Apprendre français à Virginia Beach

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La pratique orale est la voie la plus rapide vers l'aisance linguistique

Pratique ton écoute, améliore ta prononciation et apprends à parler une langue étrangère avec des personnes natives cette langue où que tu sois.

20 français interlocuteurs en Virginia Beach cherchant à apprendre des langues

Zack, 28
Virginia Beach
Apprendsallemand, espagnol
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueSerious and humble person
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageLearning spanish
Mes sujets favoris ,I'm curious to know about other cultures around the world, I like to talk about music and art and also books
Mélisande, 24
Virginia Beach
Mon partenaire d'échange estI would like to talk to someone who can adapt to my needs and tell me the truth about what they think
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI used to be very good in Spanish I would like to be able to have conversations again
Mes sujets favorisEveryday life topics
Kyle, 19
Virginia Beach
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalI would prefer a guy who is very nice and patient. Someone who is eager to help with learning and to learn themselves. I would like them to be interested in the same things as me.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to become more comfortable with speaking French in both formal and informal contexts. I want to expand my vocabulary and learn more slang/idioms and such in French.
Mes sujets favorisMusicals, movies, cats, Disney, theatre, acting
Kelley, 36
Virginia Beach
Apprendsespagnol, no
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitSomeone who takes a language exchange seriously and does not hold back in correcting me! ... passionate about discovering the world around him/her... and is open to listening to other points of view...who likes to laugh and does so easily and often.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to be able to speak Spanish at a level that reflects my personality, education, and sense of humor. My ideal partner will correct me often and make frequent suggestions for improvement, not simply look past my mistakes out of politeness.
Mes sujets favorisI'm all about learning, about filling in gaps of ignorance as soon as I discover that I have them. I love being in nature, urban fruit and vegetable gardening, running, surfing and nerdy self-improvement 😉
Meriem, 27
Virginia Beach
Parleanglais, français
Mon partenaire d'échangeSomebody who can help me with my Japanese and me with their French or English!
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageLearn japanese , because I plan to live there next year
Mes sujets favorisJapanese culture, trip, politic, music and comics!
Dylan, 22
Virginia Beach
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueSomeone that is warm and easy to talk to. They have to have a decent grasp of the language I want to practice. Preferably someone with similar interests
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to maintain my level of French
Mes sujets favorisI like to talk about soccer, movies, school, and stuff like that

Vous cherchez des partenaires linguistiques à proximité de chez vous?

Paul jeff, 55
Virginia Beach
Parleanglais, espagnol
Apprendsitalien, japonais, chinois
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueA good friend, we can always talk about many other things
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo able to communicate with others
Mes sujets favorisI like to know about culture
Daniel, 21
Virginia Beach
Apprendsfrançais, japonais
Mon partenaire d'échange estKind, fun people who like to travel and like learning about different cultures and languages
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo be fluent in at least 5 different languages, to become an interpreter, to travel around the world, and to have a great time doing it all!
Mes sujets favorisSports, Music, Movies, History, Culture, Languages, Travel
Joann, 37
Virginia Beach
Parleanglais, espagnol
Apprendsgrec, français, italien
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalSomeone patient with a beginner learner and a good sense of humor.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo be able to truly learn the language fluently and perhaps learn some of the culture that comes with it.
Mes sujets favorisI enjoy discussing music, art, and travel.
Michelle, 67
Virginia Beach
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitI would like to talk with a person who patient. understanding, responsible, and who is eager to acquire English.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI would love to be able to have a conversation in French. I need to practice speaking French!
Mes sujets favorisIrish dancing, ballet, travel, history, animals, dogs, reading, and boating.
Flavia, 38
Virginia Beach
Apprendsanglais, français
Mon partenaire d'échangePessoas inteligentes
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageFluência em ingles
Mes sujets favorisPolítica, sports, filmes, seriados, livros ...tudo🌺
Randy, 36
Virginia Beach
Apprendsespagnol, français, russe
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueLaid back and fun polyglots.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo read foreign literature and converse well with others.
Mes sujets favorisI have passions for philosophy, fly fishing and my kiddos. My hobbies would include video games, playing guitar, wood working and learning languages.
Zach, 25
Virginia Beach
Parleanglais, exx
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueFriendly, passionate, and outgoing
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageGaining a better understanding of different languages
Mes sujets favorisMusic and lifestyle
Marie, 31
Virginia Beach
Parleallemand, anglais
Apprendsfrançais, italien, néerlandais
Mon partenaire d'échange estFun, open-minded, engaging
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageImprove my very very basic Italian so that I can have a simple conversation, order food, ask for directions etc.
Mes sujets favorisFood, traveling, Berlin, start up industry, fashion, business
Will, 21
Virginia Beach
Apprendsallemand, français, italien
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéaluna persona qui vuole dire di qualcosa e tutto
Mes objectifs d'apprentissagemegliorare il mio italiano e aiutare gli altri con il loro inglese (anche parlo un po' francese)
Mes sujets favorismusica, arte, politica, letteratura, animali domestici 🐶
Catlyn, 24
Virginia Beach
Apprendsespagnol, français, japonais
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitIntriguing, interesting, talkative, helpful
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageLearn enough japanese to watch anime WITHOUT subtitles.
Mes sujets favorisPhotography, Life, Philosophy, casual conversation, anime
Kimberly, 22
Virginia Beach
Apprendsanglais, français, italien
Mon partenaire d'échangeSomeone patient and fun!
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to improve my speaking/pronunciation
Mes sujets favorisI like talking about art and traveling!
Aiko Christine, 29
Virginia Beach
Parleanglais, Tagalog
Apprendsfrançais, italien
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueSomeone easy going, funny, cheerful, and patient
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageBe able to learn basics of a language
Mes sujets favorisTravel, Airplanes, Podcasting, Yoga, The Great Outdoors, Tech, Finance, STEM, Cuisine, Culture, Architecture, Tropics, Dogs
Kawii, 19
Virginia Beach
Apprendsespagnol, français, japonais
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueAnybody!!
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo understand my family while they conversate in other languages
Mes sujets favorisMusic, Art, Games and Sports!💕
Tricia, 41
Virginia Beach
Apprendsespagnol, français
Mon partenaire d'échange estEasy-going, about my age, educated
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageExpand my vocabulary and practice more complex grammatical structures.
Mes sujets favorisTravel, cooking, general daily life or special occasions, culture