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20 français interlocuteurs à Portsmouth cherchant à apprendre des langues

Alejandro, 17
ParleAnglais, Espanol
ApprendsAllemand, Français, Italien
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueGood in languages, smart and really friendly and patient. And a little good looking :))
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to learn German and French and meet new people! My Instagram: @scrymble
Mes sujets favorisAbout anything really, I love learning different cultures and ways of living. I’m Half British and half Spanish
Qianxi, 22
ApprendsFrançais, Coréen
Mon partenaire d'échange estPatient, thoughtful and ambitious language learner
Mes objectifs d'apprentissagecommunicate properly
Mes sujets favorislinguistics; life abroad
Gennaro, 21
ParleAnglais, Italien
ApprendsArabe, Français, Chinois
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalEager to spend hours talking and practicing
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageMaster languages and connect to people with different cultural backgrounds
Mes sujets favorisPolitics, cinema, music and science
Agata, 20
ApprendsTchèque, Espanol, Français
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitTalkative and with positive attitude!
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to become fluent and able to communicate freely in all the foreign languages that I study 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇨🇿
Mes sujets favorisTravelling, foreign languages, cultural differences, history, geography
Sarah, 30
Mon partenaire d'échangeSomeone who loves to talk! Maybe someone a bit older than me?
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageBetter use and knowledge of French
Mes sujets favorisFood, literature, history
Darren, 30
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueLike me understanding, honest reliable patient.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to be able to speak fluently in french with 1 year for my job.
Mes sujets favorisFilm and tv series. Sports Music Gaming
Matthew, 36
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueSomeone wanting to learn English and willing to be patient teaching me French. To make new friends and eventually carry out conversations about your day.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo build new friendships and be able to visit France and speak French to the natives.
Mes sujets favorisFriends, family, computers, motorbikes, traveling
C C, 29
ApprendsEspanol, Français, sgn-gb
Mon partenaire d'échange est博学 有趣 爱美食 爱旅行
Mes objectifs d'apprentissage旅行和认识新朋友
Mes sujets favoris食物 旅行 运动 天气
Ava, 15
ApprendsAllemand, Espanol, Français
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalI would want them to be fluent in their language and very cut to the chase.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI would like to at least ask some basic questions.
Mes sujets favorisI like talking about humor and getting to know other people. I also like to talk about myself.
Juanlu, 23
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitOutgoing and open minded
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI’d like to improve my French and keep on learning Dutch
Mes sujets favorisPolitics, environmental affairs, education, tourism
Tommy, 24
ApprendsFrançais, Italien
Mon partenaire d'échangeSomeone that supports gay rights and animal welfare.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageImproving French & Italian
Mes sujets favorisI love biology and general science, animal rights, and philosophical discussions.
Kellyn, 18
ApprendsFrançais, Coréen
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueAnyone who wants to talk about random stuff
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to become better at speaking French, and learn more about Korean.
Mes sujets favorisI love music, art, and learning new things
Madelyn, 17
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueUne personne qui peut comprendre ma grammaire (:p) et qui va parler avec moi au sujet de leurs intérêts!
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to become conversational and comfortable with using my languages. I'm not aiming for perfection, but rather usability :-).
Mes sujets favorisJ'adore Miraculous (les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir), l'espace, les plantes/fleurs, et un peu de Star Trek (la série originale). J'aime The Martian (Seul sur Mars) :D.
Ittay, 42
ParleAnglais, Hébreu
ApprendsFrançais, Néerlandais
Mon partenaire d'échange estOpen-minded, funny, and nice.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageFrench fluency while getting to know nice people
Mes sujets favorisScience, politics, games, mathematics, music
Rola, 25
ApprendsFrançais, Japonais
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalFriendly and outgoing
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageBecome confident at speaking basic conversational Japanese, and practise French
Mes sujets favorisTravel, anime, books, and life
Danica, 47
ApprendsEspanol, Français
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitFluent in Haitian Creole, Spanish, and French. Wanting to improve English.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageImprove Haitian Creole, Spanish, and French.
Mes sujets favorisMedicine and science mostly. I can even help you with math, but not really into discussing anything controversial.
Daniela, 24
ParleAnglais, Portugais
ApprendsFrançais, Italien
Mon partenaire d'échangeLikes to try new things and travel, enjoys food and has a good sense of humour
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to be able to have a conversation in French and understand with ease
Mes sujets favorisFood, Philosophy, Politics, business, clothes, weather, travel
Phibi, 24
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueSomeone who's patient, interactive, lively and down to earth
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageImprove my conversational skills, grasp syntax and sentence structure and become more confident with speaking
Mes sujets favorisSports, TV, fashion, university, science, music, food
Tyler, 26
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueSomeone open-minded, relaxed, and ready to help each other out.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo go beyond just reading and writing sentences.
Mes sujets favorisPolitics, Technology, Video Games, Education
Brian, 25
Mon partenaire d'échange estSomeone around my age that is excited and curious about learning a new language.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo always be learning.
Mes sujets favorisI work in Finance and spend most of my free time with friends or leaning new things. I love to snowboard, drink craft beer, and listen to music. I want to cook and eat while traveling to new places.