Parla Francese a Columbus

Il miglior modo per imparare la lingua Francese

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Parlare è il modo più veloce per imparare una lingua

Migliora le tue capacità di ascolto, la tua pronuncia, o impara una lingua straniera ovunque ti trovi, direttamente dai madrelingua.

20 italofoni a Columbus che ricercono per insegnare una nuova lingua

Roman, 35
ParlaInglese, Francese
ImparaHindi, Russo, Turco
Persona ideale fare conversazioneFunny, open minded., beautiful 😉
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI would like to be able to speak
Tematiche favoriteLife
Maxime, 18
Parlo conUne femme de mon âge ou un homme
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoParler anglais mieux que maintenant
Tematiche favoriteLe sport, la moto
Rica, 27
ParlaInglese, Francese
La persona ideale con cui parlareSomebody that is willing to help me progress
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be fluent in speaking and writing
Tematiche favoriteEverything, from politics to tv shows, anime, science and life in general
Brian, 32
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareGentil, ouvert d’esprit
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoJe veux voyager et communiquer
Tematiche favoriteLes voyages, la santé, le sport, la géographie
Jacob, 22
ImparaFrancese, Coreano
Il mio tandemOpen-minded, able to teach, I prefer messaging to voice chat so someone who is comfortable not talking on the phone.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoGain knowledge of my target language(s), conversational fluency.
Tematiche favoriteLanguages, world politics.
Don'Von, 22
Persona ideale fare conversazioneSomeone who’s also into tech and video games would be nice but at the very least, open minded and willing to talk about culture and worldly events.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoImprove my French to the point where I can effectively communicate both written and spoken.
Tematiche favoriteI’m a software engineer. I enjoy tech, the outdoors, anime and video games. Alongside that, I also enjoy conversing with new people and getting to know their way of life and their worldly views. Lastly 🏳️‍🌈
Corey, 26
ImparaTedesco, Francese
Persona ideale fare conversazioneQuelqu'un qui est passionné par les langues. Looking for somebody who is equally as passionate about language as I am.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoPratiquer/améliorer mon français, mon italien, mon allemand et ainsi de suite. Looking to practice and better my French, Italian and German.
Tematiche favoriteLa musique, le sport, la littérature, les langues, etc. Music, sports, reading, languages...
Win, 24
ImparaEwe, Francese
Parlo conSomeone who is excited to learn and have fun! Patient with someone learning their language. And someone who is consistant with their learning.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to learn a new language so I can keep in touch with my family overseas. I also want to learn about new cultures and idea and visit friends and family around the world.
Tematiche favoriteI love spending time with my family and close friends. I like outdoor activities like rock climbing and hiking. I love learning new skills and learning about new topics.
Herman, 21
La persona ideale con cui parlareJust someone I can expand my vocabulary with and learn to speak more complex sentences with.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to become fluent conversationally in French
Tematiche favoriteI like all things, I can talk about life, sports, movies, anything really I just want to learn to do it fluently in French as well lol
Aybe, 35
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSomeone who is funny and willing to talk about almost anything
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI would like to improve my Japanese, I have a pretty good grasp on the language but would like someone willing to continually speak to me in Japanese
Tematiche favoriteVideo games, music, traveling, books.
Jacob, 21
Il mio tandemClam, funny, and intelligent. Enjoys discussions.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI already speak pretty solid French, but I'd like to improve, and I would like to help someone else learn either French/English.
Tematiche favoriteForeign policy, culture, sciences, history, la santé mentale, tous les choses comme ça
Eli, 25
Persona ideale fare conversazioneSomeone willing to have an interesting conversation with me, split equally between English and French
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI need to maintain the French fluency I already have and I’d like to get better at understanding and speaking everyday French including slang and idioms.
Tematiche favoriteI’m willing to talk about anything. I really enjoy hearing about life in different places though!
Avonne, 28
ParlaInglese, exx
ImparaFrancese, Giapponese
Parlo conSomeone with patience, a sense of humor, a love of languages, smart
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBe able to communicate with others and destroy the stereotype of Americans who do not embrace other cultures or even try to become bilingual.
Tematiche favoriteMusic, Tae Kwon Do, Yoga, School, Life, Love
Ricardo, 18
ImparaSpagnolo, Francese
La persona ideale con cui parlareAnyone
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoIncrease level of comprehension
Tematiche favoriteVideo Games, Movies, Books
Myisha, 34
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSomeone nice who has patience and who is easy to talk to
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to be fluent in French Authentic French from real live native speakers
Tematiche favoriteMovies Sports Anything
Dani, 28
Il mio tandemI want a friend that we can help each other learn stuff about where we are from. Also someone who loves videos games.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoCulture, language, and street smarts
Tematiche favoriteVideo games, travel, YouTube
Jose, 20
ParlaInglese, Spagnolo
ImparaFrancese, Portoghese
Persona ideale fare conversazioneYou
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI just wanna meet some friends
Tematiche favoriteTell me what you want to do in life
Kirsten, 37
Parlo conSomeone that is friendly and patient with my language mistakes
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo become fluent in French
Tematiche favoriteCulture, entertainment, fashion, news
Charles, 36
ImparaSpagnolo, Francese, Cinese (semplificato)
La persona ideale con cui parlareA person who wants to work hard at learning target language. People who hate Donald Trump ( as much as I do).
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo learn a bit each day.
Tematiche favoriteLearning how to actually learn a language. Dogs. Physics.
Alex, 31
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSomeone with similar interests? Or just interested in sharing differing ideas. I speak English and Mandarin. I used to speak French but am sorely out of practice :/
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoA better ability to communicate my thoughts into other languages! I am a native English speaker, and would love to improve my Mandarin and French :)
Tematiche favoriteEntrepreneurship, travel, writing, minimalism, blogging, life