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29 italofoni a Abu Dhabi che ricercono per insegnare una nuova lingua

Nicole, 31
Abu Dhabi
ParlaEnglish, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
ImparaPersian, French, Japanese
Persona ideale fare conversazioneInteresting people with a great story
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI would love to practice my French
Tematiche favoriteTravel Backpacking Design
Golriz, 40
Abu Dhabi
ImparaGerman, English, Italian
Parlo conNo matter😊
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoBeing familiar with other caltures and making new friends
Tematiche favoriteCalture , tourism , jobs , hobbies
Alan, 34
Abu Dhabi
ImparaFrench, Italian
La persona ideale con cui parlareAlguém descontraído, que seja paciente. Uma pessoa que goste de ensinar e aprender. De preferência alguém bem falante e que não se importe com as dificuldades de comunicação que possam surgir.
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoAprender idiomas para poder imigrar para outros países.
Tematiche favoriteEsportes, viagens e família
Irina, 38
Abu Dhabi
ParlaEnglish, Russian
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareОткрытый человек с чувством юмора
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoНовые друзья и улучшение разговорного уровня
Tematiche favoriteПутешествия, психология, музыка, саморазвитие
Yahya, 30
Abu Dhabi
ParlaArabic, English
ImparaEnglish, Spanish, Italian
Il mio tandemFunny
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoLearning English
Tematiche favoriteMake money, play football
Beatriz, 18
Abu Dhabi
ImparaSpanish, French, Italian
Persona ideale fare conversazionejust to spend time, I’m getting bored in this quarentine
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoto communicate better with people
Tematiche favoriteabout life
Riza, 26
Abu Dhabi
ImparaSpanish, French, Italian
Persona ideale fare conversazioneFunny, intellectual and not racist
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoSpanish, Italian & French
Tematiche favoriteMovies &/or TV shows Books Culture Geography Lifestyles Food .. and anything that makes sense
Polina, 26
Abu Dhabi
ParlaEnglish, Russian
Parlo conFunny and easygoing
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI wish to improve my writing skills
Tematiche favoriteI'd like to discuss about everything
Maria Nanette, 46
Abu Dhabi
ImparaSpanish, French, Italian
La persona ideale con cui parlareJolly, with sense of humor, smart
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTo speak a language fluently
Tematiche favoriteCulture, movies, character
Preethal, 28
Abu Dhabi
ParlaEnglish, French, Hindi
ImparaFrench, Italian
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareUnderstanding, who teaches me, who listens to me when I have doubts
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to perfect in language which will help me while am traveling counties
Tematiche favoriteDance, comedy, love, life, relationships, friendships
Marah, 24
Abu Dhabi
ImparaSpanish, Italian
Il mio tandemFunny yet knows when to be serious
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoSpeak the language I desire fluently
Tematiche favoriteMusic,traveling,general topics
Cloe, 39
Abu Dhabi
ImparaEnglish, French, Italian
Persona ideale fare conversazioneOpenminded, fun, easy going :) just the person who is...
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoPractice and have a good communication skills when I'm traveling
Tematiche favoriteTravel, music, art, tattoos, history, recent events
Denise, 34
Abu Dhabi
ParlaGerman, English
Parlo conA sweet open minded person who is willing to share their stories with me.. Humorous people are always welcome!!????
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoImprove my Italian..
Tematiche favoriteFashion, Love, Beauty, Traveling,Adventure, Spirituality
Alloi, 39
Abu Dhabi
ImparaFrench, Italian
La persona ideale con cui parlareGods fearing. Who will grow old with me. Family oriented.
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoFluent
Tematiche favoritePlaces. Hobbies. Likes
Hossam, 32
Abu Dhabi
ParlaArabic, English
ImparaItalian, Korean
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareFunny, easy to talk to, optimistic shares the same topics that im interested in Open minded
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoMake new friendships, learn a language or tow, discuss interesting topics, and have fun!
Tematiche favoriteTechnology Innovation in Business Movies
Aladdin, 27
Abu Dhabi
ParlaArabic, English
Il mio tandemSomeone who is easy to talk
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoImprove my writing and comprehension of Italian
Tematiche favoriteHistory, movies, music, psychology, economics
Paul, 33
Abu Dhabi
ImparaArabic, Italian
Persona ideale fare conversazioneBubbly, easy to talk with
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoLearn english fluently
Tematiche favoriteInvesting, teaching
Carla, 26
Abu Dhabi
ParlaAfrikaans, English
ImparaSpanish, Italian, Russian
Parlo conOutgoing
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoWant to learn how to speak a foreign language fluently
Tematiche favoriteTravel Aviation
Y, 34
Abu Dhabi
ImparaEnglish, Italian
La persona ideale con cui parlare我想提高写作准备雅思,希望我的语伴擅长规范写作。并能跟目标相似,认真,稳定
I miei obiettivi di apprendimento提高写作能力,通过雅思考试
Tematiche favorite语言学习及学术研究
Lulu, 22
Abu Dhabi
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlarePeople who are super chill and don't mind awkward laughs. Still respectful about different opinions and another person's time! ❤️
I miei obiettivi di apprendimentoTo speak confidently in Italian ❤️ I lived in Reggio Emilia for a year when I was in high school and did B2 in Italian but forgot most of it.
Tematiche favoriteHi! I'm a student at New York University. My friends and I love having 3 am conversations about politics, life, and philosophy, but also random things! I travel a lot, love kayaking and rock climbing, and dancing.
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