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58 language exchange partners in Nizhny Tagil looking to learn languages

Ника, 20
Nizhny Tagil
LearnsGerman, English
My exchange partner isSociable, smart, patient. Sometimes I can make silly mistakes, so I hope my partner won't get furious with it.
My learning goalsTo "remove" language barrier in my English. And to improve my skills in German.
My favorite topicsI really enjoy discussing books, film and sweets. I read a lot, so I can share my knowledge with other, and I like when others share with me. Besides, I'm a linguist, so I'd like to discuss some culture peculiarities
Anna, 19
Nizhny Tagil
Ideal language community partnerI would like to have friend, who shares my interests. And who has opened mind
My learning goalsI realy like english and i want speak it fluently
My favorite topicsI love movies and books about everything. I can't live without music. Also i'm inspired by anime. And i realy like to explore culture of different countries:)
Mikhail, 25
Nizhny Tagil
Ideal conversation exchange partnerYou native language English also you good know English and maybe Russian language
My learning goalsI want to understand English
My favorite topicsMovie, series, run, game, programming
Maria, 21
Nizhny Tagil
LearnsGerman, Spanish, French
Perfect language exchange partnerПонятный и интересный
My learning goalsСвободное владение языком
My favorite topicsМогу поддержать любой разговор:)
Полина, 22
Nizhny Tagil
LearnsGerman, Turkish
My conversation partnerЛегкий по общению
My learning goalsУверенно обладать при общении
My favorite topicsПогода, прогулки
Арина, 26
Nizhny Tagil
LearnsFrench, Italian
My exchange partner isНе навязчивый, адекватный, грамотный умный
My learning goalsНаучиться понимать разговорную речь, также практика и письмо
My favorite topicsНа любые, поддержу любой разговор
Kristina, 30
Nizhny Tagil
My exchange partner isСтарше 35 лет
My learning goalsОвладеть базовым разговорным уровнем
My favorite topicsЛюбые
Lera, 20
Nizhny Tagil
SpeaksKorean, Russian
Ideal language community partnerДобрый, вежлевый
My learning goalsЗнать язык
My favorite topicsK-pop, любви , о жизни
Юля, 21
Nizhny Tagil
LearnsGerman, Spanish
Ideal conversation exchange partnerОбщительный
My learning goalsСвободно разговаривать на них
My favorite topicsФутбол, волейбол
Eva, 19
Nizhny Tagil
Perfect language exchange partnerЛюбой
My learning goalsРазговаривать как на своём
My favorite topicsНа любые
Nhhsbs, 29
Nizhny Tagil
SpeaksRussian, Uzbek
LearnsArabic, French, Turkish
My conversation partner1. Веселый,открытый человек
My learning goals1.совершенствовать свои навыки в каждом языке
My favorite topics1. Книги 2. Музыка
Vika, 18
Nizhny Tagil
LearnsFrench, Italian, Korean
My exchange partner isСвободно говорить на корейском и найти друзей
My learning goalsСвободно говорить на корейском
My favorite topicsK-pop
Александр, 31
Nizhny Tagil
LearnsSign language
Ideal language community partnerСо всеми
My learning goalsРазговаривать
My favorite topicsИх много
Marina, 20
Nizhny Tagil
Ideal conversation exchange partnerLooking for an open-minded person to exchange experience or even build some kind of bond
My learning goalsI'd love to become fluent in Mandarin ( if it's even possible, lol)
My favorite topicsIt's up to you to choose a topic
Arina, 19
Nizhny Tagil
Perfect language exchange partnerwith all
My learning goalsspeak korean
My favorite topicsMove, game, food
Kristina, 31
Nizhny Tagil
LearnsJapanese, Korean, Chinese
My conversation partnerХороший, добрый, весёлый, романтичный и т.д
My learning goalsПутешествие, интерес
My favorite topicsНа любые, разговаривать интересно обо всём. Кроме уж сильно пошлых тем
Арина, 19
Nizhny Tagil
My exchange partner isОбщительные, понимающий, добрый
My learning goalsПонимать язык
My favorite topicsЛюди, животные, жизнь
Sonia, 21
Nizhny Tagil
Ideal language community partnerЛюбознательный, открытый, с чувством юмора
My learning goalsУлучшить знания языка, узнать что-то новое
My favorite topicsLiterature, music, art
Nastya, 18
Nizhny Tagil
Ideal conversation exchange partnerлюбой
My learning goalsобщение
My favorite topicsНа любые, но я плохо говорю на английском, но хотела бы говорить на корейском
Надежда, 38
Nizhny Tagil
LearnsGerman, Italian
Perfect language exchange partnerЧеловек хорошо знающий свой родной язык
My learning goalsИзучение языка, знакомства с новыми людьми
My favorite topicsФильмы, путешествия

Frequent city questions

How many people are available for language exchange in Nizhny Tagil?

There are 58 members in Nizhny Tagil on Tandem.

Which other locations in Russia other than Nizhny Tagil are available for language exchange on Tandem?

Tandem is also available in locations such as Odintsovo, Shakhty, and Mytishchi.

What is Tandem and what is language exchange?

Tandem is the language learning app where millions of people teach each other. More than 500,000 people visit Tandem each month and 58 do it in Nizhny Tagil.