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20 italofoni a Chennai che ricercono per insegnare una nuova lingua

Strider, 29
Imparaban, Spanish, Chinese
Persona ideale fare conversazioneWoman who replies faster
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoLearn Japanese .. conversational level. Trying to learn Spanish and Indonesian language as well.
Tematiche favoriteCulture, beer, Japan
Aysha, 21
ImparaArabic, Spanish
Parlo conI need a person who is Funny, interesting and sweet.
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI've always wanted to be bilingual. Just to understand and communicate well in it. I find it nice. Spanish has always interested me so I'm finally giving it a try. Wanna learn and some day would be fluent I wish.
Tematiche favoriteFashion Photography, fashion styling, Football, cricket, Video Games, Poems and quotes
Ayano, 26
ImparaEnglish, Tamil
La persona ideale con cui parlareSomeone who likes learning something new
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTalking with all
Tematiche favoriteLearning culture, languages
Ronnie, 23
ImparaEnglish, Spanish
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareHe/She should be friendly with me.
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI would like to be fluent in English..
Tematiche favoriteSports
Thara, 47
Il mio tandemDon't know
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoLearn a foreign language
Tematiche favoriteBooks Tv shows education politics
Vasanth, 36
ImparaHindi, Kannada
Persona ideale fare conversazioneFun loving, easy going, casual, down to earth,
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTalk and read, confidently Talk with people
Tematiche favoriteTechnology, movie, travel, science, social media,
Srikanth, 56
Persona ideale fare conversazioneAnyone who is willing to chat
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoLearn German
Tematiche favoriteCulture, food& lifestyle
Theeran, 30
ParlaEnglish, Tamil
Parlo conThose who can be friendly teach me their language
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoPortuguese French English Spanish Arabic
Tematiche favoriteFilms Dramas Music Love Dating
Vivek, 27
ParlaEnglish, Hindi
ImparaFrench, Dutch, Polish
La persona ideale con cui parlareA very friendly person would be perfect I want them to be open minded
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to speak a foreign language fluently
Tematiche favoriteI want to know about different cultures and learning new language
Jacob, 40
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareHelps me acquire speaking Tamil. Not grammar or reading.
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI’d like to be able to speak Tamil with friends.
Tematiche favoriteFamily Culture Food
Mohas, 32
Il mio tandemAn English pro who would like to help in making my English fluent
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoMy target is 60 days. Before which I have to make my English fluent and I am excited to speak with native speakers
Tematiche favoriteAnything from Culture, Politics and General topics too
Ugin, 30
ParlaEnglish, Tamil, Telugu
Persona ideale fare conversazioneI want a partner who is witty, jovial
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoAble to speak in the language
Tematiche favoriteSomething in general, movies
Pranith, 25
Parlo conSomeone who is sensible
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoLearn Spanish ❤️and visit South America if I ever get a chance👍
Tematiche favoriteFood, cooking, procrastinating:: if I don’t reply, it means I am really busy😒. I love to be simple. I have a good set of hobbies and interests, would love to share them with you ☺️
Joel, 33
ImparaGerman, French
La persona ideale con cui parlareA curious, outgoing, simplistic and a cool person who is patient enough to build acquaintance breaking language & cultural barriers...
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTo learn a foreign language at least to a level where I can feel comfortable if I should visit that country/ place as a tourist..
Tematiche favoriteTravel, Music, Movies, photography, Badminton, cricket
Dheepak, 31
ImparaGerman, Malayalam
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareI love stories... I'm sure everyone has some special story... I am all ears for u.... Stories about music , food , nature , adventure, family , history , magic and so on
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI would like to learn other languages, so that i can travel more and know about the history and culture of different people of the world
Tematiche favoriteI love to play football and travel into forests , cook delicious food, sing a little and listen to stories
Jey, 26
ImparaGerman, Hindi, Japanese
Il mio tandemI would love to talk to anyone who wants to have a conversation
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoLearning these languages has been a goal for a while, but i hope that i would learn them soon
Tematiche favoriteI would love to talk about movies, TV shows and books.
GenTalk, 25
ImparaArabic, French, Hindi
Persona ideale fare conversazioneTell me That meaning with sentence and build up my language skills
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoFluently speak and written to survival that country
Tematiche favoriteThings and startup speak with chat
Veena, 22
Parlo conA person with good sense of humour
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to speak French like native speakers
Tematiche favoriteI would like to discuss about real life situations
Bhaavna, 21
La persona ideale con cui parlareSomeone very constructive and positive who could help me speak German better
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be able to communicate mistake free in German with perfect grammar
Tematiche favoriteI enjoy discussing anything from history to astronomy, I don't really mind how varied the topics go, I'm an avid listener and learner always looking forward to get to know new things
Goutham, 25
ImparaGerman, Hindi
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareAnyone who's interesting and quirky and also whom I can discuss about different cultures, etc.
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be fluent in the the language I'm learning and make lot of friends.
Tematiche favoritePetrolhead forever. I'd like to indulge myself in playing drums and keyboard.
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