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Tee, 33
Petaling Jaya
ImparaEnglish, Korean
Persona ideale fare conversazione안녕하세요!내가 한국어와 영어를 배우고, 누구는 한국어와 영어를 가르 칠 수 있습니까? 내가 당신에게 중국어를 가르 칠 수 I learning Korean and English, and who can teach Korean and English? I can teach you Chinese
I miei obiettivi di apprendimento한국어 & English
Tematiche favoriteLove travelling
淑贤, 23
Petaling Jaya
Parlo conNice guys
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoMake more interesting people
Tematiche favoriteLet’s talk with each other,I wanna be your friend
Leigh, 25
Petaling Jaya
ImparaJapanese, Swedish
La persona ideale con cui parlareAnyone who'd like to learn
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoLearning at least the basics of a language of my preference
Tematiche favoriteI love art and music festivals, gaming, all things Japanese, travel and food. Hit me up if you like anime too! こんいちわ、りいです。私は日本語を勉強したいです!
Islam, 31
Petaling Jaya
ImparaGerman, English
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareGood and serious in life and have ambitions
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoComplete the Masters and get a Masters in Electrical Engineering- Energy and phd. As well as study the MBA
Tematiche favoriteWork and technology and sport and engineering electric.
Mandeep, 24
Petaling Jaya
ParlaEnglish, Panjabi
ImparaSpanish, French
Il mio tandemSomeone outgoing and easy to talk to.
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI’d love to learn conversational French and Spanish. I can speak 4 languages right now, and my goal is to eventually speak at least 6!
Tematiche favoriteArt, travel, poetry, movies, tv shows, books
Jie, 40
Petaling Jaya
ImparaJapanese, Korean
Persona ideale fare conversazione喜欢旅游,热爱健身。
I miei obiettivi di apprendimento旅游
Tematiche favorite旅游,车,健身
Chau, 23
Petaling Jaya
ImparaEnglish, Chinese
Persona ideale fare conversazioneFunny Sincere Good listener Understanding
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoImprove my vocabulary
Tematiche favoriteLife Books Music Stories
Ji, 27
Petaling Jaya
ImparaEnglish, Japanese, Malay
Parlo conNice guy. A good teacher also a good listener
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTry to integrate into local life.
Tematiche favoriteFood. Culture. Travel. History. Anything can talk
Mustafa, 28
Petaling Jaya
ParlaArabic, English
ImparaCzech, German
La persona ideale con cui parlareTalkative and helpful
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be able to use it without major mistakes
Tematiche favoriteVideogames, entertainment, technology, psychology, philosophy, politics, history
Devia Sekar, 20
Petaling Jaya
ParlaEnglish, Indonesian
ImparaJapanese, Korean
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareKind and friendly
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoIndonesia, korea and English
Tematiche favoriteAbout everything
Ifa, 25
Petaling Jaya
ParlaEnglish, Malay
ImparaJapanese, Korean, Chinese
Il mio tandemKind, Caring and respect to others
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoBe fluent in other languages
Tematiche favoriteTraveling, music, movies and reading
Alicia, 20
Petaling Jaya
ParlaZhuang, Chinese
ImparaSpanish, French
Persona ideale fare conversazionePatience , kind
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoSpeak fluently one day
Tematiche favoriteTravel, culture, nature,food
Yang, 37
Petaling Jaya
Parlo con没有要求
I miei obiettivi di apprendimento正确的语法和日常沟通
Tematiche favorite不同国家的文化和民俗
En Qi, 18
Petaling Jaya
ParlaEnglish, Chinese
ImparaJapanese, Korean
La persona ideale con cui parlarebeing able to teach each other languages and make friends ☺️
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoto be more fluent
Tematiche favoriteart, music, piano,anime
Jy, 21
Petaling Jaya
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareInteresting and kind.
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be more fluent in english daily communication.
Tematiche favoriteFood, travel and lifestyle.
Emylia, 27
Petaling Jaya
Il mio tandemEngaging, fun, open-minded
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI hope to teach people the Malay language and about Malaysian culture. I would also love to learn French (I'm a beginner)
Tematiche favoriteTravel, food, culture, film photography, cats
William, 29
Petaling Jaya
ImparaSpanish, Japanese
Persona ideale fare conversazione西班牙人,或者讲西班牙语流利的人
I miei obiettivi di apprendimento讲流利的西班牙语
Tematiche favorite学习西班牙语
Vivien, 29
Petaling Jaya
Parlo conUnderstand each other well
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoAble to speak and write the language that I would like to learn
Tematiche favoriteInterest of language exchange
Denneswari, 23
Petaling Jaya
ParlaEnglish, Malay
ImparaGerman, French, Chinese
La persona ideale con cui parlarePartner like can teach languages step by step ,friendly ,and humble
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoLearn more different languages can gain more knowledge about other country and their lifestyle.Maybe learning different languages will help me in future.
Tematiche favoriteBasic conversation and culture from different country. Besides that about nature topic wull be exciting too.
tang, 21
Petaling Jaya
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlare幽默,大方
I miei obiettivi di apprendimento自由聊天
Tematiche favorite旅行,吃饭,情感
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