Senior Backend Engineer

5-7 years, full-time, Berlin

Your role will be to

  • Develop and maintain the existing application and API
  • Code new product features and design efficient solutions that scale
  • Monitor running server-side workloads (e.g. using NewRelic, LogzIO, CloudWatch)
  • Write backend integration tests
  • Design and write storage/database schema (SQL & NoSQL)
  • Work on infrastructure projects
  • Discuss technical new features, trade-offs, provide estimates, deploy your own code and write documentation
  • Implement pragmatic solutions that impact millions of users

You are the right fit for the role if

  • You have contributed to open-source projects and have built your own framework or libraries before
  • You know or have used Swoole/Swoft/React-php, Symfony, Supervisord, Beanstalkd, PHPUnit
  • You are interested in CNCF and AWS
  • You are self-organized, highly responsible and solution-oriented
  • You are familiar with DevOps (e.g. bash, nginx, php-fpm, Debian& Alpine Linux)
  • You are familiar with algorithms, design patterns and their implementations
  • You are a language nerd (human and programming), an (ex)gamer or twitch regular, who knows the latest memes and symfonic metal 😉
  • You are passionate about building high performing backend applications

To succeed you should have deep experience in:

  • PHP 7
  • MVC OOP (any framework)
  • Docker, Composer, docker-compose, writing/changing complex Dockerfiles, Puppet
  • Git, merging, rebasing, branching
  • Integrating with 3rd party API‘s (e.g. Facebook, Google, Apple, Stripe, AliPay, WeChat, Baidu)
  • AWS ECR, EC2, ELB, VPC, R53, RDS, ElastiCache, S3, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, Lambda, IAM
  • CI/CD - AWS CodePipeline (Github, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy), Blue/Green
  • RabbitMQ, MQTT/AMQP
  • MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, ManticoreSearch / Sphinx

The benefits

  • The chance to join a friendly, highly experienced and exceptionally talented team early on
  • Competitive remuneration
  • An inspiring office at Rosenthaler Platz, in one of Berlin’s Startup hotspots
  • German lessons in office and free access to our language tutors on Tandem
  • Free choice of your IT setup
  • Relocation assistance
  • Team lunches, excursions, drinks, great coffee, office snacks, board games etc.
  • You’ll probably learn how to say “Hi” in 20 more languages