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Mező, 21
SpeaksEnglish, Hungarian
My exchange partner isAnybody who's nice I guess
My learning goalsPractice my English to stay up-to-date with it, learn a basic level of other languages
My favorite topicsMusic, films, anime, manga, series, video games, memes, books.
Kumari, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Hindi
LearnsGerman, Hungarian
My conversation partner isFriendly, fun loving, available to talk.
My learning goalsI know little bit Hungarian and nothing about German. I want to start from basic and learn as much as I can
My favorite topicsTv series like Game of thrones, Friends. Sports like Cricket. Hollywood and bollywood movies. Sometimes music too. Traveling
Chuks, 26
LearnsGerman, Hungarian, Italian
My language exchange partner isEverybody
My learning goalsSolidify my Hungarian language skill
My favorite topicsEverything
Gaboca, 34
SpeaksEnglish, Hungarian
LearnsItalian, Turkish
My exchange partner isHmm...I would like to talk to anyone who knows how to talk and how to keep communication alive.😄 Who has questions to ask and also like to receive questions and talk with an opened mind. My aim is nothing but to have a good conversation and learn language
My learning goalsI would like to be fluent in Turkish as much as possible. And hopefully pass language exam. 😳💪🏼 Same targets in Italian but in a lower level.😊 I can learn the words in both languages but using them in a conversation....more difficult.😕
My favorite topicsI like to talk about life, everyday discussions just as much as deep thoughts. I am interested in cultures the most and how people see other nations. I like to hear the view and opinion about general things around the world. :) ☺️✨
Anna, 22
SpeaksEnglish, Hungarian
LearnsGerman, French
My conversation partner isIs someone who has the patience to help me practice and who also wish to make friends.
My learning goalsI would love to master my French and get a B2 in German
My favorite topicsI love cooking, netflix series and travel related topics
Iman, 32
SpeaksEnglish, Malay
LearnsArabic, French
My language exchange partner isHappy and fun Likes jokes Likes travelling
My learning goalsTo be able to have conversations
My favorite topicsDay to day things. Hobbies Food
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Izabella, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Hungarian
My exchange partner isMy age and likes art
My learning goalsTo be fluent in German
My favorite topicsTV series and art
Jamie, 30
My conversation partner isPeople who have interesting stories to tell and would like to help each other improve in hungarian and English.
My learning goalsLevel up my Hungarian so that I no longer need to speak English with hungarian friends
My favorite topicsSpending time with friends, running, croasfit, anything outdoors and new experiences.
Lewis, 28
My language exchange partner isSomeone who can correct my mistakes
My learning goalsTo speak Spanish to a conversational level
My favorite topicsAny
Alexandra, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Hungarian
LearnsGerman, Korean, Chinese
My exchange partner isNice friendly smiling person who loves McDonald's so bad as I am
My learning goalsI'd like to move to German just for this summer and I'm planning to continue my learning at China.
My favorite topicsSeries, music and food
Mahmoud, 28
SpeaksArabic, English
My conversation partner isA human who is as friendly as person bearing the tolerance, patience and passion to pass an idea to others and decisive regards the principles of theirs.
My learning goalsNot just Learning , Making friends is also a Goal. I will definitely try to open my door and mind for those who are interested and as well looking to share me time and efforts to embark on our knowledge.
My favorite topicsPhilosophy Social life Sports Movies Music Spiritualities Relationships
James, 27
My language exchange partner isPeople who speak Dutch and are as bad at grammar as myself
My learning goalsPractice speaking Dutch once per week
My favorite topicsPolitics, current affairs, books, film
Shayan, 26
LearnsGerman, Swedish
My exchange partner isSomeone who takes language learning seriously on this platform because its an amazing opportunity for us learners and we should know how to make the best out of it.
My learning goalsI wish to learn Swedish and German.
My favorite topicsCareer, European Culture, Cooking, Pets, Movies, Studies, Outings, Travel, Music, and many more. :)
Dorian, 38
SpeaksEnglish, Italian
My conversation partner isA human being
My learning goalsTo be able to sustain a 30 minute conversation (as for the simplified naturalisation interview).
My favorite topicsArt, music, films, jokes, sports, travel, food, weather, physics, geography... anything and everything!
Zoltan, 17
SpeaksEnglish, Hungarian
My language exchange partner isComitted and consistent
My learning goalsTo practice speaking as much as possible and become fluent by next summer
My favorite topicsTravel, Culture, or anthing else
Vivi, 18
SpeaksEnglish, Hungarian
My exchange partner isNice, patient, friendly
My learning goalsJust basic knowledge
My favorite topicsFashion, art, design, feminism
Kamil, 23
SpeaksEnglish, Polish
LearnsSpanish, Hungarian, Portuguese
My conversation partner isa partner who is willing to practice thrice a week
My learning goalsLove Budapest (for now) and want to learn the language so that I can order food using Hungarian
My favorite topicstraveling and living alternatively, psychology and manipulating people to get free pizza, spirituality and being a superhero in my second body 😁 - what superhero would you be?
Lorant, 26
SpeaksEnglish, Hungarian
LearnsSpanish, French, Italian
My language exchange partner isHelpful and responsive
My learning goalsTo master the languages
My favorite topicsPolitics, films, music, tech
Aladdin, 23
SpeaksArabic, English
LearnsGerman, Spanish, French
My exchange partner isSomeone who's open to anything
My learning goalsJust for fun
My favorite topicsAnything apart from history
Frö, 25
SpeaksEnglish, Swedish
My conversation partner isOpen minded and happy people who don't mind getting philosophical :)
My learning goals?
My favorite topicsFood, game of thrones, consciousness, medicine, computer games, travel... Everything!
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