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언어 배우기를 희망하는 Parsippany-Troy Hills 내 구사자 6 명

Choi, 31
Parsippany-Troy Hills
언어 커뮤니티 파트너 희망사항Someone who is open minded and culturally diversed
나의 학습목표I would like to be able to communicate with my family in-law in Chinese
내가 좋아하는 토픽Culture and food
Raphael, 23
Parsippany-Troy Hills
배웁니다Spanish, Korean, Tagalog
내 언어교환 파트너는Easy going, open minded
나의 학습목표Comfortable speaking writing and reading
내가 좋아하는 토픽I love playing the piano, sight read stuff and I know a few songs off the top of my head, I love to hike, learn new things, run, and eat new and exciting food
Pauline, 23
Parsippany-Troy Hills
대화 파트너 희망사항Nationalité américaine, qui aime voyager
나의 학습목표Wanted to improve my English with native people 🇺🇸🇬🇧 Can teach French
내가 좋아하는 토픽Voyage, culture américaine
Ana, 25
Parsippany-Troy Hills
배웁니다Spanish, French, Italian
100% 일치 언어교환 파트너Someone who talks a lot to me. Someone who has many of my same interests & show enthusiasm for them. Someone who can help me learn their language better & will accept help from me about my language. Someone i can potentially be close friends with one day.
나의 학습목표To learn, remember, and communicate with the language.
내가 좋아하는 토픽History, literature, sociology, psychology, art, music, film, tv shows, actors, writers, books, stories, poetry, travel, accents, linguistics
Punith, 25
Parsippany-Troy Hills
배웁니다Spanish, Portuguese, Sanskrit
내 대화 파트너Easy going, energetic and caring
나의 학습목표Nothing
내가 좋아하는 토픽Sports, politics, movies etc
Adrienne, 23
Parsippany-Troy Hills
언어 커뮤니티 파트너 희망사항Someone who is patient but also can carry a conversation
나의 학습목표To be able to hold conversation in Tagalog, Cebuano, and Japanese
내가 좋아하는 토픽Video games, daily activities, tv shows, and travel experiences