Impara le lingue Zhongli (distretto)

Trova un partner di scambio di lingue a Zhongli (distretto)

20 italofoni a Zhongli (distretto) che ricercono per insegnare una nuova lingua

Johannes, 26
Persona ideale fare conversazioneShould be able to speak chinese fluently, is good in explaining, friendly :))
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo just get more used to the language and to get corrected when my sentence is wrong
Tematiche favoriteFood, funny things, politics whatever :)
Sal, 26
ImparaJapanese, zh-hant
Parlo coneine person die gern über alles mögliche spricht (vielleicht auch gemeinsame hobbys) und interesse am sprachaustausch hat
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoich möchte besser im umgang mit alltagssprache werden und grundlagen festigen und anwenden
Tematiche favoritekulturelle unterschiede und alltag, sprachvermittlung, reisen und hobbys, und einfach mal nett plaudern
Paula, 22
ParlaGerman, Hungarian
ImparaKorean, Chinese, zh-hant
La persona ideale con cui parlareIs honest and corrects me :)
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBeing able to text without problems and without struggling to express myself
Tematiche favoriteI love to talk about Books, Life and Music 💕
Patrick, 25
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSerious, interested and willing to learn
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoImprovement in all language skills
Tematiche favorite台南人呢
Rico, 23
ImparaEnglish, Chinese, zh-hant
Il mio tandemSomeone who is honest and corrects me when I’m wrong
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoBecoming more fluent
Tematiche favoriteSports ,Technology , Science , Business
Moritz, 22
ImparaFrench, Chinese
Persona ideale fare conversazioneLet's have a conversation and video call on ig: m0_0ritz
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoFlüssig im gesprochenen und geschriebenen Alltagsgebrauch werden.
Tematiche favoriteMeet new Friends!
Danny, 28
ImparaKorean, zh-hant
Persona ideale fare conversazioneInterested in learning German and looking for something sustainable
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoGet along in Taiwan
Tematiche favoritePolitics, Sports, Geography
Thaddäus, 25
ImparaItalian, Norwegian
Parlo conEin Student, der interessiert ist an Kultur und Natur
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoIch möchte vor allem sprechen lernen (in vielen Sprachen).
Tematiche favoriteKultur, Geschichte, Natur
Matthew, 22
ImparaCatalan, Japanese
La persona ideale con cui parlareI’d like to find someone who can help me with my basic Japanese. I am looking to text and maybe occasionally talk over video chat. I am an English teacher with a lot of experience, so I can certainly help you with your English!
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to learn conversational Japanese right now. Eventually, I’d like to be able to read Japanese books, but right now I am focused on speaking and listening on everyday topics.
Tematiche favoriteI like to talk to people about their passions. I like to discuss literature, travel, culture, politics, and many more. I am also very into languages, of course, so I also enjoy talking to people who are linguistically minded :)
Julian, 21
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareOffen und herzlich :)
I mio obiettivi di apprendimento学习中文
Tematiche favoriteReisen, Freizeit, Wirtschaft und vieles mehr
Jan, 28
Il mio tandemI would like to have someone who is willing to teach and to learn, and has a basic understanding of grammar
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI would like to be fluent in daily chinese
Tematiche favoriteHobbies, Cooking, Languages, Work
Bma, 33
ParlaGerman, English
Imparaexx, zh-hant
Persona ideale fare conversazionefunny, outgoing and easygoing
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoTo be able to hold a proper conversation in Mandarin
Tematiche favoriteFor many years I've traveled the world and chose Taiwan-Tainan as final destination to settle down. I love to workout as well as to spend time in nature especially waterfalls or hot springs...hihi..i am addicted to water.
Shih Hui, 26
ImparaGerman, English
Parlo conAlle höfliche Leute sind perfekt. Und sie können oft an mich antworten und zusammen über die Sprachen üben und lernen.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoIch möchte mein Fremdsprache sehr oft üben und schreiben. Und ich kann auch andere Leute über mein Muttersprache unterrichten oder vorstellen.
Tematiche favoriteMusic, travel, dance, exercise, writing postcard
Mari, 22
ImparaChinese, zh-hant
La persona ideale con cui parlareI would love to get to know people living in Kaohsiung cause I believe the best way to learn a language is to meet and to communicate!
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoHaving a fluent conversation in chinese would be pretty cool ;)
Tematiche favoriteI newly arrived in Taiwan and it would be so great to learn more about the people and the culture here. I also love Taiwanese food so if you have any recommendations let me know ;)
Toni, 22
ImparaSpanish, Indonesian
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlareSomeone open-minded :)
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoImprove my spanish, get to know other ways of thinking :)
Tematiche favoritemusic, politics, religion, cultures, countries, traveling, lets just talk about the whole world ;)
Marc, 25
Il mio tandemFriendly people whom I can talk to in Chinese. In exchange I can help you learn German or English while talking about anything.
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI want to travel to many countries and be able to fluently communicate. To me speaking and understanding spoken language is far more important than reading or writing.
Tematiche favoriteI like cooking, learning languages, coffee, whisky, wine, taking photos, singing, playing the piano and the guitar
pei, 28
ParlaEnglish, zh-hant
ImparaGerman, French, Japanese
Persona ideale fare conversazioneEtwa politisch
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoC2 in German
Tematiche favoriteKulture
Beck, 45
ParlaGerman, English
ImparaJapanese, Chinese, zh-hant
Parlo conVery conservative
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentoI should be able to express myself with Mandarin
Tematiche favoriteRoad trip. Life adventures
Florian, 40
ImparaSpanish, zh-hant
La persona ideale con cui parlareopen and curious, good conversationalist
I mio obiettivi di apprendimento我想提高我寫字和看字的能力 - sorry everybody I am getting too many messages here and I cannot answer them all. I don‘t mean to be rude
Tematiche favoritesociety, politics, economy, psychology, traveling, culture
, 21
Trova le persone perfette con cui parlarezxc0902289887 @dgilco.m
I mio obiettivi di apprendimentozxc0902289887 @dgilco.m
Tematiche favoritezxc0902289887 @dgilco.m