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언어 배우기를 희망하는 Chapel Hill 내 구사자 82 명

Dong Ok
Dong Ok, 39
Chapel Hill
언어 커뮤니티 파트너 희망사항Someone who is interested in learning language and oped to talking about anything
나의 학습목표English
내가 좋아하는 토픽Travel, movie, sport, food
Ran, 26
Chapel Hill
배웁니다French, Japanese, Korean
내 언어교환 파트너는A person who is responsible and nice.
나의 학습목표Practice English and learn French
내가 좋아하는 토픽Dancing and singing
Brianna, 28
Chapel Hill
배웁니다Spanish, Japanese, Korean
대화 파트너 희망사항Someone patient and willing to explain the answers to my questions
나의 학습목표Improve speaking skills to be able to talk about everyday topics
내가 좋아하는 토픽Travel, movies, music, cooking, health
Lexi, 17
Chapel Hill
배웁니다German, Japanese, Korean
100% 일치 언어교환 파트너Just a respectful person I can get along with
나의 학습목표Being able to have fluent conversations in other languages
내가 좋아하는 토픽I enjoy discussing hobbies and art
Juana, 20
Chapel Hill
내 대화 파트너Someone who is honest, funny, kind, and not afraid to be weird sometimes
나의 학습목표Learn new language and make new friends
내가 좋아하는 토픽Music, culture, food, and more!
Aja, 24
Chapel Hill
언어 커뮤니티 파트너 희망사항Someone who's willing to learn and is a great teacher. Preferably looking for advanced English lessons. As for myself, I study theater and communications so it's best for me to answer answer pronunciation questions or accent questions!!!
나의 학습목표Increase my fluency in Korean and my comfort level in speaking it.
내가 좋아하는 토픽Music, movies, food. Travel. I also love the beauty and fashion industry. I love all types of music and I've been a dancer for 15 years.
Marina, 24
Chapel Hill
구사합니다German, English
배웁니다Korean, Norwegian
언어 커뮤니티 파트너 희망사항anyone!
나의 학습목표
내가 좋아하는 토픽travel, language learning, music, books, television, school~
Meagon, 18
Chapel Hill
내 언어교환 파트너는I would like someone who can deal with my basic grasp of Korean, talk to me about my interests and hopefully become a good friend of mine ✨ (and maybe share some memes)
나의 학습목표I would like to speak korean and make a lot friends, i can also help you practice English! // 저는 한국어만 말해요. 그런데 영어 가르쳐요.
내가 좋아하는 토픽i enjoy talking about college, my favorites movies and shows, k-pop, music and most anything else! i also like to craft and be creative! // 저는 대학생이에요. 영화하고 텔레비전 좋아해요. 또 한국 음악 많이 들어요.
Kaylin, 23
Chapel Hill
대화 파트너 희망사항Someone who speaks Spanish and wants help with English
나의 학습목표Just to practice my Spanish before I move to Spain
내가 좋아하는 토픽Food, sports, travel, dogs, the ocean, different cultures
Liz, 33
Chapel Hill
배웁니다French, Chinese
100% 일치 언어교환 파트너Someone very patient!
나의 학습목표I want to learn Chinese enough to be respectful and aware of my surroundings in my traditionally Chinese neighborhood.
내가 좋아하는 토픽Politics, justice, art
Kelsey, 22
Chapel Hill
내 대화 파트너Someone who understands Russian grammar and language well so they can help me learn and improve. I also hope that person is patient, interesting, and conversational.
나의 학습목표I want to use Russian more and improve my writing and speaking abilities while also speaking to a cool native person. Maybe you can ask me questions in English if you want to practice your English, and I can respond in Russian while checking your grammar
내가 좋아하는 토픽Science, cultures, news, literature, art, music, fashion, and social media stuff
Xinyuan, 19
Chapel Hill
배웁니다Japanese, Latin, Zhuang
언어 커뮤니티 파트너 희망사항
나의 학습목표交流沟通
내가 좋아하는 토픽武术,语言,文学
Luke, 36
Chapel Hill
내 언어교환 파트너는英語を勉強したい日本人、お互いに英語と日本語を教えたい人
나의 학습목표綺麗な日本語を書けるようになりたいです。 また、新宿のスタバで言葉の交換をしたいです。
내가 좋아하는 토픽趣味 映画 歌
Iniya, 18
Chapel Hill
대화 파트너 희망사항Someone who is patient and willing to help!
나의 학습목표I understand Tamil fluently, but I would like to become fluent in speaking the language :)
내가 좋아하는 토픽
Alex, 21
Chapel Hill
100% 일치 언어교환 파트너I would like to speak with someone really interested in learning the language they are focusing on, or helping me to learn Romanian.
나의 학습목표I am new quite new to the language I am currently focussing on, so I would like to develop simple communication skills in that language.
내가 좋아하는 토픽I enjoy having simple conversations about various topics including books, movies, and music.
Andrea, 22
Chapel Hill
내 대화 파트너Friendly, funny, honest, humble, creative 💕
나의 학습목표I Would like to learn other languages, culture etc. I would like to help you to learn my language (Spanish❤❤) and mexican culture 😊
내가 좋아하는 토픽Art, movies and food❤
Celia, 18
Chapel Hill
구사합니다English, Finnish
배웁니다German, Spanish
언어 커뮤니티 파트너 희망사항I'd love to meet other exchange students and learn some more about other cultures/languages.
나의 학습목표Find new friends while on exchange! Haluaisin myös oppia paljon lisää saksaa ja espanjalaisia.
내가 좋아하는 토픽I like music, art, politics, travel, and just getting to know someone else. Pidän myös harjoitellessa suomalaista!
Xuemin, 27
Chapel Hill
내 언어교환 파트너는English Native speakers
나의 학습목표Improve spoken English . Communicate well in USA
내가 좋아하는 토픽Academic . Daily life . Research paper
Daniel, 22
Chapel Hill
대화 파트너 희망사항Someone with a big personality, someone who is open to talking about anything. Friendly, funny, etc.
나의 학습목표I'd like to become better with conversation. I'm fairly good at typing in my language but would like to be more proficient at speaking.
내가 좋아하는 토픽I'm open to nearly all topics. I like talking in general and seeing where the conversation goes.
Kendra, 36
Chapel Hill
100% 일치 언어교환 파트너I'd love to practice my (very) beginner Spanish while also getting to know someone, and learn about their culture and country at the same time.
나의 학습목표Learning Spanish is a somewhat slow process for me - I'm a busy working mom with two young kids. but I figure if I learn a little everyday, in a year from today I'll know a lot more than I do now.
내가 좋아하는 토픽travel, family, life