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20 italofoni a Bristol che ricercono per insegnare una nuova lingua

Nadine, 42
Persona ideale fare conversazioneIntelligent, easy-going and open-minded
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoLife in Spain
Tematiche favoriteMovies, travelling, health, yoga, people, ecology, music, cooking, psychology
Alex, 37
ParlaGreek, Russian
Parlo conI'm interested in learning about the German culture and life in Berlin
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBe able to have a simple conversation in German
Tematiche favoriteFood, travel, cats, movies
Ana, 34
ParlaBelarusian, Russian
ImparaGerman, French
La persona ideale con cui parlareSociable, curious, funny, well-read
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBe fluent in French (again). Learn conversational German
Tematiche favoritePhotography, culture, history, politics, art, movies, literature, social issues, food, etc
Anton, 22
ParlaEnglish, Russian
ImparaGreek, Spanish, Ukrainian
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSomeone who is patient and helpful
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBecome fluent to be able to live and work abroad
Tematiche favoriteTravelling, Sports, Food and Culture
Agnese, 29
ParlaLatvian, Russian
ImparaEnglish, Spanish
Il mio tandemЧеловек который был во многих странах мира, который может поделится впечатлениями
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoАнглийскому
Tematiche favoriteПутишествия
Olivia, 19
ParlaEnglish, exx
Persona ideale fare conversazioneSomeone who is nice and positive
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to learn new languages and find new acquaintances
Tematiche favoriteTell me about your country and things you like
Daria, 28
ParlaEnglish, Russian
Persona ideale fare conversazioneI would really like to have open-minded conversations about anything really, but don't expect much at the beginning. I am still only 3 steps into the race for fluent Spanish! :)
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoFluency and good everyday vocabulary in Spanish
Tematiche favoriteTravel, culture. Green mindset and environment. Language and literature
Dumitru, 29
ParlaEnglish, Romanian, Russian
Parlo conSimilar interests
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoLanguage proficiency
Tematiche favoriteLife, movies, books, politics, news, tv series
Ion, 29
La persona ideale con cui parlareSomeone who's native language is English and have enough patience to help me to improve my English. A nice boy or girl that speaks a lot an would like to share some nice and interesting stories, wishes, events or anything else.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo speak English as fluent as natives.
Tematiche favoriteTraveling. Stories. Sport. Programming. Food.
Pauls, 34
ImparaJapanese, Polish
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareOne that would be interested in Latvian language/ culture, English chat, or one who would teach me Japanese.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoAcquire basic Japanese language knowledge.
Tematiche favoriteArt,technology,entertainment,design,education.
Kyle, 23
ParlaEnglish, Chinese
ImparaJapanese, Korean, Russian
Il mio tandemEasy to talk to and willing to share amazing stories
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoFulfill a dream
Tematiche favoriteScenery, food, life story
Aled, 33
ParlaWelsh, English
ImparaGerman, Norwegian, Russian
Persona ideale fare conversazioneKind, open-minded, and more interested in how language is used day-to-day than how it's taught in the classroom
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI'd like to move beyond vocabulary and grammar to learn how native speakers use their language when they speak with their friends and family
Tematiche favoriteFilms, travel, technology, literature, cooking
Eliza, 20
ImparaSpanish, Russian
Parlo conSomeone a similar age to me, a university student, someone who wants to learn about different cultures
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be fluent in Spanish and Russian and to practice for living in Spain and Russia next year
Tematiche favoriteCulture Tv/film Literature Music Animals Travelling Life
Amen, 28
ParlaArabic, English
La persona ideale con cui parlareWelcome to my social circle :) My name is Amen, and I'm a very friendly and motivated person! Let's start the exchange
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoSome people here are learning 5 languages at once 😂 I don't know how the hell they're doing it! I wish to learn Russian and French, however not concurrently. I will finish the Russian part in mid August, and then I will start learning French.
Tematiche favoriteDaily activities, Business, Economics, books, food, and whatever you want to talk about! I welcome new friends; however, if you're the type that responds in more than 48 hours, I prefer not to learn with you as this will slow the heck down :)
Kim, 37
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareThey speak Russian and have a lot of patience :)
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoto speak the language day
Tematiche favoriteArt, movies, music, politics, chess, programming, and lots of other things :)
Fergal, 25
Il mio tandemМне нравится говорить и по-русски, и по-английски. Я ещё немного знаю русский. Я люблю говорить о фильм, музыка (хип-хоп), и жизнь))
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be able to speak Russian easily with native speakers and understand films and television without subtitles
Tematiche favoriteМузыка, фильмы, телевизор, компьютерное программирование, воксом
Kasia, 31
ImparaEnglish, Russian
Persona ideale fare conversazioneInteresting personality, someone who can teach me more about Russian culture and someone with who I can practise my English.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoSpeak English and Russian fluently!
Tematiche favoriteI love to travel. I’ve been in some European and Asian countries. Next trip will be to Indonesia! Interested in cultures (specially Russian), literature, art. Really like cycling, climbing and swimming!
Phil, 55
Parlo conSomeone who wants to help as much as learn. Someone who is patient, and doesn't laugh at my mistakes.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to be able to understand all I listen to. Ideally I'd like to reach C1, but that will be very difficult.
Tematiche favoriteMusic, Books, Football, Family, Films, Books...everything!
Marwa, 26
La persona ideale con cui parlareA funny and respectful person
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoAnything and everything
Tematiche favoriteCasual
Liam, 27
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareKind and patient would be nice
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI’d like to be able to read books in Russian and hold a conversation.
Tematiche favoriteBooks Films People Philosophy Silly games