Impara le lingue Wellington

Trova un partner di scambio di lingue a Wellington

20 italofoni a Wellington che ricercono per insegnare una nuova lingua

Igor, 39
ParlaRussian, Ukrainian
Persona ideale fare conversazioneОбщительный и дружелюбный
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoБытовое общение.
Tematiche favoriteФильмы, путешествия, история.
Алёна, 28
Parlo conТактичный и понимающий то, что я только начала учить язык
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoПопрактиковаться в разговорном английском
Tematiche favoriteОсобенности языка, культура, кино, йога, путешествия
Oleg, 40
La persona ideale con cui parlareAnyone, who is able to accept me as is
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be able to speak fluently
Tematiche favoriteFood, cooking, films, politics, world, science, technology, cars, lifestyle, family, kids, pets, music, books
Serge, 36
ImparaGerman, Spanish, French
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareMy perfect Tandem partner is a smart person who likes science and technology and loves sharing stories.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI would like to be proficient in Spanish, German and French by 2022.
Tematiche favoriteI enjoy discussing current affairs, talking about news, technologies, health & fitness, politics, economy, psychology.
Igor, 23
ImparaSpanish, Finnish, Portuguese
Il mio tandemNot only I’m interested in learning a new language, but also I’m really keen to know something new about different cultures from various people from all over the world 🙂
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI don’t have any certain goal/s. Perhaps, I’d like to get to a basic level where it’s comfortable to communicate on simple topics.
Tematiche favoriteBass guitar, Travelling and Culture
Dmitry, 28
Persona ideale fare conversazioneJapanese native speakers, who are learning Russian or English. I am happy to help with both!
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to understand Japanese better, and to learn to speak and write without much delay or difficulty.
Tematiche favoriteScience, movies, games, programming, anime, technology, music, art
Ada, 25
Persona ideale fare conversazioneThe one willing to learn and to teach
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoMaintain a basic conversation fluently
Tematiche favoriteHiking, exercising, sports, baking
Nara, 26
ParlaEnglish, Russian
ImparaSpanish, Japanese
Parlo conAnyone who wants to practice English and Russian and would like to help me with my Spanish and Japanese 😉
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoImprove my conversational Spanish, learn Japanese.
Tematiche favoriteTravelling, learning about different cultures, languages, healthy food, gym, web-development, economics
Evgeny, 32
La persona ideale con cui parlareComposer, sound designer, film maker, 25-35 years old,
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoLearn kiwi accent, practice communicational skills, explore culture of New Zealand
Tematiche favoriteMusic, art, culture, New Zealand, social science, accents, Kiwi, traveling, vacations, sound, sound design, composers, films, film industry
Nicholas, 21
ImparaGerman, Russian
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSomeone interesting and that has a good amount of patience
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBeing able to hold a basic conversation
Tematiche favoriteI enjoy reading and watching films, along with playing guitar
Liz, 58
Il mio tandemPatient.Knowledgeable
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBe fluent in Russian or at lest conversation
Tematiche favoriteTravel. Everyday Conversations Sports.
Fabio, 29
ImparaFrench, Russian
Persona ideale fare conversazioneA person that speaks a lot, because I don't really know how to start a conversation sometimes.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoKnow about other cultures and languages.
Tematiche favoriteFrench TV Shows/Movies?
Olivier, 30
ImparaSpanish, Russian
Parlo con+Enthusiastic personality. +Somebody who really want to be involve in a friend relationship. + Someone who would be Keen on having call conversation.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be really self confident about my English. Try to step on with the Spanish language. And why not get some Russian language bases.
Tematiche favoriteWine Travelling Movies Arts Sales experience
Miglė, 24
ImparaSpanish, Russian, Swedish
La persona ideale con cui parlareFunny, interesting and easy to talk to
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBe as fluent as possible
Tematiche favoriteTraveling, dancing (especially salsa 💃) and meeting interesting people 🙈
Van, 26
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareFriendly and supportive people.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoIncrease my Russian vocabulary and fluency and make international friends!
Tematiche favoriteMusic, movies, culture, hobbies.
Thomas, 34
ImparaJapanese, Russian
Il mio tandemOpen minded, friendly people. Someone not afraid to look at both sides of an issue. I would be especially happy to talk to people from Central Asia.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be able to visit Eastern European and Central Asian countries in the future, and have conversations with people in Russian, without relying on English.
Tematiche favoriteMy interests are World Politics, Charity Work, Books, and Learning new things. In 2020 I start training as a police officer.
Caroline, 28
ImparaKorean, Russian
Persona ideale fare conversazioneSomeone who wants to share their culture, trivia and silly stuff~ and maybe recommend me movies in Korean, Japanese or Russian?
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoMeeting new people with whom I can chat to learn their languages and culture =)
Tematiche favoriteBooks, movies, anime, RPGs, Kpop, gastronomie and Harry Potter~
, 30
ParlaEnglish, Chinese
ImparaFrench, Italian, Russian
Parlo con和蔼可亲的朋友
I mio obiettivi di apprendimento爱情
Tematiche favorite运动健身
Flavio, 37
ImparaArabic, Russian, Chinese
La persona ideale con cui parlareFunny and sweet
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoKnow new people
Tematiche favoriteLife, music, dreams, family, travel
Aleysha, 25
ImparaGerman, French, Russian
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSomeone who is patient as I am still very new, someone from a different culture
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to learn to hold simple conversations, verbal and written, in French, German and Russian
Tematiche favoriteBooks and movies, travelling and adventures or experiences,