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Trova un partner di scambio di lingue a Fayetteville

33 italofoni a Fayetteville che ricercono per insegnare una nuova lingua

Daniela, 28
ImparaGerman, English
Persona ideale fare conversazioneSomeone smart and kind (:
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to be able to talk with other people in their language and learn about different cultures.
Tematiche favoriteMedicine, health, running, food, cooking, science (:
Hector, 27
Parlo conPaciente Patient
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoComunicación basica Basic cumunication
Tematiche favoriteCultura y política o anime Culture and politics or anime
Oli, 26
ImparaEnglish, Italian, Portuguese
La persona ideale con cui parlareA person who really enjoys teaching his or her language. BTW, I can also teach Spanish.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI’d like to speak more fluently in English, and of course, I want to learn about Italian and Portuguese as well.
Tematiche favoriteI’d like to talk about different topics.
Shan, 20
ParlaEnglish, Spanish
ImparaFrench, Italian
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareMy perfect tandem partner is someone that enjoys communicating & is patient when it comes to someone who is learning.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimento•be clear •know the basics
Tematiche favoriteLife, hobbies, shows
Rafael, 22
ParlaEnglish, Spanish
Il mio tandemFun people that enjoys learning languages!!
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoOrdering Chinese food and having casual conversations
Tematiche favoritemusic, food, dancing, languages, watching shows, video games and hanging out with friends!
Fany, 18
Persona ideale fare conversazioneAlguien que esté dispuesto a aprender y enseñarme de lo que sabe, que tenga una personalidad carismática y sobre todo que sea amable!
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoEnglish y Frances
Tematiche favoriteI really like to talk about sports
Angel, 23
ImparaItalian, Romanian
Persona ideale fare conversazionePeople wanting to practice their speaking skills in Spanish or English, and that would also help me practice my spoken Rumanian. Also, somebody who can correct all mistakes I make, and that’s willing to hear all corrections I make to them when speaking.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be able to speak Rumanian very well.
Tematiche favoriteI like learning about other cultures
magaly, 19
ParlaEnglish, Spanish
ImparaArabic, Hindi, Russian
Parlo conFunny and helpful
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoLearn more then 10 words
Tematiche favoriteCulture,food,music.
Priscila, 38
La persona ideale con cui parlareMujer
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoMejorar mi trabajo
Tematiche favoriteCulturales
Galo, 28
ImparaFrench, Italian, Portuguese
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSocial, outgoing, food lovers, wine lovers, traveling lovers
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBe fluent in italian and portugués
Tematiche favoriteCultures, technology, current events
Javier, 38
ParlaEnglish, Spanish
Il mio tandemAttentive, patient, and willingness to teach
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoMaster the Portuguese language
Tematiche favoriteDaily life, sports, travel, and general discussions
Rafael, 23
ParlaEnglish, Spanish
Persona ideale fare conversazioneFluent in German, friendly, willing to talk about anything, open minded
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo become fluent in German
Tematiche favoriteArtificial Intelligence, machine learning, Life in general, computer Science, Engineering, the universe, the world, the environment, Football (Fußball) not American football (kein Amerikanischen Fußball)
Ahmed, 23
ParlaArabic, Spanish
ImparaCatalan, French, Italian
Parlo conRandom, nice, and fun!
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoNot sure
Tematiche favoriteMusic, travel, food, sports... Everything!
Joey, 25
ParlaEnglish, Spanish
La persona ideale con cui parlareNative Croatian that speaks some English and would like to gain English skills in exchange for teaching me a little basic Croatian, I don’t know Croatian but I’d like to. I’m moving to EU in a few years with naturalized Croatian citizenship
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBecome fluent in the Croatian language , teach English, learn European culture. I want to pass Croatian history and culture test for citizenship.
Tematiche favoriteNature, politics, history, soccer
Gaby, 22
ParlaSpanish, exx
ImparaEnglish, Italian, sgn-ru
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSólo se español y un poco de ingles pero con mucho gusto me tomaría el tiempo para enseñar mi idioma a otras personas que lo quieren aprenderlo 😍🌻❤💋
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoQuiero aprender el inglés y me gustaría que alguien me mandara un mensaje diciéndome yo te enseño. Y también esa persona tiene que amar hablar mucho por que yo hago Muchas preguntas soy platicona 🙈😂😂😂🌻💋
Tematiche favoriteMe gusta mucho conversar y convivir con otras personas de otros países y que me enseñarán un poco de su idioma porq yo con gusto les enseñaría el español y también hablo inglés un poco me gusta que las personas q hablen de sus vidas lo que hacen diariamen
Catherine, 20
ParlaEnglish, Spanish
ImparaGerman, French, Portuguese
Il mio tandemIntelligent, helpful, enjoyable
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoSpeak the language fluently
Tematiche favoriteTraveling, school, life
John, 31
Persona ideale fare conversazioneChristians Travelers Teachers Musicians
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo make new friends to share experiences and language knowledge with. :)
Tematiche favoriteMovies Food Traveling
Mauricio, 25
ParlaEnglish, Spanish
ImparaFrench, Japanese, Chinese
Parlo conA willing and able language enthusiast who is up for a lot of correcting and practicing.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoSpoken fluency and improved listening skills
Tematiche favoritePhilosophy, religion, politics, current events, culture and language.
Fabiola, 51
La persona ideale con cui parlareEnglish native speaker
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoAdvanced level
Tematiche favoritePelículas
Abby, 23
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareAlegre, un hablador, divertido, atento con mi español
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoVoy a ser una médica y quiero mi pacientes que hablan español sentirse bienvenido
Tematiche favoriteMedicina, pasiones, perros, sueños, pensamientos