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147 français interlocuteurs en Jersey City cherchant à apprendre des langues

Jacqueline, 36
Jersey City
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueFunny, patient, intelligent and informed
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageBecome conversationally fluent in Hindi
Mes sujets favorisEverything
Matt, 38
Jersey City
Apprendsespagnol, portugais, Zhuang
Mon partenaire d'échange estFlexible times and ready to work
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageAll my languages i just want to make better
Mes sujets favorisTravelinig and learning other languages
Travis, 29
Jersey City
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalSomeone who is open to exploring and has a curious mind. I’d love to connect with someone who is enjoying their life journey with a purpose.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to be able to speak conversationally in 3 other languages before the end of 2018.
Mes sujets favorisThe Future, fitness, learning, business, real estate, and emotional intelligence.
Brandon, 26
Jersey City
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitSomeone who is patient and understanding, loves conversation, and has a good sense of humor
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI would love to attain some level of fluency
Mes sujets favorisCurrent events, friends and family, history, politics, and everything else under the sun
Alex, 20
Jersey City
Apprendsespagnol, coréen
Mon partenaire d'échangesomeone i can vibe or have fun with and teach me their language at the same time
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo be fluent in Spanish and Korean but at the same time teach English as well :)
Mes sujets favorisi just mostly chill but I love playing volleyball, watching korean drama, listening to kpop and trying to learn Spanish and Korean.
Jenelle, 25
Jersey City
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueFunny Outgoing Patient
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageSpeak Spanish fluent
Mes sujets favorisFood Music Fashion
Vous cherchez des partenaires linguistiques à proximité de chez vous?
Royal, 38
Jersey City
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueSimple.humble.funny and intelligent
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageMeet people and learn new cultures
Mes sujets favorisLife and the natural wonders of the world. I enjoy sharing ideas .love
David, 31
Jersey City
Mon partenaire d'échange estSomeone who is very alike, similar interest so conversations can be exciting and fun to learn a second language
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo be able to Atleast understand and communicate the basics
Mes sujets favorisGaming, shows, work, exploring(I only traveled once and want to travel more), art because I’m a painter
Pasquale, 29
Jersey City
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalI'm looking for friends to talk to about daily life and encourage me to talk in Japanese more.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI would like to be able to listen and speak as easily as I can speak my fluent languages
Mes sujets favorisHiking, running and just exploring everything i can
Erica, 28
Jersey City
Apprendsjaponais, coréen
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitSomeone motivating maybe a bit stern to keep me on track fun and down-to-earth.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to be able to speak fluently and be comfortable speaking to others
Mes sujets favorisPerforming arts anime tv and movies history and anything that makes me think!
Furqan, 23
Jersey City
Parleanglais, ourdou
Mon partenaire d'échangeFriendly and cool.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageBecoming conversational in Arabic.
Mes sujets favorisGaming, school, job, life, outdoor, adventures, anything.
Janice, 65
Jersey City
Apprendshe, yiddish
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueArticulate, enthusiastic, patient, good listener, constructive criticism
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo improve my fluency, vocabulary & comprehension
Mes sujets favorisMusic Books Food Culture
Gabriella, 23
Jersey City
Apprendsespagnol, français
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la langueSomeone who can help get better at speaking French and Spanish
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo be proficient in French and Spanish
Mes sujets favorisPolitics, music, traveling
Aishwarya, 25
Jersey City
Parleanglais, malayalam
Apprendsespagnol, japonais, suédois
Mon partenaire d'échange estAnyone fun, intriguing
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo be able p converse
Mes sujets favorisHuman psychology, arts, general affairs
Mason, 50
Jersey City
Apprendsallemand, français, islandais
Partenaire d'échange de conversation idéalSincere lovable kind and honest person
Mes objectifs d'apprentissagePerfection
Mes sujets favorisRelationship,business,sport
Davicl, 30
Jersey City
Parleanglais, Tagalog
Apprendsespagnol, français, japonais
Partenaire d'échange linguistique parfaitfunny and easygoing
Mes objectifs d'apprentissagebasic knowledge is fine
Mes sujets favorismovies, games, technologies
Jovanni, 30
Jersey City
Mon partenaire d'échangeSomeone who is okay that I don’t reply to messages quickly. I can always help you practice English
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageLearn and speak Spanish
Mes sujets favorisI love talking about technology, science, food, gym/ working out, movies, TV, music
Naima, 50
Jersey City
Apprendsfrançais, russe
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la languePatient Sincere Friendly
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageTo learn how to converse informally in other languages and to help others learn English
Mes sujets favorisMusic Food Film/TV Travels Stories
marc, 31
Jersey City
Parleanglais, français
Apprendsespagnol, russe
Partenaire communautaire idéal pour la languewell traveled, open minded, articulate, tolerent
Mes objectifs d'apprentissagespeak well enough to hold a conversation
Mes sujets favorisscience, sports, traditions, observations, animals, art, music, family, money
Ericka, 24
Jersey City
Apprendsfrançais, Tagalog, chinois
Mon partenaire d'échange estSomeone who is outgoing, patient, helpful, adventurous, friendly, and enjoys keeping a conversation going.
Mes objectifs d'apprentissageI want to be able to communicate with other people and to be able to write in another language. I want to expand my language skills to be multilingual and make new friends all over the world
Mes sujets favorisI enjoy talking about travel, pets, nature, music, tv shows, history, culture, and food