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20 Chinese speakers in Gdynia looking to learn Chinese together

Paulina, 21
LearnsItalian, Russian, Chinese
My exchange partner is🌴 Someone, who is fun and outgoing! I can help you with English, Polish and Russian if u are learn it! If you want you can help me with Russian (I want to get to know more advance vocabulary) and Chinese! 🌴
My learning goals🌸meet new people, 🌸fluent speaking English, Russian and Chinese 🌸learn more languages
My favorite topics🌎 Hi! I’m Paulina and I’m a girl from Poland! I study Russian and Chinese. I love learning languages and get to know about other cultures. I also like travels, theatre, culture, poem, music, singing, photography, food 🌎
Łukasz, 27
SpeaksPolish, Russian
LearnsEnglish, Chinese
My conversation partner isразговорчивый, спокойный, интересный, приветливый
My learning goalsанглийскому язык, практика на разные темы
My favorite topicsмедитация, сознание, программирование, музыка, технологии, тренд, психология, фильмы, сериалы, филозофия, фестивали, новости, развлечения
Aleksandra, 22
LearnsKorean, Russian, Chinese
My language exchange partner isSomebody who's honest, kind and humorous.
My learning goalsI want to be able to communicate in another language
My favorite topicsMusic, movies, books and life in general.
la, 20
LearnsSpanish, French, Chinese
My exchange partner isChaleureux, aimables , intéressants
My learning goalsApprendre à parler en chinois et espagnol et peut-être français
My favorite topicsLes langues étrangères, les voyages, l'art
Ania, 22
LearnsSpanish, Russian, Chinese
My conversation partner isA person who is not only keen on basic, textbooks phrases but also wants to learn/teach an every day language
My learning goalsI would really love to educate myself more about other cultures from the best source possible, that is people living that cultures. Improve my language skills would also be nice.
My favorite topicsNo subject is a taboo for me. I can talk music, politics, economy as well as YouTube dramas
Maya, 50
LearnsGerman, French
My language exchange partner isfriendly, patient and ambitious
My learning goalsi want to go to the college in america so i have to know english/american very good
My favorite topicshuman anatomy, painting, music (rock and jazz), singing, dancing
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Tathiana, 39
My exchange partner isCurious, who will ask me a lot of questions. Who doesn't afraid to start new subject.
My learning goalsI wish to get a job in some company. I have base for the position, but I know that that language would give some average to get this job.
My favorite topicsAny subject, except sport. Before coronavirus I liked to run, but in a different way, I'm not interested about sport.
Agata, 18
My conversation partner isDistance oneself, funny, intelligent, nice, maybe dark humor xD
My learning goalsDevelop my words resource words, get to know new friends and cultures 😄
My favorite topicsBooks, films, series, science, culture, music, art, pets, photos, animal shelter, future doctor or layer xD
Kari, 17
SpeaksPolish, Russian
LearnsGerman, English, French
My language exchange partner isЯ хочу переписываться со всеми😊
My learning goalsХочу нормально общаться без словаря)
My favorite topicsСпорт, гимнастика, друзья, сладкое, сериалы, шопинг
Krzysztof, 23
My exchange partner isI dont know, im new here
My learning goalsTo be as fluent as native
My favorite topicsSports Cats Traveling Running Books Food
Adrian, 26
My conversation partner isNice person with big grin, and film od emphaty
My learning goalsSpeaking fluency
My favorite topicsSports, cars, travelling, business english, games, daily english
Michelle, 27
My language exchange partner isI want to speak with
My learning goalsNhshahajwjjwjwjshshshshshhs
My favorite topicsSport, moda, wiek
Patrycja, 26
My exchange partner isFunny, intersting
My learning goalsI would like to improve my english
My favorite topicsTravel, Culture, Music, Literature, Business, Human resources
alicja, 23
My conversation partner isSmart, great sense of humor
My learning goalsEnglish
My favorite topicsSea, fantasy books, film, TV series
German, 74
SpeaksEnglish, Spanish
LearnsGerman, Polish
My language exchange partner isNot really. Somebody interested in learning languages an d who likes to talk about everyday life events
My learning goalsUnderstanding and speaking polish and german
My favorite topicsEveryday life Cooking/baking Sports
Taras, 22
SpeaksRussian, Ukrainian
My exchange partner isMy perfect tandem partner is young person who like to talk everyday and everynight
My learning goalsI want to speak fluently with my colleagues from another country
My favorite topicsNetflix serials, travelling, healthy food and a little bit about photo
Nicole, 26
SpeaksEnglish, Polish
My conversation partner isAn open-minded person,who doesn't treat themselves too seriously;)
My learning goalsJust to explore the culture through language and I simply love Brazil, so if I learn anything I will be glad :)
My favorite topicsSports, movies-netflix, cultural nuances, human rights, simply anything :)
Aleksandra, 27
My language exchange partner isHas to be interesting person, eager to learn and speak about everything :)
My learning goalsI want to obtain C1 level
My favorite topicsTravels, other cultures, books, movies, sport. Instagram.com/klakencio
Roman, 26
My exchange partner isAs Intp, referably Enfp, entp, enfj. However, I am not excluding anyone tbh ;) if you dont know "mbti", just google it (different people "click" with different people).
My learning goalsGetting c1 goethe certified, moving to Germany
My favorite topicsDiy ethics, maker/hacker culture, finance (career support, stock market, smalll business), sport (swimming, marching, weightlifting), self reliance (off grid living), frugality, gabber and heavy metal music, mechanical engineering
Sylwester, 27
LearnsEnglish, Spanish
My conversation partner isMy perfect Tandem partner is talkative , open mind, honest etc
My learning goalsIs talking fluently in English
My favorite topicsEvery topics but for example: traveling, businesses, free time, work, friends time, cooking