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24 français interlocuteurs à Dallas cherchant à apprendre des langues

Eben, 24
ApprendsEspanol, Français
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueEasy to talk to Dynamic Friendly Tolerable
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to learn how to speak French fluently
Mes sujets favorisDay-to-day activities People Places Food Culture Family School
Gautham, 26
ParleAnglais, Hindi
ApprendsAllemand, Espanol, Français
Mon partenaire d'échange estAnyone sweet who shares the same wavelength of mine
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageSpeak French , Spanish.
Mes sujets favorisMusic, science , technology
John, 44
ApprendsEspanol, Français, Italien
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalA good listener, someone that could teach one comfortably, not aggressive and jovial and so consistence
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo learn basics and be able to communicate to some extent even if not fluently I want to learn this because I'm a director of sales and marketing. I trade many products and I travel to many countries but language seems to be a problem, it's why I'm here.
Mes sujets favorisAny topic but preferably business related topics
Josh, 23
ApprendsFrançais, Italien
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitEnergetic and easy to talk to. I'll be making a lot of mistakes so, someone who is willing to help because I will want to help them!
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo communicate and explore people's culture with new languages.
Mes sujets favorisA passion to learn, travel, and help people all across the world. I also love to talk to about anything and everything - people, art, science, cultures, places to travel, animals, philosophy, everything!
Jennifer, 50
ApprendsEspanol, Français, Hébreu
Mon partenaire d'échangeSomeone who enjoys food & wine like I do and also travel
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo learn some basic French for when I travel
Mes sujets favorisWorkouts, food, travel, fashion
Cingeter, 23
ApprendsAnglais, Français, Japonais
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langue有趣的灵魂
Mes objectifs d'apprentissage可能会出国,和更多的朋友交流互动。
Mes sujets favoris音乐,文化,计算机,书籍,爱好and so on。
Bristow, 30
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueI wish he’s like the sunshine glowing all day, with a tender heart ready to love and be loved... no games no stress
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to learn most of the world languages
Mes sujets favorisCommunity
Angel, 24
ApprendsFrançais, Italien
Mon partenaire d'échange estA really cute girl. I would probably pay attention longer lol
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageFluent in as many languages as I can muster.
Mes sujets favorisI enjoy anything that's controversial. I've played soccer in highshcool and college. I also enjoy science Imani reading math stocks I mean honestly I think I just like learning.
Erick, 24
ParleAnglais, Espanol
ApprendsFrançais, Portugais
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalSomeone who is patient and communicates well.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI’d like to solidify what I already know and learn more about the language and culture behind it.
Mes sujets favorisAnything related to culture, and lifestyle.
Angela, 33
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitAnyone who wants to swap travel stories
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to brush up on my French
Mes sujets favorisLiterature, current events, cinema, cooking, art, music, human rights, education, dance, travel, fashion
Ana Mirian, 20
ApprendsFrançais, Italien
Mon partenaire d'échangeOutgoing; funny; talkative;
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTeaching English Learning English
Mes sujets favorisMusic; Movie; Friendship; Books;
Lorenna, 23
ApprendsAnglais, Français
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueRespect
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageLearn about everything
Mes sujets favorisI like discuss about politics, art, theater, cinema, countries, people, gastronomy, tv series, culture, history...
Marilis, 29
ApprendsAllemand, Anglais, Français
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la languePaciente y divertid@
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTalk better english and french
Mes sujets favorisMovies, news,social
Chiara, 18
ApprendsArabe, Espanol, Français
Mon partenaire d'échange estSomeone funny, friendly, smart, interesting and not superficial
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageBe able to communicate in another lenguage
Mes sujets favorisfashion, trips, life’s experiences, cucine, life
Lupita, 30
ApprendsFrançais, Portugais
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalNice, respectful, interesting
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageLearn how to enunciate Learn more vocabulary Understand everyday language better when spoken
Mes sujets favorishobbies, school, entertainment
Sarah, 30
ApprendsFrançais, Irlandais, Italien
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitSome that has similar interests, well traveled. Love Doctor Who and animals.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageAble to hold conversation with natives (Irish, Italian, French).
Mes sujets favorisAnimals, nature, Doctor Who, social media, city living, travel
Bryan, 34
ApprendsEspanol, Français, Italien
Mon partenaire d'échangePatient, interesting, and willing to help an introvert like myself
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageId like to make friends that speak other languages and to be proficient for traveling.
Mes sujets favorisI like science, engineering, and other nerdy interesting things.
Benaldo, 55
ParleAnglais, zh-hant
ApprendsAllemand, Français, sgn
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueIntelligent, caring, God fearing, understating and honest.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo be able to communicate with clients.
Mes sujets favorisReligion and relationships
Gabriela, 16
ApprendsFrançais, Italien, Portugais
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueSmily funny silly creative
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to know more people and learn a new language
Mes sujets favorisMusic,entertainment,movies,art,etc...
Eryanna, 14
ApprendsAfrikaans, Espanol, Français
Mon partenaire d'échange estAn outgoing person, who is funny , sweet and anyone who is really willing to help me :)
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to become more fluent in speaking different languages
Mes sujets favorisSinging, Cheer , Makeup, Food , God