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Miami Beach

22 Chinese speakers in Miami Beach looking to learn Chinese together

乔妍娜, 33
Miami Beach
SpeaksChinese, Cantonese
LearnsGerman, Spanish, French
My exchange partner isCan respect each other, humorous and interesting, if you have the same hobbies, it is better
My learning goalsWhen traveling, you can communicate easily and enrich your knowledge
My favorite topicsFitness, food, golf, yoga, photography, tourism
murager, 23
Miami Beach
SpeaksKazakh, Chinese
LearnsFrench, Italian, Russian
My conversation partner isnice pronunciation
My learning goalsto make friends
My favorite topicspopping break dance
Hui, 34
Miami Beach
SpeaksSpanish, Chinese
My language exchange partner isHumorous and witty,
My learning goalsGet to know foreign friends better
My favorite topicsTravel and food, shopping
YangHui, 34
Miami Beach
SpeaksKorean, Chinese
My exchange partner isJust be sincere.
My learning goals人活到老学到老
My favorite topics寻找前世之旅
Susan, 28
Miami Beach
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
LearnsSpanish, Japanese, Russian
My conversation partner isI'm not sure about this
My learning goalsAble to communicate simply
My favorite topicsHistory and culture! Travel and make money!
ZhongYuan, 28
Miami Beach
My language exchange partner isEasygoing
My learning goalsDaily language
My favorite topicsTravel

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Simon, 27
Miami Beach
LearnsJapanese, Korean
My exchange partner isfemale, student better
My learning goalslearn howbto speak and read proficiently
My favorite topicseverything
周墨, 28
Miami Beach
My conversation partner is大方,话多,温柔
My learning goals能够正常对话
My favorite topics英语
Kitty-, 34
Miami Beach
SpeaksJapanese, Chinese
LearnsEnglish, Cantonese
My language exchange partner is善解人意最重要,其它的都很OK啦
My learning goals当然是能和世界大多数人可以无障碍交流
My favorite topics空闲时间我喜欢和朋友讨论历史生活以及人生梦想
Jie, 27
Miami Beach
LearnsEnglish, French, Russian
My exchange partner is让我今后可以无障碍交流我选择的三中语言
My learning goals学会更多的东西
My favorite topics关于机械维修类,纺纱设备类,工业控制类。
沁园, 34
Miami Beach
LearnsGerman, Japanese, Korean
My conversation partner isSunny, talkative and polite.
My learning goalsMake friends and understand culture.
My favorite topicsFood, shopping, traveling around the world, economy.
王昊, 31
Miami Beach
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
LearnsGerman, French
My language exchange partner is相互学习 相互成长 Grow and learn from each other
My learning goals去更多国家
My favorite topics健身
Sheng, 29
Miami Beach
My exchange partner is男性有感染力
My learning goals完全会交流
My favorite topics工作,工具,剪刀,锤子,水性笔,
Wilson, 34
Miami Beach
My conversation partner is热情大方
My learning goals基本熟悉
My favorite topics政治
, 34
Miami Beach
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
My language exchange partner is会做饭,孝顺父母,疼我,照顾孩子
My learning goals更好的跟他人沟通,这样队友事业上有帮助
My favorite topics旅游、美食、保养品、投资
, 33
Miami Beach
SpeaksEnglish, Chinese
LearnsFrench, Italian
My exchange partner is女女女
My learning goals更好的交流
My favorite topics故事,爱好兴趣
一片星辰, 35
Miami Beach
My conversation partner is心灵美,善良,沟通能力强
My learning goals自由发挥
My favorite topics工作
feng, 38
Miami Beach
My language exchange partner is这边二次
My learning goals希望能做想像墨镜🕶️一样铁血
My favorite topics情感、事业、投资公司
Zihao, 35
Miami Beach
SpeaksEnglish, Cantonese
LearnsSpanish, Japanese, Zhuang
My exchange partner is大方
My learning goals粤语
My favorite topics投资,旅游,健身
ze, 36
Miami Beach
Learnssuji, Zhuang, Chinese
My conversation partner is教会我不同的语言,让我学会更多的东西
My learning goals培养个人多的兴趣爱好,拓展自己的空间
My favorite topics自驾游,做美食。健身跑步等运动。