorite topicsSport, politics, international affairs, music, movies, TV shows, life in general
Looking for Tandem partners in other languages?
Magdalena, 29
Dabrowa Gornicza
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My exchange partner isNice and easy-going. I’m Not looking for any affairs. I’d like to make some friends all over the world to chat, share daily routine and talk about everything.
My learning goalsSpeaking fluently.
My favorite topicsI don’t mind talking about everything except politics.
Błażej, 33
Dabrowa Gornicza
LearnsEnglish, Italian
My conversation partner isI'm not perfect, so my imagined partner may also not be perfect.
My learning goalsImprove my glossary and break language barriers.
My favorite topicsEvery topics starting with work, new technologies, relationships between peoples, politics or history. And lot more.
Przemysław, 25
Dabrowa Gornicza
My language exchange partner isanyone
My learning goalsfeel more comfortable and be more confident
My favorite topicscycling, music, programming, games, everything
Arkadiusz, 36
Dabrowa Gornicza
My exchange partner isLike music and films
My learning goalsIntermediate
My favorite topicsTo Traveling
Igor, 18
Dabrowa Gornicza
My conversation partner isI don't know, really, its hard to say, isnt it?
My learning goalsImproving communication barrier, exercising smart and fast talking.
My favorite topicsTechnology, biology, art n music
Shamsiddin, 21
Dabrowa Gornicza
My language exchange partner isHe/she can speak fluently.
My learning goalsStudy high level university and travel to a lot of countries.
My favorite topicsTravel, cultural activities, life and sport.
Ania, 30
Dabrowa Gornicza
LearnsEnglish, Portuguese
My exchange partner isHuman being or a cat 🐈
My learning goalsSpeaking fluently in English and using advanced vocabulary, speaking fluently in Portuguese
My favorite topicsAbout everything and nothing, hobbies, music, travels, culture, past, present and future, daily life, philosophy, meditation, eco friendly lifestyle
Aygun, 23
Dabrowa Gornicza
LearnsEnglish, French, Polish
My conversation partner isSincere
My learning goalsTo find a job To enlarge my outlook To discover new cultures To travel
My favorite topicsPhilosophy, Quantum Physics, Sports, Finance, Marketing, Cultures, theology, cooking
Ozgul, 27
Dabrowa Gornicza
My language exchange partner isHonest and clever
My learning goalsIntermediate for school
My favorite topicsTechnology and international business
Roksana, 24
Dabrowa Gornicza
My exchange partner isEasy-going, funny, understanding, kind
My learning goalsI want to speak English fluently 😊
My favorite topicsSport, psychology, travelling
Sasha, 21
Dabrowa Gornicza
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My conversation partner isSo, my main goal is to improve my English language abilities by the help of constant practice. Apart from that I’m looking for a French native speaker who would help me with the language.
My learning goalsWant to overcome my fear of speaking English, maintain and improve the language abilities, start learning French.
My favorite topicsTraveling, politics, foreign cultures, sports. Anything what comes to your mind.
Michał, 22
Dabrowa Gornicza
LearnsSpanish, Japanese
My language exchange partner isNice and friendly
My learning goalsTo learn more about people and their culture
My favorite topicsVideo games, Music, resent events
Igor, 26
Dabrowa Gornicza
LearnsCroatian, Russian
My exchange partner isOpen-minded Talkative Tolerant Intelligent
My learning goalsUpgrade my English and Russian
My favorite topicsPsychology Politics Traveling Antropology&Cultures Cinematography Literature
Patrycja, 25
Dabrowa Gornicza
My conversation partner isAperto e con la voglia di conoscere altre persone. Qualcuno che può mostrarmi il suo modo di pensare e percepire il mondo :)
My learning goalsStudio l’italiano ancora da 4 anni e il mio sogno è di parlarlo fluentemente nel futuro. Vorrei far fronte alla mia barriera linguistica.
My favorite topicsMi piace parlare di psicologia, arti, musica, viaggi, sviluppo personale.