Senior Backend Engineer

5-7 years, full-time, Berlin

Your role will be to

As a Senior Backend Engineer, you will play a crucial role in building and scaling a global consumer product. You will develop and maintain the existing application and API. Think writing the code for new product features, designing and implementing solutions that are efficient and pragmatic. Your work is going to impact millions of users.

You will also get your hands dirty writing backend integration tests and designing and writing storage/database schema (SQL / NoSQL). You are going to monitor running server-side workloads (e.g. using NewRelic, LogzIO, CloudWatch) and have the opportunity to work on infrastructure projects.

You will join a small development team with well-established agile processes and short iteration cycles. From day one, you will be actively involved in discussions with your fellow backend and client engineers as well as product managers and designers. You will use tools such as Docker (docker-compose, Dockerfiles, Puppet), CI/CD – AWS CodePipeline (CodeBuild, CodeDeploy) and Github to support your workflow and deployment.

Our backend stack
The server-side codebase is written in PHP 7, Golang and Kotlin. We use MySQL, Redis, ManticoreSearch, Sphinx and DynamoDB and have developed our own messaging service using Rabbit MQ + MQTT/AMQP. Our backend is hosted on AWS, using services such as ECR, EC2, ELB, VPC, R53, RDS, ElastiCache, S3, SQS, SNS, Lambda, IAM. We integrate with 3rd party APIs (e.g. Facebook, Google, Apple, Stripe, AliPay, WeChat, Baidu).

You are the right fit for the role if

You’re an experienced engineer, passionate about building high performing backend applications. Ideally, you have contributed to open-source projects and built frameworks or libraries before. You’re keen to share your knowledge with your teammates and have a passion for learning. Being a language nerd is a big plus!

You would be a great fit for the role if

  • You know or have used Symfony, Swoole, Swoft and ReactPHP,
  • You are familiar with Supervisor, beanstalkd and PHPUnit
  • You are interested in CNCF and AWS products and technologies
  • You have previous experience with DevOps
  • You are familiar with algorithms, design patterns and their implementations
  • You are self-organized, solution-orientated, and love a challenge

The benefits

International. We are a small team of digital experts, hailing from all four corners of the globe. Not only do we share our knowledge, we teach our teammates about our own cultures and traditions.

Work/life balance matters to us. We know when it’s time to go home, snooze Slack notifications, and recharge our batteries.

Teams who train together, stay together. We offer Urban Sports Club memberships to boost our team’s physical and mental health. If just running for the tram is more your thing, we’ll contribute to your monthly BVG ticket instead.

Passion for languages. As a team, we speak more than 20 languages. Cool, right? For those wanting to improve their German (or Denglisch!), you can join one of our German classes or get a Tandem language tutor on us.

Relocation without the stress. If you’re looking to relocate to Berlin, we’re here and ready to assist you with the infamous German bureaucracy. You’ll feel settled in no time.

We really do have fun. We value the importance of bonding with our teammates outside of our normal work routine. We organize regular team events: from day trips, to weekly lunches, to Friday beers and board games.

A cozy office with everything you need. Our open, homey office is located in the heart of Berlin-Mitte. We offer a free choice of IT setup and whatever tech you require. As an added bonus, our kitchen is always fully stocked with free drinks and snacks.