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Oklahoma City

20 Chinese speakers in Oklahoma City looking to learn Chinese together

Rusell, 22
Oklahoma City
My exchange partner isEnglish
My learning goals能说会看
My favorite topics体育,篮球,情感
jielin, 27
Oklahoma City
My conversation partner is友好,乐观
My learning goals交流
My favorite topics都可以
Tony, 44
Oklahoma City
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
My language exchange partner isFriendly, open minded and fun
My learning goalsTo able to communicate with my culture more!
My favorite topicsLife, love and fulfillment
悲しい, 20
Oklahoma City
LearnsJapanese, Chinese
My exchange partner isit does not really matter to me I’ll talk to anyone
My learning goalsTo get fluent in Chinese and Japanese
My favorite topicsI love cars and I like to do online job and others it just comes to mind what I like to do it can be anything 😂
Kameron, 30
Oklahoma City
LearnsSpanish, Italian, Chinese
My conversation partner isKind hearted, nice, gentle, understanding, like-minded, selfless, cares about others
My learning goalsTo be fluent enough to have a conversation with someone that speaks Spanish, French, or Italian
My favorite topicsReligion, lifestyle, things to do for fun, school, etc
Devin, 25
Oklahoma City
LearnsSpanish, French, Chinese
My language exchange partner isConsistant, kind, helpful
My learning goalsTo become proficient in the languages I study
My favorite topicsoddities, music, videogames, hometowns, and food.
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Oklahoma City
LearnsFrench, Chinese
My exchange partner isFeel free to talk with me!
My learning goalsMy desire to be fluent in multilanguages.
My favorite topicsI like talking about anything in daily lives.
Brett, 35
Oklahoma City
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsPersian, French, Chinese
My conversation partner issomeone who loves travel
My learning goalsimproved spanish grammar + basic chinese phrases
My favorite topicsTravel - Food - Latin America - China
Sarah, 29
Oklahoma City
LearnsEsperanto, Chinese
My language exchange partner isWants to practice pronunciation and grammar without being too serious
My learning goalsImprove vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and confidence!
My favorite topicsI like to talk about sewing clothes, fashion, and books.
Rusty, 27
Oklahoma City
LearnsKorean, Chinese
My exchange partner isSomeone who wants to help learn about each other’s culture and language.
My learning goalsTo just learn enough for a conversation
My favorite topicsDaily life, music, and anything in general.
Paradyce, 18
Oklahoma City
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isCan easily help me understand the language, a good friend and a good listener and someone who will teach me about their culture
My learning goalsBetter pronunciation, Become Fluent, and have fun
My favorite topicsMovies, Music, Hobbies, Paranormal, Conspiracy theories,
Ashley, 19
Oklahoma City
LearnsChinese, Cantonese
My language exchange partner isFunny, likes art, reading, travel. Hopefully knows English because I'm bad at chinese.
My learning goalsI would like to be able to read and speak chinese well enough for travel.
My favorite topicsArt/art history, metal music, religion, history, books (classics, fantasy, and horror), travel, architecture.
Maree Alva, 28
Oklahoma City
LearnsSpanish, French, Chinese
My exchange partner isAnyone who can relate to my kind of person.
My learning goalsI want to be Able to speak Chinese and perfect my Spanish
My favorite topicsLove, sports, health, relationship, entertainment and Money
Jay, 18
Oklahoma City
LearnsIndonesian, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partner isAnyone, I have no standards.
My learning goalsTo be able to hold a conversation in all of my preferred languages without stuttering.
My favorite topicsI enjoy discussing music or other forms of entertainment and I'm also interested in talking about culture differences as well as politics.
John, 32
Oklahoma City
LearnsGerman, Spanish
My language exchange partner isPatient, kind, thoughtful, intelligent
My learning goalsBettering my Spanish and any other languages i can learn
My favorite topicsGaming, history, tech, movies, anime
Mafe, 33
Oklahoma City
My exchange partner isAlguien con mucha paciencia
My learning goalsPoder hablar el idioma de ingles
My favorite topicsDel idioma de viajes
Kitty, 27
Oklahoma City
My conversation partner isViet nam
My learning goalsEnglish
My favorite topicsViet nam
Zach, 25
Oklahoma City
My language exchange partner isA friendly person who is open to learning about new things
My learning goalsI want to be nearly fluent in Spanish this year.
My favorite topicsSports, traveling, animals, video games
Luz, 30
Oklahoma City
LearnsEnglish, Sign language
My exchange partner isSomeone who speaks English and want to learn or practice Spanish
My learning goalsLanguage exchange
My favorite topicsBooks, movies, science, culture
Silvia, 32
Oklahoma City
My conversation partner isNative English speaker
My learning goalsListening native English speakers and understand immediately and also speak fluently
My favorite topicsSports Pets Business International God Fashion Good food